A healing spell with the Goetic demon Marbas


The seal of Marbas. This demon comes from the Qliphotic shell of Sephira Hod. Mercury rules both Hod and its shell.


To my surprise, my Italian client ended up in the hospital with kidney problems. The man’s condition was really bad, because he complained about pain in the kidneys while he also observed having blood in his urine.

Of course, I could not refuse to do a healing spell for my client, even if I was ill myself. At that time, when my client requested a healing spell with Marbas, I had a bad flue and the illness was torturing me.

I gathered all I needed for the spell very quickly. We both were lucky, because it was Wednesday eve and at midnight a Thursday would begin. The phase of the moon was dark.


The seal of Marbas from Goetia.


(5.) MARBAS. – The Fifth Spirit is Marbas. He is a Great President, and appeareth at first in the form of a Great Lion, but afterwards, at the request of the Master, he putteth on Human Shape. He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men into other shapes. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid.





From where does Marbas come?


According to Goetia, the planet Mercury is assigned to Marbas. Mercury rules Hod and its shell. Therefore I use an orange seal of Marbas.


Close relatives and friends had asked me to do healing spells for them. Marbas brings fast relief from illness. Some friends told me that they were able to feel when I was doing the spell with the demon (they smelled, felt, heared and saw “things”).


The demonic shell behind the Sephira of Hod is called Samael. Marbas is from the areas in or near Samael.


The Qabalistic correspondences for Hod and its shell Samael are:

Ruling planet: Mercury

Day: Wednesday

Astro hour: Mercury

Paper seal color: orange

Number: 8

Herb: olive

Mineral: quartz

So, spells with Marbas are done during Wednesdays, and when the moon is waxing, full or when it is decreasing in size.


I use an orange seal of Marbas, cinnamon sticks, a whole nutmeg, mint oil, pine oil, sandalwood oil, olive oil, bay leaf oil and sage oil.



Marbas and Heramael healed my cackatoo


In this video I show you how to heal pets, childen and your loved ones. I show how you how you can use Voodoo dolls in healing spells.




A healing spell with Marbas


For this healing spell you will need:

a tea candle

an orange colored seal of Marbas

oils for the seal: sandalwood, mint, pine, olive, bay leaf and sage

herbs: cinnamon sticks, a whole nutmeg and thyme

4 gems of Tiger Eye (physical energy and protection from human factor mistakes & accidents)

a small bag

Note: you can also use a doll of the client and attach the seal of Marbas to the doll. I had no time to prepare a textile doll.

Write the name of the client on the orange seal along with the phone number, adress and other information. Activate the seal of Marbas with Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Summon Satan and Marbas, and pray for the healing of the ill person. I prayed during one hour and entered a deep meditative state due to visualizations and prayers.

Apply the oils to the seal of Marbas and fold the seal. Charge the herbs and gems. Pack all this into the small bag. Raise power and charge the bag.

At first my client refused to accept the bag from me (due to personal reasons), but as he got well and left the hospital during the following two days, his mind started to crave the bag.

I wrote this post, because I want to praise Marbas for his gift of healing people. Your geographical location does not matter, because spells work wonderfully on great distance.



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A beauty spell with the seal of Hagith



Hagith is the planetary spirit of Venus. He makes a woman beautiful and desirable.


“Hagith governeth Venereous things. He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh very fair, and to be adorned with all beauty. He converteth copper into gold, in a moment, and gold into copper: he giveth Spirits which do faithfully serve those to whom they are addicted.

He hath 4000 Legions of Spirits and over every thousand he ordaineth Kings for their appointed seasons. “

Arbatel De magia veterum

Follow this link to Arbatel De magia verum to read more about the Olympic Spirits.

Hagith is the one you will want to contact if you want to look fabulous or regenerate your lost beauty. I offer you one more post: The Olympic spirit Hagith and how he can help you.




This spell is done during the waning moon and during a Friday. The correspondences of Venus are the following:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astro hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal: copper

Number: 7

For this spell you will need:

a green candle

a green seal of Hagith

a large napkin (to wrap the seal)

a rubber band

a glas jar with a screw lid

a table spoon of honey (healing, regeneration)

a garlic clove (healing, regeneration)

a small rose bud (dried rose is fine too)

thyme (healing), cinnamon (beauty), nutmeg (healing)

oils for the seal: mint and sandalwood

a drop of your blood



Activate the seal of Hagith with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin evoking Hagith by staring right into the seal and reciting your call.

