Demonic magick: a freezer spell with Lucifer and Andromalius


This is the seal of demon Andromalius from Goetia.


Demonic magick is very powerful. This spell will help you to banish minor troublemakers, by making them very busy with their own affairs.

Do this spell, if you are purely innocent, while the other party blames you for their own foolishness and mistakes. I love freezer spells, but I also go a bit further and add graveyard dirt, vinegar and concentrated lime juice into the freezer jar.

The sour components in freezer jars play an important role: they make the troublemaker fail in their attempts to blame you, make you sad or simply put, harm you.

I add sour ingredients to stop the troublemaker in their tracks from causing me more trouble. Some people will never admit their faults and they are blame addicts. This spell will banish such folks from your life.




Demon Andromalius: Goetia


The 72nd spirit is Andromalius and he is ranked as an Earl. He brings back both the thief and the stolen stuff, and also discovers all wickedness and dishonesty in human actions.

Andromalius punishes all evil people and thieves. He also discovers hidden treasures.

Source: Goetia



Demon Andromalius: how can he help?



This is the seal of Andromalius from Goetia. Andromalius appears in the form of a blond and fair skinned male.


Andromalius can protect you from troublemakers too, by making them very busy with their own affairs. Of course, he will help you if your are purely innocent.

This spirit can protect you from online dangers too. I advice to charge pendants on the seal of Andromalius very often and then wear the pendants.

Charge your children’s pendants on the seal of Andromalius too to keep your kids safe from daily dangers while they are on their way to school, on their way back home after school, or just playing out there in your yard.

Demons are not dangerous. Only some demons are dangerous. They are dangerous, because the events of our lives may unfold in an unpredictable way.

Andromalius is a gentleman and he is safe even for kids and pets. You can charge your dog’s collar on the seal of Andromalius too to keep your dog safe from daily dangers and unpredictable accidents.



The freezer jar spell

You will need:


This is the seal of demon Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


the seals of Lucifer and Andromalius (while you do the evocations)

the photo of the target (to look at during your ritual)

a small piece of paper (write the target’s name, date of birth and address)

a glass jar with a screw lid


concentrated lime juice

graveyard dirt from a layers grave (or from a police station)

I used graveyard dirt from a lawyers grave (he was my dearest friend), because I wanted the target to fuck off and stop blaming me for his own foolishness and mistakes.

If somebody is threatening you, use graveyard dirt from a policeman’s grave, lawyers grave or dirt from a police station. Such dirt stops these ugly people from harming you.

And they can never harm you if you are 100% innocent. The demons will just create so much chaos for the troublemaker, that he or she will forget about you.

If you are afraid of demons, and need to do such a spell, call upon Archangel Khamael.



This is the seal of Khamael (Mars). He is said to be the poison of God.



Place the piece of paper with the name of the troublemaker into the glass jar and add grave dirt, vinegar and lime juice. Say your spell over the jar 3 times. Ask the demons to protect you.

Cap the jar and freeze it. You can throw away the jar after 6 months or so.




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The shrine of Death in your home



Bune taught me necromancy and I dream of the dead very often.


The dead folks are not dead for a Witch. The dead are alive in other dimensions of reality and can be summoned by the Witch as soon a need for defence will arise. In my home I have a Death shrine.

I have a strong connection to the cemeteries and therefore have strong bonds with the dead. Because I summon the dead very often while powdering my ritual area with graveyard dirt during my Voodoo rituals, I have ghosts as a side effect of my Witchcraft.

So how do you create a Death shrine in your home? Do you have a need for such a shrine? You have a need for a Death shrine if you are deeply involved with Voodoo to keep in touch with your dead allies.

I have a dead friend who was a skilled lawer and it is this bond I nurture since long. This dead friend has helped me to defend myself from some people in positions of power who tried to treat me unfair by crossing the law and by missuse of their power.




So here is my Death shrine. I have my friend’s picture, his badge he used to wear on his tie, and of course his Law Book.

I store all sorts of graveyard dirt and coffin nails on the Death shrine and burn candles in the evening to honor my beloved friend.

