Transfering the power from Witch to Witch


I charge my pentacle on the seal of Lucifer.


Many people ask me to do glamoury spells for them. This type of Witchcraft involves the creation of a temporary image that is illusive.

You yourself choose the qualities of your glamoury. If you wish to be noticed by potential mates, then you will have to use a necklace as a bewitched item.

I have met some people who used an Ankh as a glamoury to give a certain impression that was illusive to me. The impression was good at first, but at the next occasion the glamoury gave a mystical and a bit frightening impression.

I asked: “Do you use hypnotic techniques to program your necklace?” The answer was:”Yes, that is why you noticed me among the crowd!”

When you choose a necklace for the purpose of doing a glamoury spell, you should think about the purpose of the glamoury.

If your purpose is to be noticed by potential mates, then choose a necklace that is beautiful and bold. Some eye catching necklace will do the job very well.

The creation of a glamoury should be done inside a ritual circle. The best time is the night of the full moon. You have endless possibilities.

I have used other people’s pictures too in my invisibility spells. The purpose of this kind of glamoury spell is to confuse people so they see their aquantances in you, and also to go unnoticed by your own aquantances.

Actually, I am not very fond of glamoury spells to impress people with my looks. There is little sense in the creation of a glamoury, because I do not wish that people notice or stare at me.

The creation of a bewitched item will not result in a relationship. You will be noticed by folks and that is all.

You can use the method below to create a talisman for beauty. In this case choose a book about love, make up or love spells.

Now I want to tell you how to transfer the Witch power to you if you want to possess the power of a beast. The ritual involves the use of a necklace that is your protective talisman.

You may use a ring too, but you will have to wear the ring regularly then (and sleep in it too).


The seal of Lilith can be used in addition to the “donor” book for a glamoury spell. Lilith can help you to seduce your target.


Take into consideration the fact: our fingers swell during night due to the liquid and blood that does not move fast in our bodies. You are most receptive to power transfer while you are asleep.

I wear a pentacle on a daily basis, and it is charged with protection spells. You should also wear some protective talisman on a regular basis. A good choice is perhaps a hexagram, an Ankh or a pentacle.

The power of a Witch is transfered into this item. For the transfer to take place you will have to use a “donor” of the power.

I used occult books as donors of the power in my spells. Some good choices are:

Clavicula Salomonis

Aradia and the gospel of Witches


Golden Dawn

Why should you transfer the power to yourself? There is a good reason: if you need more power to defend yourself. Sometimes we may drain ourselves while using spells for defence. If you are battling someone very evil, you will need additional power from the energy pool of Witchcraft.

I have even used a book written by a very famous Witch as a donor of the power. Is this ethical? Yes. You are using the text as a donor of the power, not the picture of the Witch.

The text is connected to the egregor of Witchcraft. Text is thoughts once thought by the Witch and contains a part of her power.


You can also use the seal of Hecate in addition to a “donor” book.


I want to warn you though. Do not misuse the powers contained in occult books by doing lots of spells to transfer the power during an extended period of time.

You will begin to feel your Witch powers accumulating in you and then you should stop draining the occult books of the power contained in them.

In case if you are not careful, you may have very unpleasant astral travels, lucid dreams that end with nightmares and so on. You may end up in the Shamanic lower dimensions and see frightening stuff during your astral travels.

This will be the sign that the power is transferred to you. Now, when you continue to defend yourself, you will see a difference.

Do this ritual during the night of the full moon.


You will need:

a black candle

Hoodoo Power oil (olive oil/bay leaf/sage)

a book of your choice

your occult talisman

Form your ritual circle and open the four energi portals using the pentagram key. Call forth the powers. Light the black candle. Blow life into the book by using four elemental representations on your altar: smoke, fire, water and salt. Do the same with your talisman.

Then place the talisman into the book and close the book. Visualize the book turning into a liquid and the contents (with the floating text) being transferred into your talisman.

Raise power and transfer it into the book with the talisman. Close your ritual ceremony. Wear your talisman and watch yourself turning into a beast with incredible powers.

The drawbacks with the cremations of the dead


The Veve of Baron Samedi.