Place a drop of your blood on the seal. Pour the honey over the drop of blood and add the herbs, including the rose. Top all this with the garlic clove.

Recite your spell 3 times and visualize the effect you desire. If this part is difficult, bring forth the memories of your youth and focus on these memories for 5 minutes.

Raise power and project it into the seal. Thank Hagith and give licence to depart.

Finish your ritual and let the candle burn down. On the next day fold the seal (carefully) and wrap it into a napkin. Secure with a rubber band.

Place the seal into the glas jar and then place the jar into your freezer to freeze  the run of time and also your aging.



In conclusion:


Spells with Hagith manifest quickly. Hagith showers a woman with luxury quality cosmetics and perfumes (for a good price!).

This is my personal experience, because now I don’t even have any free space left on my dressers: Hagith bought me lots of cosmetics, glitter sprays and perfumes.



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A money spell with the seal of Archangel Tzadkiel and the hybrid seals of Jupiter


The seal of Tzadkiel is drawn using the Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn.


צדקיאל is the Hebrew spelling of the name Tzadkiel. The sound “a” between tzadee and dalleth is omitted, because Hebrew lacks vowels. This spelling of the name Tzadkiel is taken from Agrippas “Three books of Occult philosophy”

There is another seal of Archangel Tzadkiel to be found in the Armadel. Which seal you use is a matter of taste, but this seal works too.



When to summon Tzadkiel?


The money magick with the seal of Tzadkiel is performed during a Thursday (during the waxing moon and/or during the full moon night). Try to aim for a Thursday as close as possible to the night of the full moon.


Archangel Tzadkiel rules the Sephira of Chesed on the Tree of Life. This Sephira is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


The correspondences of Chesed are:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Colour: blue

Paper seal: blue

Candle colour: gold or blue (white in case you dont have blue or gold)

Number: 4 (use 4 coins)

Herbs that attract money: cinnamon and nutmeg

Gems: sapphire, amethyst or blue gems

Oils for the seal: mint, because mint attracts money very strongly (jasmine is optional)

Money oil for the candles: olive oil with crushed mint in the oil (roll the candle in the money powder too, see the description of cinnamon/nutmeg powder below).



24 hours before your ritual

Place paper money under the blue seal of Tzadkiel 24 hours prior to your ritual. Cover the seal with money too. Arrange a small cup and mix cinnamon with nutmeg (2 parts powdered cinnamon: 1 part powdered nutmeg).

Drop some coins, silver items, paper money, etc. into this cup. Mix! Let the powder cover the money.



Before and after your main ritual with Tzadkiel

Of course, you should do the LBRP before and after your main ritual.



During the ritual

Activate the seal of Tzadkiel with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Speak your evocation words to call upon Tzadkiel. Place the seal on a plate and arrange the four coins on the seal. Powder the seal with your money mixture (the cinnamon/nutmeg powder). Apply mint oil to the seal too.

Ask Tzadkiel to open avenues for the inflow of money. Say your spell 3 times. Raise power and project it into the seal.

Thank Tzadkiel and give licence to depart. After you have finished your ritual go place the 4 coins under your entrance door carpet. You can also place the coins into your fridge to attract money for food.

Carry the seal of Tzadkiel in your purse along with a little bit of your magickal cinnamon/nutmeg powder. Or place the seal in your cash box in your home. Renew this spell often. When you renew your spell, use a new seal of Tzadkiel.

The money will be supplied in time. Do not forget to thank Tzadkiel for the money!



Hybrid seals of Jupiter


You can also use hybrid seals or planetary seals of Jupiter. The method of the spellwork is the same. Below I provide you with some seals you can use to attract money.


A hybrid seal: Tzadkiel, seal of Jupiter (controls the forces), Mind of Jupiter seal (Jophiel) and spirit of Jupiter Hismael.


Some seals are complex and you end up summoning a whole army of spirits. In this case it is very important to give a firm licence to depart. You are in charge! It is very important to form a circle! Do not skip this step!


A hybrid seal: seal of Jupiter (controls the forces), planetary Angel of Jupiter Sachiel, Jophiel (the Mind of Jupiter) and the spirit of Jupiter Hismael.