If the need will arise, I know I have a powerful dead man who will stand up for me and curse the troublemaker who tries to treat me poorly.


coffin nails_Voodoo Hoodoo_black magic_voodoo doll_curses


On one occasion a man in a position of power made a decision that was aimed to ruin me. I got really mad at the bastard and wanted to punish him cruelly.

So I used my friend’s Law Book to charge the coffin nails, the logotype of the company where the evil man worked, the evil mans Voodoo doll, the document issued by the heartless man and many other props which I used in my ritual.

I won the war with the aid of my dead friend. I sent attack after attack to the evil bastard. After three months the decision was changed by another man who suddenly came into play.

What happened to the evil man? Well, I don’t care at all. But a string of bad luck and illness may be the beginning of trouble caused by me.

The decision made by another man who was a lawer benefited me this time. The Law said that the evil man had no right to make a decision aimed to cause me problems. Such is the power of Voodoo!

Increasing your Witch power: seal and chain method

Satanic witchcraft_Luciferian witchcraft_seal of Lucifer_häxkonst


You have to be in good condition all the time. Sometimes our reserves of Witch power become empty due to worry, stress and battling with enemies. When you have done may spells to defend your interests, that is, you may feel like your fuel tank is empty, it is time to do spells to fetch occult power from our egregore. The Satanic egregore is a large energetic structure and is fed with occult power by multiple sects all over the world. Link to this structure to fill your fuel tank to the brim.

Your power will be restored over one moon cycle. I advice to repeat this particular spell regularly some 5-10 times until you feel that your powers are restored. You will feel when to stop filling your tank with occult power. Should you leave your physical body often during slumber and your experiences feel lucid to you, then you know, it is time to stop filling your tank.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon and the period of 5 days to the full moon night. You will need:

a black candle

some oil to rub the candle with (Marsian oils come to mind: iron in olive oil)

a book about Voodoo, Witchcraft or the Goetia

a photo of a Witch inside the book is good to have (you will place your jewelry on this photo)

your occult jewelry: pentacle, inverted cross or ankh…

the seal of Lucifer

Place the jewelry on the photo of the magickal practitioner and cover with the seal of Lucifer. Close shut the book. Do this 24 hours before you plan your ritual. In this way you are charging your jewelry. When you do your ritual you should consecrate the seal and the jewelry by calling the four Princes of Hell and asking them to grant you more occult power. Use the book during your sorcery as a source of occult power. And so shall it be. Wear the jewelry all the time. The egregore will help you to restore your powers.

Some demons from The Goetia and how they can help you



The seals of Goetia influence our subconscious mind. Therefore, you must know yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

The spirits of Goetia are partly good and partly evil. I do not like the word evil for there is no evil in this world. All is neutral and relative.

Humans label spirits as being good or evil. The evil ones will act to boost and accentuate your psychological complexes, thats it. Your addictions may become more pronounced if you do spells with some spirits.

One should not be afraid to work with infernal beings, but it is wise to approach this area of the Occult with some caution.

Do not experiment just for the sake of fun with the “evil” infernal spirits of Goetia in combination with the curses of Voodoo (involves doll magick and cemetery dirt) in an attempt to punish your enemies.

The attack you send forth will be powerful, but it will come back to you sooner or later. Experienced practitioners of Hoodoo magick know about this, and this is the only reason they refrain from revenge in the form of a death curse or some magick in that style.

When you summon some demons from Goetia, you will notice that you have stirred chaos in your life. The events of your life may undergo a rapid change and you will try to catch up with the rapid changing circumstances of your life.

Do not panick though. Your life will become normal after some time. Change is a good but also a traumatic thing.





The seal of Bael from Goetia.


The Goetia tells us that Bael rules 66 legions of Spirits. His office is to make you go invisible by hiding you away from your enemies.

According to S. Connolly, Bael can help to spark your creativity and even give advice in matters of the heart. Also, you can seek Bael for wealth magick, if you are involved in creative projects, and plan to earn money by selling your creativity.

