The Sephiroth, Archangels and which spells to do


Spells are not done often with the energies of Kether, Chokmah and Malkuth.


Spells are done with the entities of Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. In this post you will find information about each sphere on the Tree of Life, life issues and suitable magickal work.

Also, I fould online some old books for reference and to compare the sigils. One of them contains the seals of the Heptameron.

The Hebrew spelling of the names of the Archangels (for the seals) is taken from the “Three books of Occult Philosophy” written by H. C. Agrippa and also from “Secrets of the magickal Grimoires” written by Aaron Leitch.

The Key of Solomon, The three books of Occult philosophy (H. C. Agrippa), and also Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn magickal system make a difference between the planetary Archangels and the Archangels that rule the Sephiroth.

Sometimes I do not think that Sachiel is Tzadkiel and that Zaphkiel is Cassiel. But during other times I think that Haniel and Anael are one and the same.

The planetary Archangels are mentioned in the Heptameron, in Faust’s Magia Naturalis and in some other sources.




Archangel Tzaphkiel is the chief of Binah. Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn.


The seal of Archangel Tzaphkiel (ruler of Binah).


This seal is obtained by drawing lines between Hebrew letters in the name Tzaphkiel. Israel Regardie shows how to draw such sigils, and the seal of Tzaphkiel is in the Golden Dawn book.



The seal of the planetary Archangel of Saturn, Cassiel (Heptameron).


Some people summon Cassiel instead of Tzaphkiel as the Archangel of Binah. I read “A modern Grimoire of Angelic magick” by Fr. Rufus Opus and I loved it! I started to gravitate towards working only with the planetary Archangels (from the Heptameron).

Tzaphkiel (because he rules Binah) can help you to:

heal your depressions (limit them)

heal emotional discord and grief (limit them)

resolve conflicts

protect you from the plots of others against you (use the 3rd pentacle of Saturn)

release the past

release old grudges and bitterness

forgive someone you hate

develop your intuition

set clear psychological boundaries (to make people respect you)

expand your power in many aspects of your life

expand the boundaries of your luck

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Saturn, Cassiel, and the spirits under him, are described in the Heptameron:

The sprits of Saturday sow discords and hate. They serve to eliminate your enemies.





The seal nr. 1 of Archangel Tzadkiel (ruler of Chesed).


Archangel Tzadkiel is chief of Chesed. The sphere of Chesed is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Tzadkiel can help you to:

obtain material stability

avert financial disaster (use in combination with the 7th pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon)

help to curb dangerous overspending

wisely manage your income

forgive and become a happy person


The seal nr. 2 of Tzadkiel from the Armadel.



The seal of Sachiel from the Heptameron.


Some people believe that Sachiel and Tzadkiel are one and the same. They also believe in the possibility that there was a mistake in the spelling of the name Tzadkiel and it was written as Sachiel.

It might be so. But Sachiel is also mentioned in the Key of Solomon as a planetary Angel. Tzadkiel is also mentioned in the Key of Solomon and it is said that he rules Chesed.

I have summoned Tzadkiel by using the seal assigned to Sachiel, and I was happy with the result.

I summoned Tzadkiel by using his other seal (seal number 1) many times.

This information about Sachiel and the spirits under him comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Thursday can help you to procure the love of the opposite sex and they help people to become happy with their lives.

They end all strife and also end battles with enemies; they can heal illness.






The seal of Archangel Khamael (ruler of Geburah).


Archangel Khamael is chief of Geburah. The sphere of Geburah is ruled by the planet Mars. Archangel Khamael can help you to:

become a brave person

temper your anger and stay in emotional balance

protect yourself from enemies (use the 4th pentacle of Mars)

release issues that hold you back

become a disciplined person

become a person with good self-esteem


The seal of Khamael (actually Samael) from the Heptameron.


The seal of Khamael (above) comes from the Heptameron. In some versions, this Archangel is called Samael (Mars is his planet).

As you see, there is a lot of confusion regarding who is who. Perhaps, the Archangels are of two types:

those who rule the Sephiroth

and those who are planetary (Heptameron)

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Mars, Khamael (Samael/Zamael) are described in the Heptameron:

The spirits of Tuesday cause wars and death. They give the practitioner 2000 soldiers to battle down enemies.





Archangel Raphael rules Tiphareth.


According to the “Three books of Occult philosophy” (H. C. Agrippa), Archangel Raphael rules Tiphareth. I took the spelling of his name in Hebrew from that book.

Some say that the Archangel of Tiphareth is Michael (the planetary Archangel of Sun), and some say it is Raphael. This is because of different information in the old Grimoires.