Today, I want to write about cremations that are sadly becoming a fashion trend in our society. My opinion? Stop the cremations in Western and Slavic cultures!

Just because people die often nowadays, there is no need to destroy the precious body tissues and subject the consciousness to shock via immediate dissociation of the etherical bodies from the physical.

But of course, even the Vikings used to cremate their dead folks. They built mounds as monuments to their dead. But nowadays, once the body is burnt, the ashes are kept in an urn.

The urn is then buried deep into the ground without the ashes blending with the nature.

I think that we come from earth, that is, we are a part of nature, and thus, ought to be buried in coffins according to tradition.

One more reason is this: if you are a Witch and need immediate protection or help in legal matters, your best allies are the dead. Of course, your own dead! Use the graveyard dirt in Voodoo rituals.

This is a smart reason to negotiate with the living long before they are gone. Explain to them on beforehand, that you will come to their graves when in need to fetch them home, and to use their remains (only graveyard dirt) in your Voodoo rituals.

The dead are not actually dead. They seem dead on the physical plane. That is, the dead are dead in a physical sense, but are alive in the astral dimension, and can be called forth with ease by the Witch when there is need for this.


If you let your loved ones to be cremated, the urn will not be accessible to you. When you get into trouble, there will be no Allie to defend you. You will have to turn for help to other graves.

But there is a give and take relationship with the kingdom of the dead. A part of their consciousness is still alive, and must be treated with respect. This consciousness is a part of the universal electromagnetic field (UEF), that is also called for Chi in Eastern esoteric teachings.

Sometimes, frightening things may occur after necromantic rituals (you end up with ghosts all around you). In this case, you must be observant of the following events in your life.

As, a conclusion, I would like to see the dead be buried in coffins near churches. Pets then? In this case you may store the urn in your residence. I think that our beloved pets will not object to stay at home after they are gone from the physical plane. They will still protect you, and you may call upon them at any time you are in danger.

This is my opinion, because I am a Witch. Ordinary folks may prefer cremation, because they need not keep strong links to the land of the dead.



The Medieval ABRACADABRA sigil in Modern Witchcraft


The Abracadabra means ” I create as I speak”.



This is a very famous medieval method of reducing the undesirable circumstances in your life. I have used it many times very successfully, and even in combination with the magick of Hoodoo to get rid of really disturbing people.

If you wish to escape a certain situation that you are afraid of, yes, then the Abracadabra talisman will minimize your chances of getting into this situation. Do this spell when the moon is full.


You will need:

one black candle

Power oil (roll the candle in garlic powder after you apply Power oil)

A sheet of paper with your written spell on one side

On the other side: write the ABRACADABRA sigil




In like manner write out the situation your wish to avoid. An example: MARRIAGE. Reduce the word MARRIAGE using the same method like in the Abracadabra sigil.


You will also need:

your hair


graveyard dirt

an envelope


Form your circle and open the four energy portals with pentagram keys. Call upon your chosen archetypes of power. Explain your purpose in simple words and then proceed with your spell.


I use this seal when I need to hide from troublemakers.


Light the “garlic” candle. Pass the sheet of paper through smoke and fire. Then sprinkle with water and salt. Ask that your spell comes true.

Apply glue to both the Abracadabra sigil and the one you have created (with the method of reducing the letters). Place your hair on both sigils and powder with graveyard dirt.

Pack your sheet of paper with the sigils and your spell into the envelope. Raise power. Then project an imaginary ball of fire into the envelope.

Close your ritual. Let the candle burn out. Keep the envelope someplace safe. Know that you are safe, because the chances of you “getting” into the undesirable situation will decrease rapidly.

The Witch as a selective sifter of life experiences


Demon Bael will hide you away.


Well, you know best what you want in life. Others may tell you how to live, because they base their opinions on their belief system. What if you are a soldier? Do you want to die in a war? There are ways to escape the trap.

There are other situations besides going to the battlefield. Whatever the situation which you want to avoid you have the right to choose.

There is nothing that you have to or should do. You have the right to choose the better alternative. In this case you may prepare several Witch’s bottles to protect yourself from an unwanted experience: that which our society forces you to do and that which you resist.