Enn: Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al

Bael is a very helpful spirit and he helps you to literally vanish so that your presence is undetectable. This is my personal experience. If you want to hide from danger, then use this seal.

Call forth Bael using a spoken invitation to Bael. Gaze at the seal during a couple of minutes while you invite Bael.

Glue your hair and also apply a drop of your blood to the consecrated seal of Bael during your ritual. You should say a spell to give Bael very clear instructions.

Charge the seal. Give Bael the licence to depart before you close your circle. Keep the seal with you at all times.

There is no need to summon Bael to visible appearance using plant drugs, although this kind of experience can be very shocking and frightening.

Spirits may come making noise (speaking and making other noises). This is frightening and I always experience a light shock.

You might also want to read about Morail, a demon just like Bael, but from Grimoirium Verum.

It is very important to form a protective circle when you do your ritual. You should be inside the ritual circle and not allow the summoned forces cross the boundaries of your circle.

If you wish to communicate with the spirits while observing them appear in your black mirror, yes, then you will probably need some substance to sink into a deeper state of conciousness.





The seal of Agares from Goetia.


Summon Agares if you want to learn a foreign language fast. Spells with Agares will make you very fluent in a foreign language.

If you are stuck and your creativity has left you, Agares can push you forward. So, yes, Agares can show you how you can make money if you are an artist.

Well, Agares is capable of destroying the reputation and even the business of your enemy. I believe that the “earthquake” is a metaphor for a huge shocking change or demolition.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

Enn: Rean ganen ayar da Agares





The seal of Vassago from Goetia.


Vassago is of a good nature and he can tell you about things of the past, and also predict your future. He can also discover secrets, things hidden and lost.

If you suspect that your enemy has cursed you, then you might want to summon Vassago, because he will tell you the truth. This spirits can also give you advice when you are dealing with difficult people.


Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly



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Ghosts as a side effect of necromantic rituals and what to do



Necromantic magick can be done at the cemetery and also at home if you have graveyard dirt at home.







After summoning the dead during a ritual you may have a ghost in your space. If you have pets they will let you know when they see the ghost.

Pets will scream with regular intervals during nights. I do not know why the ghosts disturb my pets only during nights. All this means that you will wake up due to the noise every half an hour. The animals see the ghost with their psychic perception of reality.

I too, saw the ghost in my kitchen with my clairvoyant vision and at the same time my pets began to scream in panic. My intuition knew when the pets will start screaming the next time and it was right: my pets began screaming very soon (because of the ghosts mobility).

All this happened during several nights and very late at night. Then I realised that I had a ghost in my space as a side effect of my necromantic rituals.




Are ghosts dangerous?


The ghost is not dangerous at all if you summon a dead friend or somebody who loved you. But it feels yucky and the pets get scared. But ghosts can be dangerous (depends upon whom you summon).

How does the ghost look to us? They have no body at all, only a type of long transparent clothing that has very long and strange textile fibres (like degraded textile). The body is hollow and luminous from the inside. No head!

The ghost never disturbed me although I am sure it was in my bedroom and observed me while I was asleep.

But if I should be honest with you, I got scared when I encountered the ghost in my kitchen. The first thought was:”Holy shit! What is this? How dare this thing come and live with us?”

When you have realised that you have a guest living with you it’s time to act. No, you don’t have to call the Ghost Busters team.




Summon demon Sabnock!



Demon Sabnock is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


You will have to do a ritual to get rid of your guest. The ritual is the reverse of the summoning ritual. Use the photo of the dead person, personal items and also dirt from his/her grave. Ask the ghost to depart to the world they came from.

You should also call upon demon Sabnock and ask him to protect you from the invading shades of the dead.

But if you want the ghost to depart, it is more suitable to call upon the necromancy demons of Goetia: Bune, Murmur, Samigina or Bifrons.

Do also a ritual with chamomile in a tiny cup. Mix the herb counter clockwise to calm your pets. This chamomile will be added in small quantities to the animal food (cook the food with chamomile).

