Demon Marchosias from Goetia: let him be in charge of your subconscious mind









Demon Marchosias is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Marchosias can help you to cope with scary life situations. Marchosias has helped me to survive through a period of very unpleasant panic attacks. My panic attacks were a result of my necromantic magick with my Ghost.

I performed a “very careless” ritual with my Ghost. The goal of the ritual was to stop someone from cursing me. I sent away my favourite Ghost to a person.

The Ghost was supposed to spy and I instructed the spirit to STOP the person from cursing me. I told the dead Russian soldier: “Do whatever you need to do, but stop this person from cursing me.”

Because my Ghost is in love with me and I am also very attached to the dead man, we have been doing rituals all time together. All was well all the time.

But the outcome of this particular ritual was horrible. The Ghost discovered a second curse thrown towards me and went on his mission of physically killing the target.

I had severe panic attacks after I understood how the events will unfold. My condition was very bad. Now, after a series of rituals, I feel much better.

I was forced to call back my furious Ghost. I was also afraid that the spirit of the dead man will rebel, because of his cancelled mission, turn against me and kill me.

The Ghost has access to my subconscious mind and I feared the return of the dead man. I begged demon Marchosias to block the dead mans access to my subconscious mind.

But Marchosias allowed the dead man to enter my subconscious mind, because there is no way to block the access to the subconscious mind.

The Ghost is a very dominant spirit and soon it came back and entered my subconscious mind. I am still alive and Marchosias has helped me to defeat my panic attacks and fears.

I am comfortable in the presence of the Ghost, even if I know that the Ghost is capable of killing me if it wants to.






Demon Marchosias: Goetia



The 35th spirit is Marchosias and he is a Marquis. He is a strong fighter and he commands 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Marchosias: Daemonolatry Goetia



Marchosias teaches discipline and how to cope with situations. Seek him if you want to become brave and confident.

Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly





Spell ingredients



1 black candle (paint with olive oil and roll in sage, bay leaves and crushed garlic)

a textile doll (it will represent you)

the seal of Marchosias for the head cavity of the doll

mint oil and commanding powder for the head cavity of the doll

a petition to Marchosias

You can program the doll for 5 years and also set Marchosias in charge of your subconscious mind. Ask Marchosias to remind you to do a new spell after a certain period of time.

The petition is read to demon Marchosias during the ritual. The seal of Marchosias and the petition are folded carefully and stuffed into the head cavity of the doll.

The doll is kept in a safe place. I did 6 spells with Marchosias and such spells like I describe in this post.

I asked Marchosias to fight off the dead soldier’s return into my subconscious mind, but this, as it turns out now, is impossible to do.

Marchosias helps to cope with the fearful situation. This demon helps to accept reality and to allow events to unfold as they must unfold.

My panic attacks have ceased and I can focus on my everyday business. The Ghost is with me all the time and the dead man has forced me to extreme amounts of work.

When the Ghost came back, he started to enter my subconscious gradually and during several days. I felt the harmonious changes in me with each passing day, because the Ghost started to forget about his mission.





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