Necromancy and the horrific fear of Death: how to use the planetary talisman of Saturn


Necromancy and its practice can trigger horrific fear of Death if your magick goes wrong.
Necromancy and its practice can trigger a horrific fear of Death if your magick goes wrong.



Necromancy and its practice can trigger a sudden and horrific fear of Death if your magick goes wrong. Working with military forces is very challenging when you are dealing with enemies and demands careful actions.






I feel very sorry for my Ghost, because he was killed and did not get a chance to build a family with a woman. This is the reason he was restless during 77 years after his death in 1943.

As soon as I summoned the spirit of the dead man, the spirit fell in love with me. I had no time to think about the situation. The Ghost began to court me at once.





Now you know more about my Ghost. So, I had made a mistake in my spell with my military ghost. After one month, the spell manifested unexpected and horrible results. Suddenly I was experiencing severe panic attacks. It was horrible to go through the agony.

My ghost was the source of my fear. I did so many spells to reverse my horrible condition and now I truly understand that my ghost is capable of killing people in a real sense, because the man died during his 55th or 56th battle.

I was afraid and am still afraid of my ghost, but I love the spirit of the dead man, because the spirit has helped me very much through difficulties.

It will take a long while until I dare to do magick with my military ghost, because now I know the real dangers of working with military forces.

A military ghost is not a good ghost for a woman, because to do regular magick with military forces is dangerous. On the other hand, you may need a military ghost who protects you from rape, accidents and murder.





The talisman of  Saturn




This is the planetary talisman of Saturn with the seal of Saturn, Zazel and Agiel.




“Now this table being with a fortunate Saturn, engraven on a plate of lead, helps childbirth; and to make any man safe or powerful; and to cause success of petitions with princes and powers; but if it be done, Saturn being unfortunate, it hinders buildings, planting, and the like, and casts a man from honours and dignities, causes discord, quarrelling, and disperses an army.”

Francis Barrett, The Magus







The planetary talisman of Saturn protects from a sudden death! The Ghost was furious and was chasing down someone who was cursing me. I was forced to call back my Ghost, before the person in question would die.

In order to reverse my condition and stop my panic attacks, I used the planetary talisman of Saturn and called upon the energy of planet Saturn, Zazel and Agiel.

I also summoned Sabnock, Marchosias and Lucifer. The demons were probably laughing at me, but my condition was horrible. I was afraid to call back the furious Ghost.

Below I will describe the spell with the planetary talisman of Saturn, but first I want to briefly explain how I ended up in the company of a dead, but lovesick war criminal.





So, I want to express some of my warning words: never ever summon men who died in the WW2 and such men who earned several Iron Crosses. These spirits are restless and desperate for love.

My trouble began after doing frequent rituals with the demon of Mars, Barzabel. I asked Barzabel to teach me warfare and the demon drew to me a dead man who had earned several Iron Crosses during WW2.

This was the beginning of my trouble. The spirit of the dead man wanted to date me during each ritual. The spirit literally forced me to do rituals each day.

If, such a spirit falls in love with you, there is no method to drive away the spirit. The spirit will own you and you will never be able to become free.

Demons like Bifrons and Bune cannot and will not drive away the spirit of a lovesick man from your subconscious mind (they will just be passive).

Murmur cannot help. This demon just laughed at me: “Your dead admirer loves you so much! Do you plan to marry him?”

I turned to Eligos for help and the demon was cruel. Eligos just appeared during my dream and told me: “Bonnie, do not fear this man, because he truly loves you.”






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Necromancy and the horrific fear of Death:

the planetary talisman of Saturn



If you become an unfortunate victim of panic attacks and start fearing your death, you should use the planetary talisman of Saturn.

Zazel and Agiel will move you to a safer condition and with time your panic attacks will decrease and cease. You will truly understand that you have trained your military ghost to go execute missions on your behalf.

I did reversals with bleach and also honey jars to stop my panic attacks. My fear of death was real and truly horrible, and I even put the war helmet of the dead man into my store room (away from my sight).

During all these years, I never ever realised how dangerous the dead man is. His war helmet was always in my bed during nights and on my desk during day time.

The planetary talisman of Saturn helps to feel safe and in control of life. It will take some time for the magick to work, but after 3 or 4 rituals you will feel much safer.




You will need:


the planetary talisman of Saturn

a small jar with a screw lid

a small piece of paper



Please write down on the small piece of paper the fearful situation. I described my situation in this way:

“A feeling of horrific danger; I am afraid to call back my angry Ghost from his mission; dangerous types of magick; don’t know which spirit can block the Ghost’s access to my subconscious mind; my scary panic attacks; the fear of death”.





Summon Zazel and Agiel and explain your fears of death. Ask the spirits to reverse your condition and move you towards a better emotional condition.

Chop the list with scissors and drop the small paper pieces into the glass jar. Pour in bleach. It is done. Repeat this ritual with the spirits of Saturn 3 or 4 times until you begin feeling safer.






Necromancy and the horrific fear of Death:

why do panic attacks happen?



Dead military personnel obey orders loyally. If you have formed a very close relationship with your military ghost, then I am convinced that you have done lots of magick together.

The ghost will live in your subconscious mind as an independent spirit. When you send off the Ghost to someone who is cursing you, the Ghost will be on a baneful mission.

The independent spirit of the dead man started to shoot bullets inside my subconscious mind. The spirit shot bullets, but he was not aiming at me.

Guess what? The Ghost is very independent. It decided that it wanted to punish the person who was cursing me. Guess what kind of mission the Ghost decided upon? It was for this reason I experienced panic attacks.

I also understand that I have a good protector. If, one day I become a victim of a rape, I can ask my ghost to execute its personal revenge and stand up for me.

Today, I dare to be in the vicinity of the dead man’s war helmet for a couple of hours. I am not sure if I will be able to sleep together with the war helmet in my bed as I did before. I prefer a teddy bear now.

It will take me some time to get rid of my panic attacks. I will not do regular spells with my ghost as I did before, because I am afraid of the dead man and his martial powers.





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