After a week or so the pets will calm down and become harmonious. The crazy behaviour during nights will stop.




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An invisibility spell with the Goetic demon Bael


The Goetia.


This post is about magick with Bael, but first I want to explain how to draw the seals of spirits (for beginners).

First, define your purpose for doing magick with a spirit from Goetia. Also think about the possible outcomes of your magick.

If you are a beginner, then go ahead and open the Goetia and read about each spirit and what their duties are.

When you have decided which spirit you want to summon, copy the sigil on a transparent paper (paper to bake cakes).

Place this paper on a hard quality paper and start drawing the seal. When you are done its time to fill in the marks with ink.

If your intention is pure, the demons will help you. Treat them as your friends and ask for their assistance with a pure heart.

If you are a beginner and want to know the duties of the demons from Goetia, I have several posts for you. Just follow the links below:

The Earls of Goetia and how they can help you

The Presidents of Goetia and how they can help you

The Marquises of Goetia and how they can help you

The Princes and Prelates of Goetia and how they can help you

The Dukes of Goetia and how they can help you

The Kings of Goetia and how they can help you



From where does Bael come?


The Tree of Life with its 10 Sephiroth.


Bael is a King and he comes from sphere number 6. This sphere is called Tiphareth. When I do magick with the Kings of the Goetia, I use the correspondences of Tiphareth even for Thagirion (Tagaririm).

Tagaririm is the “outer” shell of Sephira Tiphareth. Such a shell is called for a Qlipha. Below you see a list of correspondences for sphere number 6.

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astro hour: Sun

Paper seal color: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle color: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

Gem: Topaz

Summon Bael during a Sunday and also during the astrological hour of Sun. Use a yellow seal in your spell with Bael. If you don’t have golden candels (they can be expensive), use black, yellow or white candles.



The promised magick with Bael


While you work hard on manipulating the target, or several targets, you may need to go invisible for a while. In this case you won’t be noticed by people (whom you name in the wording of your spell).

You will need:

a black candle (paint it with olive oil and powder it with crushed garlic)

a yellow seal of Bael

oil for the seal: patchouli (for protection)

a strand of your hair (optional)

a drop of your blood


a sheet of paper with the instructions for Bael (your spell)

an envelope

Place your hair on the seal of Bael. Glue the hair to the seal. Apply patchouli oil and a drop of your blood to the seal of Bael.

Read your spell to Bael 3 times. Raise power and place your palms on the seal of Bael. Pack the seal of Bael into the envelope. Its done!

My experience of working with Bael is very pleasant and he hid me away from troublemakers many times. He will do the same for you.

I also advice to place your chain or hair on his seal during your ritual. In this way the power of the spirit will take over your mind and behaviour. The spirit will help you to act in a correct way (to become less visible to the world).

I also advice to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Qabalistic Cross after the main ritual is over.



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A love spell with demon Sitri from Goetia



The seal of Sitri from Goetia.


This is not exactly a love spell. Its a lust spell on a man. Such a spell will make you irresistable. I had to reverse this spell, because the target became desperate after me.

I simply became scared by such behaviour and decided to dissolve the magick. It took one month or a little longer to dissolve this spell and the target was not harmed emotionally.

Patchouli can be used in love spells too. I used patchouli oil, but I am sure that oils like cinnamon, lavender, jasmine and rose will work very well.



Who is Sitri?


The seal of demon Sitri from Goetia.


Sitri can inflame men with women’s love, and women with men’s love. This spirit causes a man and a woman to desire each other with great passion.

According to S. Connolly, Sitri can do all the above stated for you, and he can also be called upon when you wish to infuse a creative project with passion.


Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly



From where does Sitri come?


Sitri comes from the Sephira of Chesed. This sphere is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


The picture above illustrates the Sephirotic Tree of Life. The shell of Sephira Chesed is called Gamchicoth. The Princes and Prelates of Goetia come from Gamchicoth. This Qlipha (the shell) is ruled by the planet Jupiter.