The 1st pentacle of Jupiter: central disc + 4 seals of spirits (Parasiel, Netoniel, Tzedeqiah, Devachiah).



The 3rd pentacle of Jupiter controls the spirits of the 1st pentacle of Jupiter.



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A money bottle with the seals of Amaymon and Asmoday

The seals of Amaymon and Asmoday


The seal of Amaymon is a very rear seal.


At last the seal of Amaymon came to me, and yes, in a miraculous way. I was searching for some Medieval grimoires as online PDF versions.

I clicked on a link out of pure curiosity and suddenly a whole book started its download into my computer.

When I opened the book, I saw the title “The Sworn book of Honorius”. There it was, this seal of Amaymon. I was hunting for this seal during several months.


The seal of Amaymon from the Sworn Book of Honorius.


Amaymon is the superior demon and he is in charge of Asmoday. Therefore, it is desirable that both Amaymon and Asmoday, are called facing the Eastern Quarter of the circle.


The seal of Asmoday from Goetia.


The seal of Amaymon should be yellow, because he rules over the Eastern part of the circle. The seal of Asmoday should also be yellow, because he is the demon of the Sephira Tiphareth (or maybe also the Qlipha Thagirion).

To call upon Amaymon is a serious undertaking. He must be served something to drink, to eat and to smoke (you can ask Amaymon if he wants tobacco). Amaymon is almost of the same grand calibre like the demon Lucifer.


Thagirion is the shell of Tiphareth and houses demons.


The correspondences for Tiphareth are:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astro hour: Sun

Seal in metal: gold

Seal in paper: yellow

Candle colour: yellow or gold

Number (money magick): 6 coins

Plant: sunflower

Asmoday is a teacher demon. Call upon him when you need to learn a new software, maths or programming with speed and on a good level.

Ask Asmoday to uncover your talents and to show you the area of your money making potential.

Add a few drops of your blood on the seals of Amaymon and Asmoday. I do not regard blood as an offering to the demons, rather I link myself to the demonic forces by use of my own blood on the seals.

The demons will know then that I have telegraphed them my spell.



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Lucifer versus Lucifuge Rofocale. Who is who?









Lucifer versus Lucifuge Rofocale: are they one and the same demon? No! This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from Grimoirium Verum. Lucifer has other seals.



Lucifer versus Lucifuge Rofocale: are they one and the same spirit? Many people think that Lucifer is Lucifuge Rofocale. הילל is the name found in the Book of James Eshelman 776 & 1/2 Tables of Correspondences for Practical Ceremonial  on page 50 and page 102. These pages feature the Qliphotic Princes of darkness.



This is the Qliphotic Tree.
This is the Qliphotic Tree with its Archdemons and many legions of demons.



The Book of Black Magick and pacts will peel off all pretty titles assigned to this entity. Lucifer and/or Lucifuge are the two Princes of darkness and Archdemons, but of course titles such as Light Bearer and the Morning Star sound good in the ears of LHP practitioner (if one is still afraid of Witch Hunts).



This is the seal of Lucifer in Europe. Grimorium Verum.


In Islam, there is a figure called for Iblis (Devil). Iblis is Lucifer, or Shaitan (Satan, the adversary of God), and also the Christian Devil. In real life, Lucifer is the kindest patron one can have. He is loving and caring. You can trust me, because I have a good taste for spirits.



This is the seal of Lucifer (also from Grimorium Verum).



LINE 7 (page 102): Hillel is the Hebrew word translated into the Latin “Lucifer” in English translations; and the name has the same significance, i.e., “light-bearer.” It is a name of the planet Venus as the Morning Star. [ According to Davidson, it appears that the name originated from an early Canaanite legend of a winged deity or angel who “sought to usurp the throne of the chief god and, as punishment, was cast down into the abyss.” (James Eshelman, 776 & 1/2 Tables of Correspondences for Practical Ceremonial).



This is the second seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum (I was told by Lucifer that this symbol shows eyes in a cup of water).



Satan is the adversary. It is he who tried to usurp the throne of God. If you read the statements above, you will begin to suspect that Lucifer is Satan.

I fully believe that Lucifer is both Satan and the Devil too. Nothing wrong with that…I trust the Devil more than anyone else.

The Qlipha is the shell that is the dark twin of Binah. Lucifuge Rofocale (He who shuns the light) is the chief of the demons called Satariels.