This spell has to be done during the full moon or as near to the night of full moon. Try to choose a Tuesday or a Saturday.

I will describe how you may prepare a Witch’s bottle first and then the ABRACADABRA protective talisman. The latter will minimize chances of you falling in to the “trap” you so much try to avoid.


The seal of Aratron from Arbatel De magia Veterum.


What situations am I writing about? About situations that are dangerous for you like being sent to war against your will. Or being forced to do something that you are not interested in (sometimes even bad boys need to survive a hunt). This is a sort of invisibility Witchcraft.

After this spell is done you will have time to think things deeply, plan, create opportunities to hide in order to survive a hunt, etc.

For the preparation of the Witch’s bottle you will need:

a black candle

power oil and garlic powder

Power oil: olive oil/crushed bay leaf/ sage

a glas jar with lock

9 metal nails

graveyard dirt

black pepper


one whole garlic

plenty of salt

black thread

your hair wrapped into a napkin

your request written on a paper sheet


King Bael is very loyal and has helped me to vanish and become invisible when people searched after me.


Form your ritual circle and open the four energy portals with the pentagram keys. Call upon your archetypes of power. Explain the matter in simple words: “I don’t want to do this thing, but they force me to and I am scared. Protect me and give me a chance to escape the threat forced upon me!”

Apply Power oil to the black candle and then also apply garlic powder. Light the candle. Ask the Elementals to help you by passing your hair in the napkin through the rising smoke, then through the Fire Elementals candle, then wetting the napkin with Holy water and then at last sprikling the parcel with salt.

Ask the Elemental forces to protect you and make you go invisible and unattractive to the society. Drop the parcel with your hair into the glass jar. Drop in the metal nails and add some graveyard dirt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Shake well. Add the garlic.

Read your spell instructions (which you have copied onto a sheet of paper) to the Elemental forces and to your archetypes three times.

Fold the paper with your instructions and tie the scroll with black thread. Drop the scroll into the jar. Add a few drops of Patchouli oil. Fill the jar to the brim with salt and then close it with the screw lid.

Raise power. Release the power by visualizing a flaming ball between your palms entering the glass jar. Close your circle. Let the candle burn out.

Don’t fear the situation anymore. After you prepare a couple or three such bottles your fear will dissolve and you will start to breath in the sweetness of freedom.

Store the jar or the jars in a dark place in your basement, because it will smell garlic. Know: they are your shields and are active. You have nothing to fear.

I will continue with the ABRACADABRA talisman…

Necromantic Witchery during Halloween


The Spirit Samigina gives account of dead souls during rituals of necromancy.


Halloween is a very important Sabbat for the Witch. I don’t just do a ritual: I summon dead people into my ritual circle and hand them tasks.

The dead are alive still in the astral world and can be called upon when you need to obtain information, stand up for yourself, neutralize enemies, defend yourself and even when you want to continue your relationship with the dead as your allies.

This type of work can be performed on the 31 of October or on the 1 of November or at any other day of the year. Before doing the ritual it is very important to visit the grave in order to leave gifts as a sign of your pact with the dead person.

I leave cakes, tequila and cigarettes at the grave and talk to the dead. They hear my requests and respond. Each person feels the response in a different way.

Go to the chapel at the graveyard too and purchase a white candle for your necromantic ritual. Some graveyard dirt can be very beneficial to store at home in case you need to defend yourself from companies or state owned agencies if you happen to be treated in a poor way.

Yes, you can use the magick of Voodoo Hoodoo to get people out of your way if they treat you in a poor way. You may bravely curse them with a loss of their job if they don’t obey your terms.

The Witch rules from her ritual circle! In this case you will need to call upon papa Legba and then also upon Baron Samedi.


The Veve of Papa Legba.



The Veve of Baron Samedi.


So, it’s Halloween and you are back home after your visit at the graveyard. Arrange your altar. The altar cloth should be black as this is the party of dead.

You should also have the picture of the dead person on your altar, dirt from their grave and the candle you purchased at the cemetery chapel.


My altar.


After you have done your ritual you might want to be extra observant. Observe if the apparition hangs on in your place during the nearest days or even weeks.