This is the Qliphotic Tree and the Qlipha Gamchicoth is ruled by the archdemon Astaroth (this Tree is based on the information found in the Key of Solomon).


But according to the Goetia, Astaroth is the Duke of Qlipha Harab Serapel. This Qlipha is ruled by the planet Venus and most of the Goetic spirits come from this place on the Qliphotic Tree. We shall stick to the classification of spirits according to the Goetia.

Sitri is summoned during Thursdays, because the planet Jupiter rules the Thursdays. Also, it would be great if you can summon Sitri during the astrological hour of Jupiter.

I use the correspondences of Chesed even for Gamchicoth:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astro hour: Jupiter

Paper seal colour: blue

Metal: tin

Gems: sapphire & amethyst

Number: 4 (4 candles for example)

Plant: olive (use olive oil)

Scent: cedar (I use cinnamon)



This is what you will need:


a doll of the target (stuff it with powdered cinnamon, dried rose petals, lavender and vanilla sugar)

the seal of Sitri

patchouli oil (to apply to the seal)

The evocation of Sitri:

“I evoke and conjure spirit Sitri. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. Please come to me and be willing to help me.

Enflame [Name and Surname] who lives at [address] with burning love for me. Disarm [Name and Surname], so that he is unable to break my heart.

Make [Name and Surname], the man who lives at [address], fall in love with me. Let this mans love flow to me, so that he is unable to resist me. Bring this man to me for a long term romantic relationship.”

Activate the doll and give it instructions. Apply patchouli oil to the seal of Sitri and attach it to the doll with needle and thread.

Thats it. Keep the doll in a safe place. I saw results after two weeks, but I became scared and decided to reverse this spell before it was too late.

If you will need to reverse this spell, you will need to do a spell with the above mentioned doll of the target. During the ritual chop the spell (written on paper) with scissors.

Place the pieces of paper into a bowl with concentrated lemon juice (made from 32 lemons). Paint a black candle with this lemon juice and burn it during the ritual.

Dissasemble the doll of the target, but very carefully. State that the target will be safe both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pull out all the cotton and the herbs from the inside of the doll. As soon as you do this, the bewitchment will be over. It will take one month for the magick to slow down and dissolve away.



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The Sephiroth, Archangels and which spells to do


Spells are not done often with the energies of Kether, Chokmah and Malkuth.


Spells are done with the entities of Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. In this post you will find information about each sphere on the Tree of Life, life issues and suitable magickal work.

Also, I fould online some old books for reference and to compare the sigils. One of them contains the seals of the Heptameron.

The Hebrew spelling of the names of the Archangels (for the seals) is taken from the “Three books of Occult Philosophy” written by H. C. Agrippa and also from “Secrets of the magickal Grimoires” written by Aaron Leitch.

The Key of Solomon, The three books of Occult philosophy (H. C. Agrippa), and also Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn magickal system make a difference between the planetary Archangels and the Archangels that rule the Sephiroth.

Sometimes I do not think that Sachiel is Tzadkiel and that Zaphkiel is Cassiel. But during other times I think that Haniel and Anael are one and the same.

The planetary Archangels are mentioned in the Heptameron, in Faust’s Magia Naturalis and in some other sources.




Archangel Tzaphkiel is the chief of Binah. Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn.


The seal of Archangel Tzaphkiel (ruler of Binah).


This seal is obtained by drawing lines between Hebrew letters in the name Tzaphkiel. Israel Regardie shows how to draw such sigils, and the seal of Tzaphkiel is in the Golden Dawn book.



The seal of the planetary Archangel of Saturn, Cassiel (Heptameron).


Some people summon Cassiel instead of Tzaphkiel as the Archangel of Binah. I read “A modern Grimoire of Angelic magick” by Fr. Rufus Opus and I loved it! I started to gravitate towards working only with the planetary Archangels (from the Heptameron).