The Key of Solomon states that Lucifuge is falsely  called by an anti-phrase Lucifer (Key of Solomon, page 122, Weiser Books, ISBN: 978-0-87728-931-9).



Lucifuge Rofocale can be said to be the demon of the dark twin sphere of Binah, the Qlipha Satariel.



Lucifer and many other demons are described in the Grimoirium Verum and also in the Grand Grimoire.



Qabalah_Goetia_Clavicula Salomonis_Ceremonial Witchcraft
I use this Clavicula Salomonis in my spells. It is a very useful book indeed.



I was in a temptation to use the seal of Lucifer for summoning Lucifuge Rofocale. On the other hand there are sigils of Lucifer in ancient grimoires like Grimoirium Verum and the Grimoire of Honorius.

Lucifer and Lucifuge are said to be two different demons. Are Lucifuge and the Light bearer one and the same? No, they are two different entities.

There is so much confusion about Lucifuge and Lucifer. No ancient seal or sigil for Lucifuge is available (only one from the Grimoirium Verum), but it is good to know that Lucifuge is not Lucifer.

On the other hand if you are observant, you will find out that Satan and Moloch rule the Qlipha of Thamiel on the Tree of Death. It is seldom that one does magick with the seal of Satan while calling upon him from Thamiel.




My personal ideas and practices



I have developed my own idea of Satan, Lucifer and Lucifuge. These archetypes are energy in its purest form. For me Satan is equal to Lucifer and I use a hybrid seal to call upon Satan. I was told by my inner contacts to create a hybrid seal of Saturn and Satan, and to use it.



My hybrid seal of Satan. I call upon Lucifuge too using this seal.


Sometimes I use this grey seal. I was instructed to create a hybrid seal of Satan and Eliles and summon them both at once. Eliles helps in cursing the hell out of troublemakers (sigil in the upper part of the disc below).


My personal hybrid seal of Eliles and Satan.


But do not summon Eliles without a real need. I did summon her without a real need in order to ask her how and on which occasions to use her seal. She created a nasty situation and then I understood how to use her seal.



This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (Dukante sigils).




My blog


All my free articles and videos on the subject of magick are available. Here is My blog.



The Hebrew spelling of some demonic and angelic names for seals


Menqel (Menkiel)


Angel Menqel (one among the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash)

Hebrew name spelling: מנקאל (Three books of Occult Philosophy, H.C Agrippa)

Seal colour: yellow

Ruling planet: Sol

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sol

Candle colour: yellow, gold or white



Menqel is matched to the Sephira Tiphareth. Use the correspondences of Tiphareth in spells with Menqel.


Sephira: Tiphareth (Source: Summoning spirits by Konstantinos)

Purpose: to achive peace of mind and to smooth all conflicting situations at work.



The Goetic demon Purson


The seal of Purson from Goetia.



Witchcraft_Ceremonial magick_spells with purson_money spells
The seal of Purson can be drawn in this way too. I use both types of seals.


The Hebrew spelling of the 72 demons of Goetia can be found in Liber 777. I also use the Illuminati Order OTO 776 and 1/2 for fetching all sorts of correspondences.



The 3rd pentacle of Saturn from Clavicula Salomonis (Angelic names in Hebrew)


The 3rd pentacle of Saturn from the Key of Solomon.


The correspondences of Binah for summoning these beings:

Day: Saturday

Astro hour: Saturn

Seal color: grey

Number: 3 (candles)


Sphere number 3 is Binah. Use the correspondences of Binah when working with the 3d pentacle of Saturn.


English: Angel Omeliel

Hebrew: עמליאל


The seal of Omeliel (3rd pentacle of Saturn).


English: Angel Anazachia

Hebrew: אנצחיה


The seal of Anazachia/3rd pentacle of Saturn.


English: Angel Anachiel

Hebrew: אנחיאל


The seal of Anachiel (3rd pentacle of Saturn).


English: Angel Arauchiah

Hebrew: ארוכיה


The seal of Arauchiah (3rd pentacle of Saturn).


This 3rd pentacle of Saturn may be used for defense. I obtained very good results: this pentacle works nicely and blocks out all dangers galloping towards the practitioner.



Archangel Tzadkiel (Jupiter/Chesed)

Hebrew name spelling: צדקיאל


The seal of Archangel Tzadkiel.