If your pets get wild and scream all nights, this means you have a ghost in your place. In this case you will have to ask the dead (the ghost) to depart once more.

Be observant of your dreams. They will surely show you what you have created:” a walking dead”. You may see the dead person starting to breath, coming alive and walking slowly home, back to you.

The image you will see will show you how the dead body has progressed with the tissue degradation. This is the true state of the corpse inside the coffin.

This will happen after two weeks since the moment you called forth the dead person from the coffin bead. Don’t panick yet.

If strange things start to occur like your pets going wild, then you will know that it’s time to send the ghost back. Know, though, that the dead has heard you call them forth and eventually took on the task assigned.

The necromancy demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum


Necromantic magick is done at the cemetery or at home.
Halloween is the time to communicate with the dead.



Halloween is a very special day for me. It is a busy time, because the dead need attention at their graves and also inside the ritual circle.

The sabbath is celebrated inside the ritual circle and necromantic rituals are done. The dead are called forth from their graves to exchange thoughts, experiences and news with the living: to keep them alive in spirit.

I start my day with baking. The dead must have their share of my cake and some tequila. This means that I leave the offerings of food, cigars, and tequila at the graves of those I loved.

In the evening it’s time for necromantic rituals. I call forth the spirit of the dead and remind it that I love it still. Below you will find a short video about the necromancy demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum.






The necromancy demons of Goetia

and Grimoirium Verum





This is the seal of demon Bune from Goetia.



Bune is one of the necromancy demons of Goetia. He can teach you necromancy and the “hows” of summoning the dead folks. Bune will help you to attain wealth and transform you into a wise person.

Enn: Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa

Source: Goetia






Demon Murmur is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Murmur is a Duke and he rules 30 legions of Spirits. He can teach you philosophy and necromancy. Murmur can prevent the Spirits of the dead from inflicting harm upon the practitioner.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

Enn:  Vefa mena Murmur ayer






Demon Samigina is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Samigina rules over 30 legions of Spirits and he can teach you all sciences and also magick (he taught me the Kabbalah). Moreover, Samigina can teach you necromancy and how to summon the dead for executing the operations of your spells (court case spells for example). He taught me all this.

Samigina can also help you to become more creative.


Goetia, my personal experience & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly







Demon Bifrons is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Bifrons: Goetia


Bifrons is the 46st spirit of Goetia. He is the spirit of necromancy and he is an Earl (sphere of Mars/Geburah/Golab). Bifrons will make you very knowing in astrology, geometry, and other arts and sciences. He will teach you the properties of gems and woods.

Finally, Bifrons rules 6 (or maybe 60) legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia



Demon Bifrons: Daemonolatry Goetia



Bifrons is the spirit of necromancy. Work with Bifrons if you want to learn how to communicate with the dead people.

Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly







The seal of Frucissiere from Grimoirium Verum.


Frucissiere revives the dead. This is a necromancy demon and he can teach you how to begin summoning the dead.

Source: Grimoirium Verum




The necromancy Gods of Voodoo

and how I summon the dead



This is the Veve of Baron Samedi or Baron Saturday. It is best to summon Baron Samedi during Saturdays and also during the hours of Saturn.


Baron Samedi is a God in the religion of Voodoo. This spirit is associated with cemeteries and is said to guard them.

If you are going to summon the dead it is certain that the apparition will come forth and confuse your pets. I have already described the after effects of such necromantic rituals.

Most probably you will have to do some work in your ritual circle to silence your scared pets. But anyway Halloween is our New Year that brings lots of happiness and a certain relief for those of us who are grieving our dead loved ones.

I ask the spirits of the dead to help me. This is a bit unethical to disturb the dead and to bind them to the task in question depriving their peace and freedom, but this depends…

When you are in need of assistance from the dead you might want to summon them and hand them a task. Give the spirit of the dead person precise instructions regarding the task.



This is the seal of Gelede. Brazilian Voodoo pantheon.


After a couple of months you may receive an answer from the dead: “I did exactly that which you demand of me and the circumstances of your life are changing now. Do a certain kind of spells now to speed up that which you want!”