Tzaphkiel (because he rules Binah) can help you to:

heal your depressions (limit them)

heal emotional discord and grief (limit them)

resolve conflicts

protect you from the plots of others against you (use the 3rd pentacle of Saturn)

release the past

release old grudges and bitterness

forgive someone you hate

develop your intuition

set clear psychological boundaries (to make people respect you)

expand your power in many aspects of your life

expand the boundaries of your luck

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Saturn, Cassiel, and the spirits under him, are described in the Heptameron:

The sprits of Saturday sow discords and hate. They serve to eliminate your enemies.





The seal nr. 1 of Archangel Tzadkiel (ruler of Chesed).


Archangel Tzadkiel is chief of Chesed. The sphere of Chesed is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Tzadkiel can help you to:

obtain material stability

avert financial disaster (use in combination with the 7th pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon)

help to curb dangerous overspending

wisely manage your income

forgive and become a happy person


The seal nr. 2 of Tzadkiel from the Armadel.



The seal of Sachiel from the Heptameron.


Some people believe that Sachiel and Tzadkiel are one and the same. They also believe in the possibility that there was a mistake in the spelling of the name Tzadkiel and it was written as Sachiel.

It might be so. But Sachiel is also mentioned in the Key of Solomon as a planetary Angel. Tzadkiel is also mentioned in the Key of Solomon and it is said that he rules Chesed.

I have summoned Tzadkiel by using the seal assigned to Sachiel, and I was happy with the result.

I summoned Tzadkiel by using his other seal (seal number 1) many times.

This information about Sachiel and the spirits under him comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Thursday can help you to procure the love of the opposite sex and they help people to become happy with their lives.

They end all strife and also end battles with enemies; they can heal illness.






The seal of Archangel Khamael (ruler of Geburah).


Archangel Khamael is chief of Geburah. The sphere of Geburah is ruled by the planet Mars. Archangel Khamael can help you to:

become a brave person

temper your anger and stay in emotional balance

protect yourself from enemies (use the 4th pentacle of Mars)

release issues that hold you back

become a disciplined person

become a person with good self-esteem


The seal of Khamael (actually Samael) from the Heptameron.


The seal of Khamael (above) comes from the Heptameron. In some versions, this Archangel is called Samael (Mars is his planet).

As you see, there is a lot of confusion regarding who is who. Perhaps, the Archangels are of two types:

those who rule the Sephiroth

and those who are planetary (Heptameron)

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Mars, Khamael (Samael/Zamael) are described in the Heptameron:

The spirits of Tuesday cause wars and death. They give the practitioner 2000 soldiers to battle down enemies.





Archangel Raphael rules Tiphareth.


According to the “Three books of Occult philosophy” (H. C. Agrippa), Archangel Raphael rules Tiphareth. I took the spelling of his name in Hebrew from that book.

Some say that the Archangel of Tiphareth is Michael (the planetary Archangel of Sun), and some say it is Raphael. This is because of different information in the old Grimoires.

Raphael (Archangel of the Sephira Tiphareth) and Michael (planetary Archangel of the Sun) work as a team in Tiphareth.


The seal of the planetary Archangel of Sun, Michael (Heptameron).


You can use the seal of the planetary Archangel of Sun, Michael (from Heptameron) when you call upon Raphael (Source: “A modern Grimoire of Angelic magick” by Fr. Rufus Opus).

It is said so about the planetary Archangel Michael and the spirits under him (in the Heptameron):

The spirits of Sunday help to obtain gold and riches; they cause the practitioner to obtain favours and good things in life.

They help to dissolve the hatred of enemies and also help to become successful in life.





The seal of Archangel Haniel (ruler of Netzach).


Archangel Haniel is chief of Netzach. The sphere of Netzach is ruled by the planet Venus. Archangel Haniel can help you to:

attract love into your life

live a pleasurable life

become inspired

remove blocks to your creativity

to become happy

The planetary Archangel of Venus is Anael.


The seal of Anael from the Heptameron.


This information about Anael and the spirits under this Archangel comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Friday make people happy and incline them to luxury. They reconcile enemies through luxury.

They help in matters of love and make marriages.





The seal of Archangel Michael (ruler of Hod).


