A millionaire business collapse due to Corona: survival strategies for females








You were a millionaire some 3 years ago. Now you come to me in hopes that I can save your business. I have former millionaire clients these days.


A millionaire business collapse due to Corona is a normal thing during these days. It is strange that I have clients in the millionaire class during these days.

These clients started to pour into my life experience during 2021. These people came to me in desperate hopes that I could possibly find a solution, guide them or cast a money spell.

Some of my clients had beauty salons and a massage business. These two branches suffer the most, because there is face to face contact with the customer involved.

Even if your prices are affordable, it is very hard to keep attracting that kind of volume of clients you had before the outbreak of Corona. You were a millionaire, so the volume of your business was huge.

How do I know this? This is because I have clients from these professional branches.





A millionaire business collapse:

the reasons


The disruptions in the normal functioning of the society due to the Corona virus have cause bad effects:

many people have lost their jobs

many people have jobs, but they are very afraid to get infected






A millionaire business collapse:

will the Corona virus go away?



No, I do not think that the Corona virus will give up so easily. We will have to live with this virus for some years. When finally, the virus will be battled down, there will be other issues like:

high inflation

a great depression

very high unemployment, etc.





A millionaire business collapse:

change your strategy



I had cast a money spell with demon Bune for one client. She reported to me: “I dream a lot after your spell. I see my social media account and texts start to appear. The text message says that I should write a book.”

The client has a husband and the husband has a job. But due to the problems in the client’s business, the couple suffers from bad temper and frequent disagreements.

So, I cast a love spell for this couple. The first love spell helped a lot to return their relationship into a state of harmony. But love spells do not last forever.

The client came back to me for a second love spell. This happened after 5 months. This time I decided to offer her a much stronger love spell. I told her that next time, I can cast a very strong love spell.

The risk with a very strong love spell (2 demons and a doll of the dead soldier) is this: a male can immediately become suspicious, because his hormone levels will reach the highest level and he will want sex almost all the time.

I told the client: “Your man will become suspicious and accuse you of using the power of witchcraft with the purpose of manipulation.”



The client had began “planning” the book project. I told her that when the book is out and published, it can be translated into several languages.

The client also asked me to tell her more about pacts with Lucifer. I told her a little bit about pacts and what it means when a textile doll of the client is involved in the pact.

What does it mean? It means that you allow the demon Lucifer to own your brain for the purpose of helping you write a book, or run your business, or help you achieve any other goal in life.





A millionaire business collapse:

Lucifer and the demons give ideas



Demon Lucifer can guide a business. These days I always ask my clients: “Which demons do you want in your pact?” Some of my clients want 7 or 10 demons in their pact.

Each demon is asked to help with a certain business issue. But pacts can cause chaotic situations for a business too. You are welcome to read the story of the client SA:



These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.



My pact story


Hello everybody. I am writing this testimonial under my name initials SA.

Before I ordered a pact from Bonnie, my life has been chaotic and not enjoyable. I was trying to scale my business but I always had new obstacles in my way. My goal was to gain financial stability and freedom from any financial worries.

I had a business and it was going okay, but I still could not afford a lot of things and had money worries. I was earning around 3k USD per month.

I decided to order a pact, because I have never made a pact by myself before. I’ve chosen Bonnie’s service because she has a lot of experience and good connections with the demons.

I’ve chosen Mephistophilis, Lucifuge Rofocale and Lucifer for the pact.

I have committed to build a stronger bond with the demons, because Bonnie told me that it will help to strengthen the pact. So I have made rituals with the demons additionally and introduced myself, and brought them offerings on a regular basis.

Around 4 weeks after the pact, my finances started getting better. My income almost doubled and I started enjoying my work and putting in more effort.

Around 8 weeks after the pact, new business possibilities opened up to me and I started consulting clients who paid me a lot of money for my consulting and coaching services.

Around 3 months after the pact, I had so much money that I moved to another country. I almost could not believe it. I was feeling so empowered and blessed, money came in easily and I got many clients.

This situation lasted for another 6 months. I was able to save a lot of money and live my dream life.

But then things started to turn. My business revenue went down to 0 again and I got many client complaints, a lot of problems. I started getting depressed and recognized that this business is not something I really want.

I do not like what I am doing and I was dishonest with myself, because I focused only on the money and on nothing else. I had no personal growth or development during this time.

I decided to close this business once and for all. The demons showed me a new business that I can start, with the knowledge that I got from my old business.

I worked very hard to build this new business, and funnily enough, almost all the money that I had saved up at this point, went into building this new business. I think the demons had this plan for me from the start. Because they knew the old business was troublesome.

Now I own a reliable business. I am not depressed anymore.

SA from Germany





A millionaire business collapse:

be on good terms with your husband



You, as a female, have to be on good terms with your man. The man has a job and can pay the costs of living. Thanks to your man you will have a roof over your head.

I go far! I help my female clients and manipulate the man’s subconscious to make him more generous towards his woman. There is nothing worse in life than to depend on a man for financial survival.

I hope that this is just temporary and the demons are able to help my clients to change their business strategy. Be strong during these horrible times!

It is not fun to watch the decay phase of the business. It is very scary!





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