Then do spells actively following the advice of the dead. Also, you may want to do certain spells on Halloween.

Because Halloween is an important sabbath and the days are very powerful, you can do spells to change you luck, increase the happiness in your life, and of course necromantic rituals for assistance from the other side.

You can also do dream spells to receive guidance in your dreams.



This is the Veve of Brigitte, the female counterpart of Baron Samedi.


It happened to me that the beloved dead spoke to me in my dream: “I miss my home, I miss you, I want to go home, I want to be with you!” This is a true request and you should not ignore the plead of the dead.

I went to the cemetery and collected some graveyard dirt  and took it home. I placed the graveyard dirt of my loved ones in a glass jar and arranged the altar of the dead in my home.

The dirt can be used in magick for cursing your enemies or other troubleshooting magick.



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Familiar spirits, their creation and precautions in occult workings


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


The creation of Familiars is a very popular subject. The creation process sometimes may need the blood of the practitioner. In this case the blood acts as a backbone for the “making and gluing” of this energetic structure.

The Familiar is a part of the Witch with her intelligence and intuition packed into it’s structure. In this way the Familiar spirit may be sent away to spy on people or as a messenger like once doves were sent to convey news.

I didn’t have an opportunity to create a Familiar for purposes of healing. My purpose was to fetch information: the truth about a very dull matter. This was accomplished by the spirit in two years. Why so long? It took so long time to spy.

Well, the effort was worth to try out and I got the truth conveyed to me by my Eagle spirit. This type of occult work may be classed as preparatory work prior to the mapping out of a protection strategy.

There are clear dangers with this type of occult workings. If things should run out of control there is nobody to help you out.

Be careful if you have small pets and create a wild astral creature (Eagles eat small birds), because you are creating a sort of Golem (in the form of a Eagle) that is created in Qabalistic practical magick. The effects of such rituals may be compared to the Necromantic Arts (you summon the spirits of dead people).

I have already described some of my Necromantic rituals and the after effects: the birds shout at nights while getting scared to death by apparitions in the living space. This is the evidence that the spirit is successfully created and can be sensed by animals.

The spirit will be an intelligent creature under your control. You should be able to control this spirit and the spirit must obey you. The spirit can be controlled with the help of sigils that are made by you when you do your ritual prior to the creation of the spirit.

When sigils are involved things get complicated, because you modify the sigil every time you wish to change how the spirit should act.

And if the spirit does not want to cooperate and becomes aggressive? Make a sigil with the drawings of a dog chain, fist and a cage. Perform the ritual using these sigils to direct the spirit into a certain action and to be in charge of it.

I do not advise you to employ sigils from Goetia to manipulate and control your Familiar. Things (events) can go so wrong and you don’t want trouble you can’t fix.

If you do not follow my advise to be careful you may experience all sorts of nasty things like your pets being killed by some “power” while they are locked inside their cages. If pets scream at nights after Necromantic rituals and after the creation of Familiars, then this probably means that the animals feel the foreign presence.

The creation of the Familiar is similar to making a Voodoo doll come alive. When the thought form gets powerful enough it may want to escape your control and move everything around into the condition of chaos.

Check out also my post about demonic Familiars: how to create or obtain a demonic Familiar spirit.



I will describe the creation of a simple spirit. This intelligence will live only 7 days and after these 7 days cease to be. This means that the spirit is successfully created by you and sent away to your target.

You may request that the spirit comes back immediately back to you, but you can’t really expect this. It’s my experience that the spirit has it’s own will and it will come back to you when it has completed the task given by you.

You will need something to feed the raw elemental energies (Witches employ the four Elements) which you summon into your ritual circle. By the way, the best time to create this “elemental being” is the full moon night and preferably also a Saturday (please see Clavicula Salomonis).

For the creation of a simple spirit (without sigils) you will need:

Tabasco sauce to house the Elemental spirit of Fire (2 tea spoons)

Cucumber juice to house the Elemental spirit of Water (2 tea spoons)

Olive oil to house the Elemental spirit of Earth (2 tea spoons)

Mint tea brew to house the Elemental spirit of Air (2 tea spoons)

A small bottle to mix all four Elemental liquids and to store them temporary while you are inside your ritual circle.