Archangel Michael is chief of Hod. The sphere of Hod is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Also, Archangel Raphael (his seal is found in the Heptameron) is the planetary Archangel of the planet Mercury (as I understand the matter). Both Michael and Raphael rule the sphere of Hod.


The seal of the planetary Archangel of Mercury, Raphael (the Divine healer). Heptameron.


Archangel Michael can help you to:

expand your business

fluently write books

curb your addictions

become focused on your work

develop learning skills and memory

develop your teaching skills

find sources of information

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Mercury, Raphael, and the spirits under him, are these ones:

The spirits of Wednesday reveal things you want to know about the past, present and future. They help to win court cases and help to resolve conflicts between people.

They teach sciences and heal people. They raise the poor and cast down the rich ones. They eliminate obstacles in life.

Source: Heptameron





The seal of Archangel Gabriel (ruler of Yesod).


Archangel Gabriel is chief of Yesod. Also, the planetary Archangel of the Moon is Gabriel. His seal is found in the Heptameron.


The seal of the planetary Archangel Gabriel (Heptameron).


The sphere of Yesod is ruled by the planet Moon. Archangel Gabriel can help you to:

do divinations (Tarot, crystal balls, pendulums, etc.)

get answers to your questions during dream time

become accepting of change

develop your intuition

concieve a child (fertility spells)

retain facts in your memory

This information about the planetary Archangel Gabriel comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Monday can convey things (I guess messages) from place to place. They make horses swift (healthy). This could mean that they can heal both people and animals.

They help you to know the secrets of other people.



In conclusion:

How to work with these entities? You have to choose if you want to summon the planetary Archangels (from the Heptameron) and work with them, or if you want to summon the Archangels of the Sephiroth (you draw the seals by connecting the Hebrew letters).

Most probably, they are two different groups of entities, because of the difference in the seals and the difference in the Hebrew spelling of the names.



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Transfering the power from Witch to Witch


I charge my pentacle on the seal of Lucifer.


Many people ask me to do glamoury spells for them. This type of Witchcraft involves the creation of a temporary image that is illusive.

You yourself choose the qualities of your glamoury. If you wish to be noticed by potential mates, then you will have to use a necklace as a bewitched item.

I have met some people who used an Ankh as a glamoury to give a certain impression that was illusive to me. The impression was good at first, but at the next occasion the glamoury gave a mystical and a bit frightening impression.

I asked: “Do you use hypnotic techniques to program your necklace?” The answer was:”Yes, that is why you noticed me among the crowd!”

When you choose a necklace for the purpose of doing a glamoury spell, you should think about the purpose of the glamoury.

If your purpose is to be noticed by potential mates, then choose a necklace that is beautiful and bold. Some eye catching necklace will do the job very well.

The creation of a glamoury should be done inside a ritual circle. The best time is the night of the full moon. You have endless possibilities.

I have used other people’s pictures too in my invisibility spells. The purpose of this kind of glamoury spell is to confuse people so they see their aquantances in you, and also to go unnoticed by your own aquantances.

Actually, I am not very fond of glamoury spells to impress people with my looks. There is little sense in the creation of a glamoury, because I do not wish that people notice or stare at me.

The creation of a bewitched item will not result in a relationship. You will be noticed by folks and that is all.

You can use the method below to create a talisman for beauty. In this case choose a book about love, make up or love spells.

Now I want to tell you how to transfer the Witch power to you if you want to possess the power of a beast. The ritual involves the use of a necklace that is your protective talisman.

You may use a ring too, but you will have to wear the ring regularly then (and sleep in it too).


The seal of Lilith can be used in addition to the “donor” book for a glamoury spell. Lilith can help you to seduce your target.


Take into consideration the fact: our fingers swell during night due to the liquid and blood that does not move fast in our bodies. You are most receptive to power transfer while you are asleep.

I wear a pentacle on a daily basis, and it is charged with protection spells. You should also wear some protective talisman on a regular basis. A good choice is perhaps a hexagram, an Ankh or a pentacle.