Raphael (Archangel of the Sephira Tiphareth) and Michael (planetary Archangel of the Sun) work as a team in Tiphareth.


The seal of the planetary Archangel of Sun, Michael (Heptameron).


You can use the seal of the planetary Archangel of Sun, Michael (from Heptameron) when you call upon Raphael (Source: “A modern Grimoire of Angelic magick” by Fr. Rufus Opus).

It is said so about the planetary Archangel Michael and the spirits under him (in the Heptameron):

The spirits of Sunday help to obtain gold and riches; they cause the practitioner to obtain favours and good things in life.

They help to dissolve the hatred of enemies and also help to become successful in life.





The seal of Archangel Haniel (ruler of Netzach).


Archangel Haniel is chief of Netzach. The sphere of Netzach is ruled by the planet Venus. Archangel Haniel can help you to:

attract love into your life

live a pleasurable life

become inspired

remove blocks to your creativity

to become happy

The planetary Archangel of Venus is Anael.


The seal of Anael from the Heptameron.


This information about Anael and the spirits under this Archangel comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Friday make people happy and incline them to luxury. They reconcile enemies through luxury.

They help in matters of love and make marriages.





The seal of Archangel Michael (ruler of Hod).


Archangel Michael is chief of Hod. The sphere of Hod is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Also, Archangel Raphael (his seal is found in the Heptameron) is the planetary Archangel of the planet Mercury (as I understand the matter). Both Michael and Raphael rule the sphere of Hod.


The seal of the planetary Archangel of Mercury, Raphael (the Divine healer). Heptameron.


Archangel Michael can help you to:

expand your business

fluently write books

curb your addictions

become focused on your work

develop learning skills and memory

develop your teaching skills

find sources of information

The duties of the planetary Archangel of Mercury, Raphael, and the spirits under him, are these ones:

The spirits of Wednesday reveal things you want to know about the past, present and future. They help to win court cases and help to resolve conflicts between people.

They teach sciences and heal people. They raise the poor and cast down the rich ones. They eliminate obstacles in life.

Source: Heptameron





The seal of Archangel Gabriel (ruler of Yesod).


Archangel Gabriel is chief of Yesod. Also, the planetary Archangel of the Moon is Gabriel. His seal is found in the Heptameron.


The seal of the planetary Archangel Gabriel (Heptameron).


The sphere of Yesod is ruled by the planet Moon. Archangel Gabriel can help you to:

do divinations (Tarot, crystal balls, pendulums, etc.)

get answers to your questions during dream time

become accepting of change

develop your intuition

concieve a child (fertility spells)

retain facts in your memory

This information about the planetary Archangel Gabriel comes from the Heptameron:

The spirits of Monday can convey things (I guess messages) from place to place. They make horses swift (healthy). This could mean that they can heal both people and animals.

They help you to know the secrets of other people.



In conclusion:

How to work with these entities? You have to choose if you want to summon the planetary Archangels (from the Heptameron) and work with them, or if you want to summon the Archangels of the Sephiroth (you draw the seals by connecting the Hebrew letters).

Most probably, they are two different groups of entities, because of the difference in the seals and the difference in the Hebrew spelling of the names.



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Money Witchery for lean times and Feng Shui


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


When times are lean for you there is one thing to do: silence your fears for survival! Also, know, that you can begin to direct the flow of money towards you by using Feng Shui together with Witchcraft.

First of all: you will have to repel trouble (like harassments if you owe money to some people), silence your deep seated fears, and do money spells to attract better circumstances. Use affirmations on a daily basis too.

If creditors are a problem for you (and they don’t understand that you went broke), curse them as troublemakers using a Hoodoo method. The circumstances will begin to change to the better for you and these annoying people will become restricted in their powers.

Your fears are partly due to your debts, and partly because you are aware that living without cash is dangerous for you.



Sour Hoodoo against creditors and vampires in your life


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


You will need such ingredients for your ritual:

1 black candle

1 lemon

graveyard dirt (2 tablespoons)


2 coffin nails

the logo of their business/office adress/names of the people

lots of salt

lots of vinegar

1 glas jar with a lock


Place the logo and the names into the lemon (make a cut in the lemon and push in the paper). Lock the lemon with coffin nails by positioning the nails in such a manner that they resemble the letter X.

Drop the lemon into the jar and pour in all other remaining spell ingredients. Seal the jar and never open it. The spell will take care of the trouble.



Money powder your home every full moon


Bune is my patron. I ask him to pay my rent, feed me and shop clothes and cosmetics for me.


You have the power over the situation! Begin by doing money spells very often. Prepare money powders, which you charge with the seals of Bune, Mammon, Lucifuge, Clauneck, Tzadkiel, Bethor and Maguth. Spread these powders in your home: on the carpets.