Prior to the beginning of the ritual I had placed the Tabasco sauce on the stove. Do not warm! This is pure symbolism, although the one who  understands the Hermetic Laws like the law of polarity, This is That and That is

This, and Like attracts Like, which are also used in Voodoo Hoodoo knows that we are taking the essence of Fire and moving it into the Tabasco sauce.

This action can be compared to using the fetishes from the target on his Voodoo doll. The target will be affected by your Witchcraft no matter the distance. This is sometimes called as Sympathetic Witchcraft.

The cucumber juice should be placed while bottled into a water bath for say a half day or so. We are moving the essence of the Element of Water into the cucumber juice. In the same way, the olive oil while bottled should be placed into a pot with earth to move the Element of Earth into the oil.

The mint tea brew may be placed someplace in the kitchen to charge it with the Element of Air. Do you follow me?

You will need your blood, but this is not mandatory at all. Use your hair instead or nail clippings. My power is stored in my long hair and I know that if I cut my hair I will loose all my power and get ill. But occasionally (and honestly very often), I cut off  some hair when I need it for my Witchcraft rituals.

You will also need a small carnelian gem (to prevent the spirit from doing harm to your auric bodies). Actually, when you create such a Familiar, you are pinching a part of your aura with its mental, emotional and astral bodies, and giving instructions to this energy, sending off the spirit to spy on someone.

But for now, you may be wondering: how the hell will the spirit convey its message to me when it comes back to me?

The spirit will speak with a human voice and give you the answer you are waiting for. This will happen, I promise you!

When and how? Well, the answer may be heard by you while you are asleep or meditating. Trust the spirit, because its my experience that the answer is correct. Always!

You will need a statue of an eagle or some other animal. Why so? We employ a Voodoo doll to target and symbolise human beings and the eagle statue is used to house the astral counterpart of a physical eagle. I had a hollow bottom at the base of the eagle statue and placed a small container in the hole.

The container stored the four charged elemental liquids: Tabasco sauce (Fire), cucumber juice (Water), olive oil (earth), mint brew (Air), my hair and nail clippings, and also the carnelian gem.

Place all this on your altar. Cast your ritual circle and open the four energy portals with the pentagram keys. Call upon your chosen powers. Activate each liquid with the corresponding Element that is present on your altar.

This step is similar to the Voodoo activation of the doll with the 4 elements on your altar. Then mix the liquids together in the prepared bottle. Cork! Shake well.

Place your hair, nail clippings or your blood into a small container and add the carnelian gem. Now its time for you to meditate and visualise the eagle being created out of the liquids in your bottle. This step is very important! Open your chakras and transfer your energy from the sacral chakra into the liquid and see in your imagination the eagle glowing with the colours of your own aura.

Now, you have created your spirit. Give it clear instructions:

that it will live only seven days

be active only during nights

sleep in its house (the statue) during daytime

come to you with an answer when the answer is obtained

dissolved away after seven days

I have experienced that all spirits loose their power as soon the first sun rays strike our planet. Why so? I suspect that the astral substance is very sensitive to harsher energies during daytime when so many millions of people are frequenting the world with their thought activity. This disturbs!

Pour out the liquid into the container and shut it. Consecrate the statue with the four elements as if your were blowing life into a Voodoo doll. Secure the container to the bottom of the statue. Give very clear instructions to your servant.

Raise power in your circle. Release the spirit by letting it leave your circle. Visualise very clearly your servant landing on the targets shoulder. You have to direct the spirit by visualising during say 10 minutes. Close your circle. That is it!

Day 1 after this ritual: pour out a bit of the liquid from the little container into the ground.

Day 2 after this ritual: pour out a little bit more

and so on…

Day 6 after this ritual: pour out everything into the ground.

Now all links to the spirit are chopped off. This means that the “pinch from your aura” has detached from your auric bodies and now is travelling to your target to merge into the targets aura. You will “see and hear” as if you were the target, that is why the answer is always reliable.

When the task is over, the “pinch from your aura” will detach away from the target and attach to your aura to become a part of you again. You will know how the target thinks and feels.



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