The power of a Witch is transfered into this item. For the transfer to take place you will have to use a “donor” of the power.

I used occult books as donors of the power in my spells. Some good choices are:

Clavicula Salomonis

Aradia and the gospel of Witches


Golden Dawn

Why should you transfer the power to yourself? There is a good reason: if you need more power to defend yourself. Sometimes we may drain ourselves while using spells for defence. If you are battling someone very evil, you will need additional power from the energy pool of Witchcraft.

I have even used a book written by a very famous Witch as a donor of the power. Is this ethical? Yes. You are using the text as a donor of the power, not the picture of the Witch.

The text is connected to the egregor of Witchcraft. Text is thoughts once thought by the Witch and contains a part of her power.


You can also use the seal of Hecate in addition to a “donor” book.


I want to warn you though. Do not misuse the powers contained in occult books by doing lots of spells to transfer the power during an extended period of time.

You will begin to feel your Witch powers accumulating in you and then you should stop draining the occult books of the power contained in them.

In case if you are not careful, you may have very unpleasant astral travels, lucid dreams that end with nightmares and so on. You may end up in the Shamanic lower dimensions and see frightening stuff during your astral travels.

This will be the sign that the power is transferred to you. Now, when you continue to defend yourself, you will see a difference.

Do this ritual during the night of the full moon.


You will need:

a black candle

Hoodoo Power oil (olive oil/bay leaf/sage)

a book of your choice

your occult talisman

Form your ritual circle and open the four energi portals using the pentagram key. Call forth the powers. Light the black candle. Blow life into the book by using four elemental representations on your altar: smoke, fire, water and salt. Do the same with your talisman.

Then place the talisman into the book and close the book. Visualize the book turning into a liquid and the contents (with the floating text) being transferred into your talisman.

Raise power and transfer it into the book with the talisman. Close your ritual ceremony. Wear your talisman and watch yourself turning into a beast with incredible powers.

The drawbacks with the cremations of the dead


The Veve of Baron Samedi.


Today, I want to write about cremations that are sadly becoming a fashion trend in our society. My opinion? Stop the cremations in Western and Slavic cultures!

Just because people die often nowadays, there is no need to destroy the precious body tissues and subject the consciousness to shock via immediate dissociation of the etherical bodies from the physical.

But of course, even the Vikings used to cremate their dead folks. They built mounds as monuments to their dead. But nowadays, once the body is burnt, the ashes are kept in an urn.

The urn is then buried deep into the ground without the ashes blending with the nature.

I think that we come from earth, that is, we are a part of nature, and thus, ought to be buried in coffins according to tradition.

One more reason is this: if you are a Witch and need immediate protection or help in legal matters, your best allies are the dead. Of course, your own dead! Use the graveyard dirt in Voodoo rituals.

This is a smart reason to negotiate with the living long before they are gone. Explain to them on beforehand, that you will come to their graves when in need to fetch them home, and to use their remains (only graveyard dirt) in your Voodoo rituals.

The dead are not actually dead. They seem dead on the physical plane. That is, the dead are dead in a physical sense, but are alive in the astral dimension, and can be called forth with ease by the Witch when there is need for this.


If you let your loved ones to be cremated, the urn will not be accessible to you. When you get into trouble, there will be no Allie to defend you. You will have to turn for help to other graves.

But there is a give and take relationship with the kingdom of the dead. A part of their consciousness is still alive, and must be treated with respect. This consciousness is a part of the universal electromagnetic field (UEF), that is also called for Chi in Eastern esoteric teachings.

Sometimes, frightening things may occur after necromantic rituals (you end up with ghosts all around you). In this case, you must be observant of the following events in your life.

As, a conclusion, I would like to see the dead be buried in coffins near churches. Pets then? In this case you may store the urn in your residence. I think that our beloved pets will not object to stay at home after they are gone from the physical plane. They will still protect you, and you may call upon them at any time you are in danger.

This is my opinion, because I am a Witch. Ordinary folks may prefer cremation, because they need not keep strong links to the land of the dead.