When you have used these powders during one year, I can promise you that you will have enough money for food and rent on a continual basis. Your fears will become silent too.

Before beginning the ritual place the money into the herbs for a couple of hours. Prepare this money powder inside your ritual circle.


The seal of Mammon.


Ask the powers to bring money for food and rent, relief from fears and uncertainty, new hope for a better future and so on.

They hear and the money will come in time to supply you with food and cover upp the rent. After you have prepared this money powder during your full moon ritual, spread it overall in your home.

Do not vacuum clean the carpets often. Let it be a little dirty, but your aura will be in contact with this powder very often.

You will come to know that a higher power takes care of all your needs in time. When money ends, the powers will send messengers to you from all corners of the world to provide you with food and meet your immidiate needs.


The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (the Prime Minister of Hell).


All will be well if you do money spells often…

One more thing: do not direct your spells too much. Do not ask for a job if you have been unemployed long enough and you have tried to get a job one million times. It’s useless to ask for such a thing.

Ask so: “I need money for food and to cover up my rent. Draw to me enough money for comfortable living!” If you suddenly get a well paid job then it’s fine, if you don’t, then the money will come through other avenues.


Collect all the money in the home on the full moon and do a ritual


Tzadkiel is very helpful and has helped me a lot. He is wise too.


All money needs to be charged inside the ritual circle once per month (if you are experiencing a sharp trouble with the inflow of money). This charging has to be done during the night of the full moon.

I know that similar practices exist in some sects of Buddhism. Also, money magick is very common in Russian Witchcraft. Collect all the change (coins) in your purses, bags, jewelry boxes and elsewhere.

Then do a ritual using the money together with the money powder. When you are done with the ritual, the money should be placed in strategic places.

Place some charged coins on the stove inside pots. This practice is Feng Shui and the pots are a powerful symbol of abundance in your home. Besides, you know, that the coins are coated with a charge from your ritual.

Also, you can place a small mirror on your stove to reflect the pots with food. This is a Feng Shui money cure and is used with the purpose of attracting more money.

Place also some coins in your fridge and plenty of good food will come as by magick after a while. But the most important thing is this: your worry will become silent.


The seal of Bethor for money spells.



Plant the bewitched coins in you Wealth sector


feng-shui-bagua_Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


Have you located your money sector? What’s there? Clean your money corner and grow green plants instead of rubbish. After doing the ritual of charging the coins it makes sense to plant the coins inside the pots with plants. Store your charged money talismans in the Wealth sector.

I do not know for certain if Feng Shui can help you to eliminate troublemakers from your life (who harass you so much that your hair turns grey due to worry). Perhaps, if one uses arrows, weapons and reflective surfaces such as Bagua mirrors in specific rituals during the full moon. Well, this perhaps is a secret to be kept inside the sects.



Get rid of the clutter if you have problems with money


The clutter adds to the confusion, which is accompanied by fear of the unknown future, uncertainty and not knowing what to do. There is usually no need in purchasing new stuff for your Feng Shui practices.

Start by throwing out old newspapers and stuff you have not used in 10 years. This is all garbage. Broken items, like a broken bed in the relationship sector will not attract new love at once even if repaired. They are indicators, or signs of disorder in that area of life. In this case, repair the items so you can use them. In other case, throw away the old.

Match the Bagua map to your home to start making an astral circuit of energy flow. Look at the sector that’s responsible for the flow of money if you are having money problems.

The dominating elements (energies) in the Money sector are Wood and Water. Wood in the form of plants and trees represent lavish growth of your money. For the plants to grow you will have to add symbols of water. Feng Shui influences your subconscious mind.


A Chinese wealth symbol.


What do you see in your Money sector? The items that are very effective as a Chi boosters in the money sector are the following:

green plants

mirrors that reflect and double the coins and plants

pictures of water and of forests


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.

statues of your Gods

all things shiny and of golden/silver color

coin jars

wooden furniture

beautiful purses

illuminate your economy with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

Money must be earned and you do it by having a job or some kind of business. For this reason you have to build an energy circuit by anchoring two more sectors in your Feng Shui work.

Check the career sector and also the Fame sector. By examining the symbols and items in these two sectors, you will know for certain what the root of your problem is.

Many people are experiencing problems these days due to the crisis. This is out of your control. Feng Shui can’t help to change the economical development in the world, increase investments that lead to the birth of more jobs.

So, you see, if you depend upon todays poverty striken labour market and are unemployed, then, it’s best that you concentrate your powers on the money sector. Money is money, and in this case just accept the way money comes to you.

But, for your own sake, do some spells to bring clarity to yourself, so that you can begin something new in life. At least, you will realize what the situation looks like for you.

