Post Funeral Rituals for dead adults


Demon Bifrons is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


I am heavily involved with the practice of necromancy. Necromantic magick with the spirits of the dead is my passion. I began practising this type of magick after the death of person whom I loved.

There are several necromancy demons in the Goetia and in the Grimoirium Verum. I do regular magick with the following necromancy demons: Samigina, Bune, Murmur, Bifrons and Belial.

The video below will show you all the necromancy demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum.






Demon Bifrons



Demon Bifrons is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Bifrons is described in the Goetia, in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and in several other old occult sources. Below you will find a mix of information about Bifrons.




Demon Bifrons: Goetia


Bifrons is the 46th spirit and he is ranked as an Earl. He shows up in the form of a monster, but he can take on human shape too. This spirit can teach you astrology, geometry and other arts and sciences. He will make you very knowing in the arts and sciences of your choice.

Bifrons also reveals the properties of gems and different types of wood. Moreover, Bifrons changes the placement of the dead and puts them in another place.

He rules 6 (but actually maybe 60) legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Bifrons: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


Bifrons shows up in the form of a monster, but he can take on human shape too. He makes one wonderfully knowing in astrology, geometry and other arts and sciences.

He can teach you the properties of herbs, gems and different types of wood. Bifrons changes the placement of the dead and moves their bodies from place to place.

Finally, Bifrons rules 26 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Bifrons: Daemonolatry Goetia


Bifrons is a necromancy demon and he can help you to communicate with the dead. This spirit can be called upon during a funeral, because he can help the dead to leave the physical plane faster and more easily.

Bifrons can be called upon during rituals to honour and to keep in touch with dead ancestors.


Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly




My practice of necromancy: the beginning


As you know by now, Bifrons can help the dead to leave the physical plane faster and with more ease. The dead have very strong attachments to their loved ones.

It is for this reason, the dead are restless when death comes and takes them all of a sudden. My dead one used to come to me in my dreams very often and gave me lots of instructions, because he had unfinished business on the physical plane.

In my dreams, he seemed to be stuck in the hospital emergency room and wanted to go back home. I began my practice of necromancy to help him find relief from his grief of death.

Today, my dead loved one is my Familiar spirit and he helps my clients to obtain bank loans, fix unresolved legal issues and to defend themselves from physical enemies.

Because, long time has passed since his death, and I can call upon him at anytime, I now doubt that we reincarnate. Maybe we do reincarnate, but after some 200 years or so.




Post funeral rites for dead adults


Post funeral rituals with Bifrons are done for the sake of the dead. Such rituals help to calm the souls of the dead and they also help the dead to come to peace with their death.

I will ask you to send me a photo of your beloved dead and also his or her graveyard dirt. If you have ashes instead, a pinch will be enough.

If you do not have the ashes and you do not have graveyard dirt (if he is a soldier and you cannot locate his dead body), you can send me his handwriting, a piece of clothing or hair.

If you want me to recite some special prayers and your personal petition or letter (to Bifrons and to the dead) during the ritual, I will gladly do this for you.

During the following days I will do a necromantic ritual. I will summon Bifrons and the dead person, and I will ask Bifrons to dissolve the earthly attachments, worry and anxiety, and the grief of the dead person.

This ritual is a sort of “You are loved, but free now, go in peace” ceremony and it will help both you and the dead person to heal the grief faster.



Your grief


I do not promise that you will heal your grief right the next day after I have done the ritual. But your healing will be in progress. It will take some time to heal the grief and you should allow yourself to cry, to become sad, to digest your sorrow and then release your grief.

I advice you to talk out your grief. Surround yourself with friends whom you trust and who can support you. It is of vital importance to have support in life.

This ritual will help the dead to release their attachments to you and worry for you. It will help the dead to heal their grief of being snatched away by death.

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Please book a consultation with me, before you pay for a ritual service. The consultation costs 25 USD.

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The price for this Post Funeral ritual for dead adults is 425 USD (inclusive 25 % VAT).

I will be back to you after the ceremony and I will show you the picture of the ritual.

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