A millionaire’s love problems: how to stand up for your love life









These dragons are connected to the sacrifices we must make in order to obtain our heart’s desire.



A millionaire’s love problems are many. Both men and women have problematic love lives. A woman’s problems usually start to surface after the age of 50.

A mans problems can start to surface at the age of 50 when he finally decides to marry a woman from another country. This type of men are tough:

they occupy high positions and have good jobs

they have a high competitive drive and they are proud

they are often infected with the syndrome called prestige

they had a painful love life in the past

they may even had a painful childhood

The syndrome called prestige is a inner drive that pushes such men to collect only the best things in life. For example, such men will often have the best exotic pets: a highly aggressive and extra sized parrot.

Nobody in the neighbourhood has such a bird and everybody will talk about this man. The extra sized parrot will impress and entertain the guests and the man will satisfy his pride.

These men will compete with their bosses. The professional race is exiting and it is the only meaning of life. This type of life has a huge risk:

if the professional life collapses due to the competition in the work area, this will destroy the man (causes premature death!)

Therefore, it is highly advisable to have other pillars in life. These pillars are crucial to have, because they can support a man and also a woman, if suddenly, the professional life starts to crumble.





A millionaire’s love problems:

a marriage with a younger woman



Oftentimes, western men are fed up with their marriages to European women. This is because European women are very independent in terms of finances.

A European woman has a very busy professional life and a man can start to regard her as a competitor. A European woman can become superior to her husband by climbing upwards in her career.

At the age of 45 and when the couple has lived together for a long time, the boredom can kick in. There is nothing to compete for: the woman earns more than the man!

If a man is very dominant and regards himself to be the head of the family, because his father was always the head of the family, he will want to the woman to be a little more submissive.

If the woman has become the high boss in a company, she will not accept the deal. The marriage will start to silently fall apart. After a while the man will remarry, but this time he may choose a loyal spouse from an Asian county.

Well, this is good for the man. I tell my male clients: “You are blessed! Your new wife is the best love partner for you. Asian women are very loyal in love and you will enjoy lots of love with her.”






A millionaire’s love problems:

the price of true love



There is a high price to pay for love. Your new wife is a foreigner in your country! This means that you will be the head of the family and also the main contributor to the economy of the family.

I know this is no big problem, because you do not even expect the woman to compete with you. But there will be other problems. Your new wife will have a hard time adjusting to new people, a new language, a new life style and a new working life.

I had clients who were very concerned with the professional failures of their wives, because these men truly cared for their women. There is nothing to be sad for.

We live in the era of Covid and your new wife’s career may demand that you invest your savings into her business. Be aware, that investments are connected to risks.

You might not see any returns or profits during several years, because many businesses are experiencing a financial decay during our Covid era.

The solutions in this case are the following:

you allow your wife to be a housewife

you do research about the planned business investment

you do research about the well being of similar companies

you do research about investments into foreign properties

you look into other business alternatives for your wife (no face to face contact with her customers)

you remain caring, loving and patient






A millionaire’s love problems:

a blocked destiny



We all have a destiny! I know this for sure. A destiny path is ready and it is dictated by our thoughts and subconscious thinking patterns. Sometimes, it is just not our destiny to work with something particular.

If your wife is experiencing many failures, this might mean that her chosen career path is wrong for her. This path is blocked and should be abandoned.

There is nothing to be sad about. You will realise your joy after 5 or 10 years when your wife finds her true purpose and is very happy with her professional life.





A millionaire’s love problems:

your solution

witchcraft with demon Marax



Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Marax is the 21st spirit. He is both an Earl and a President. Marax makes people very knowing in astronomy and all other liberal sciences.

Marax can give good Familiars, and wise, knowing the properties of herbs and gems.

Source: Goetia



I can offer sorcery with demon Marax from Goetia. Marax has helped many of my clients to pass tests at Universities. But Marax expects the student to be very hard working!





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