There are several seals of Tzadkiel. One of them is found in the Armadel.


The seal of Tzadkiel from Armadel.


I also use a seal of Tzadkiel, which I have made by use of the Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn. Which seal you use is simply a matter of taste.



Angel Phorlakh (Elemental energies of Earth)

Hebrew name spelling: פּורלאך

Purpose of spells with Phorlakh: money and jobs

Seal colour: green

Day: Sunday or Thursday

Herbs: cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, parsley, basilica and dill



Angel Hrayel


The seal of Angel Hrayel.


Angel Hrayel (one among the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash)

Hebrew name spelling:  הריאל (Three books of Occult Philosophy, H.C Agrippa) & Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

Seal colour: grey

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn


The seal of Hrayel.


Candle color: black or grey

Purpose: to survive through adversity



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The money God Mammon: a simple money spell









The money God Mammon can help you manifest money. Have this seal in your wallet.



The money God Mammon is very helpful and you can call upon Mammon when you do money spells. Mammon is a demon, but actually he is an old pagan money God.




This is the seal of Lucifer (in Europe) from Grimorium Verum.



Now about the nature of Lucifer. He is considered to be a fallen Angel. Some people say that he is the Light Bringer, some say he does not exist, and some say that he is indeed the Devil.

I myself am of the opinion that Lucifer is the Latin name of a being who rebelled against God. Then he was expelled from paradise.

Moloch and Satan are two Gods who rule the highest Qlipha of Thamiel on the Tree of Death. It is believed that the name Satan originates from the Hebrew word Shaitan (most probably means adversary of God).

This being (Satan) is also mentioned in the Quran. In Arabic the name of Satan is Iblis, and Iblis is believed to be a jinn or an angel.

Now you know a little bit about the nature of demons, but todays post is about money magick with the demon Mammon. People call Mammon a demon, but Mammon is a Pagan God.

Do this spell when the moon is waxing and also during full moon.





You will need:



a white candle

money oil


Make money oil like this:



Pour in 2 or 3 tablespoons of dried and crushed mint into a large mug with olive oil. Add a magnet and 3 coins that stick to the magnet.

You have to do some experimentation with coins. Choose such coins that become attracted to the magnet. Say your spell over the oil 3 times. Its done.

Use this oil in your money magick, because mint attracts money powerfully. You can also add some cinnamon sticks and a whole nutmeg to this oil.

Store the oil in a cool dark place. No need to boil the oil, because olive oil will not smell bad after a while.







mint oil

the seal of Mammon

a blade (to cut your wrist)

money powder (cinnamon + nutmeg + parsley + basil)

paper money and coins




24 hours prior to the spell:



Place a layer of paper money on the table, cover with the seal of Mammon. Place your pentacle on the seal for charging and cover all this with another layer of paper money. Place the rest of the paper money and coins into the money powder too.





The ritual:



Apply the money oil to the candle and rub it with the money powder. Light the candle. Gaze at the seal of Mammon for a minute and begin calling forth the demon.

Continue calling out to Mammon. When the demon is there for you, give him your instructions. Place some drops of your blood and mint oil on the seal.

Place back your pentacle on the seal and pour out the money powder on the seal of Mammon. Raise power and give license to depart. Finish your ritual.

Go spread the money powder on all the carpets and rugs in your home. Don’t forget to pour some of the money powder into your shoes and bags. Fold the seal and store it in your wallet. Wear your pentacle every day and every night.





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The spirit Satanachia (Satanachi) under rule of Lucifer


The seal of Satanachia from Grimoirium Verum by Alibek. 


The seal above comes from a version of Grimoirium Verum by Alibek. I have found another seal of Satanachia in Grimoirum Verum (Joseph Peterson).


The seal of Satanachi from Grimoirium Verum (Joseph Peterson).

Names: Satanackia; Satanachia; Put Satanachia Subordinates: Pruslas, Amon and Barbatos (Sustugriel, Serguthy, Heramael, Trimasel) Answers to: Lucifer Rank: Commander in Chief; Great General Planet: Black Moon; Venus Legions: 54 Time: 3rd Hour of Night Summoning Chant: Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Satanackia I was clutching a quartz crystal while meditating on my bed in accordance with […]

via Satanachia — V.K. Jehannum



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The correspondences for Sundays Black magick


The sephira of Tiphareth will be replaced with the demonic palace Thagirion if you are into black magick.


The correspondences of the Qlipha Thagirion are such:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

The Demon of Sunday is: Surgat. He opens all locked doors, and also removes all blockages and obstacles on your life path.


The seal of Surgat from Grimoirium Verum. This demon removes all obstacles from your life path.


The Goetic Kings of Sunday are: Bael, Paimon, Beleth, Purson, Asmoday, Vine, Balam, Zagan and Belial. Read also my post about the Kings of Goetia and how they can help you.



The spirit Bael from Goetia is ranked as a king.



Paimon is a solar Spirit too. He is ranked as King.


If you choose to use metal seals in magick with the Kings of Goetia, the seals must be made of pure gold (according to Goetia).


The seal of Beleth. This spirit is also a King.


If you want to use paper seals during your magick with the Kings of Goetia, then use yellow paper for your seals. Paper seals work very nicely!


The spirit Purson from Goetia.



The seal of Purson is yellow. Purson is also a King.


Candle color: yellow


The seal of Asmoday. This spirit is a King too.

Gem: diamond


The seal of Vinea (ranked as both King and Earl).


Issues of life: success, protection, invisibility, money, status and knowledge


The seal of Belial. This spirit is a King.

Number: 6 (6 coins in money magick)



Grimoirium Verum

Summoning Lucifer, Astaroth, Beelzebuth, Scirlin and Clauneck.


According to Grimoirium Verum, the spirits of Geburah (or the shell Golab) are Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.

Use red paper seals when you summon them. These spirits are summoned during a Tuesday. The spirit Surgat is also classed as the demon of Golab.


Grimoirium Verum. The seal of Lucifer (Lucifer is ranked as Emperor).



The seal of Astaroth (this spirit is ranked as Grand Duke).



The seal of Beelzebuth (ranked as Prince). Grimoirium Verum.


It is said that a fourth sprit, spirit Scirlin (I don’t summon Scirlin), must be summoned to enhance the communication with the three superior demons from Golab.

The demon Surgat falls into the group of Tuesday demons (use a red seal) if you choose the model of rituals presented in Grimorium Verum.



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The two possible seals of the Goetic demon Purson


Goetia_money spells_ Purson_Qabalah_Ceremonial magick
The seal of Purson from Goetia can be drawn in this way too.


Purson is a very helpful spirit. I have made another seal of Purson using the Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn.

The seal of Purson, which is found in Goetia is good, but you can make another seal of Purson too.


Demon Purson.


The name of Purson is found in Liber 777 along with many other names of angels and demons. In Liber 777 the name of Purson is spelled out in Hebrew.

English/Latin: PURSON

Hebrew: פורשון

Read from right to left:






nun (value 700)


The seal of Purson from Goetia. Purson is a solar spirit.


Purson is the spirit of Tiphareth (Thagirion) and he helps to obtain money. Summon Purson when you do money spells.

I also heared that the spelled Hebrew names of angels and demons can lack a little bit of accuracy (in Occult sources).

You have to be aware of this if you want to draw the seal of Purson using the Hebrew letter wheel.


When to summon Purson?


The Tree of Life with its Sephiroth houses spirits. Purson is the demon of a shell behind Tiphareth (sphere number 6).


The correspondences of Tiphareth are:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Metal seal: gold

Paper seal: yellow

Number: 6 (6 coins in money magick)

Candles: golden or yellow (1 is enough)

Herb: Sunflower

Summon Purson during the waxing or full moon, during a Sunday and during the astrological hour of Sun. Use 6 coins, sunflower seeds, money drawing herbs, rice (good luck), brown sugar (for a sweet life), salt (protection from poverty) etc.

Of course, you should use nutmeg, cinnamon, parsley, dill, basil and other money drawing herbs in combination with the seal of Purson.

Charge the seals of Purson with paper money (some hours before your ritual) by placing paper money on the seals.

A money jar with the two seals of Purson, money drawing herbs, coins, sunflower seeds, rice, sugar, salt and an open security pin (a Hoodoo trick to protect from overspending) inserted into the rice can become your money cure for your kitchen.


A Money Bottle with the seals of Purson.


You may not become rich at once, but you will never run out of money for food in these crazy times of crisis.

Do the LBRP both before and after your main ritual.



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