Clean out the career sector and after a couple of months you will begin dreaming. The dreams come from the subconscious and they will show you how your life path looks like.

Sometimes, it’s best not to look back upon the past, and just move on in life to something new that will hopefully produce a good income.

Here are good choices for your career sector:

black furniture


bowls and vases (symbol of the Water Element)


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


pictures of running waters

things made of metal (the preceeding Element of Metal activates the Water Element)

symbols of your dream work

Declutter also the Fame sector to bring success to you. My definition of success is this: As long as I am happy with what I do, I am a success. Sadly, most people work because they have to. Very few are thrilled with their jobs. If your work sucks, there is no need to activate the Fame sector to bring more failure to you.

In this case, a hobby is a pleasant thing to have, and you can really become a professional in your chosen area. Yes, now it makes sense to activate the Fame area.

The Fame sector should be a symbol of what you dream of in life. Apply red and orange colors to activate the element of Fire in this sector. Add green plants (the Element of Wood to give fuel to the Fire of your fame) and things that grow upwards.


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


Good things to have in your Fame sector:

red roses and peacock feathers

the accomplishments you are proud of

red furniture, curtains, carpets, pictures and tablecloths


designs that are vertical

Illuminate your success with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

If you find yourself at a crossroads and feel confused for the moment, do spells to bring clarity and new opportunities to you. In my opinion one should combine Feng Shui with Witchcraft and daily affirmations to bring about a change in destiny.

You become what you think about all the time. So, Feng Shui will help you to change the direction of your thoughts and find a solution to your problems. It’s your subconscious that is affected with the Feng Shui cures.


The Medieval ABRACADABRA sigil in Modern Witchcraft


The Abracadabra means ” I create as I speak”.



This is a very famous medieval method of reducing the undesirable circumstances in your life. I have used it many times very successfully, and even in combination with the magick of Hoodoo to get rid of really disturbing people.

If you wish to escape a certain situation that you are afraid of, yes, then the Abracadabra talisman will minimize your chances of getting into this situation. Do this spell when the moon is full.


You will need:

one black candle

Power oil (roll the candle in garlic powder after you apply Power oil)

A sheet of paper with your written spell on one side

On the other side: write the ABRACADABRA sigil




In like manner write out the situation your wish to avoid. An example: MARRIAGE. Reduce the word MARRIAGE using the same method like in the Abracadabra sigil.


You will also need:

your hair


graveyard dirt

an envelope


Form your circle and open the four energy portals with pentagram keys. Call upon your chosen archetypes of power. Explain your purpose in simple words and then proceed with your spell.


I use this seal when I need to hide from troublemakers.


Light the “garlic” candle. Pass the sheet of paper through smoke and fire. Then sprinkle with water and salt. Ask that your spell comes true.

Apply glue to both the Abracadabra sigil and the one you have created (with the method of reducing the letters). Place your hair on both sigils and powder with graveyard dirt.

Pack your sheet of paper with the sigils and your spell into the envelope. Raise power. Then project an imaginary ball of fire into the envelope.

Close your ritual. Let the candle burn out. Keep the envelope someplace safe. Know that you are safe, because the chances of you “getting” into the undesirable situation will decrease rapidly.

Necromantic Witchery during Halloween


The Spirit Samigina gives account of dead souls during rituals of necromancy.


Halloween is a very important Sabbat for the Witch. I don’t just do a ritual: I summon dead people into my ritual circle and hand them tasks.

The dead are alive still in the astral world and can be called upon when you need to obtain information, stand up for yourself, neutralize enemies, defend yourself and even when you want to continue your relationship with the dead as your allies.

This type of work can be performed on the 31 of October or on the 1 of November or at any other day of the year. Before doing the ritual it is very important to visit the grave in order to leave gifts as a sign of your pact with the dead person.

I leave cakes, tequila and cigarettes at the grave and talk to the dead. They hear my requests and respond. Each person feels the response in a different way.

Go to the chapel at the graveyard too and purchase a white candle for your necromantic ritual. Some graveyard dirt can be very beneficial to store at home in case you need to defend yourself from companies or state owned agencies if you happen to be treated in a poor way.

Yes, you can use the magick of Voodoo Hoodoo to get people out of your way if they treat you in a poor way. You may bravely curse them with a loss of their job if they don’t obey your terms.

The Witch rules from her ritual circle! In this case you will need to call upon papa Legba and then also upon Baron Samedi.


The Veve of Papa Legba.



The Veve of Baron Samedi.


So, it’s Halloween and you are back home after your visit at the graveyard. Arrange your altar. The altar cloth should be black as this is the party of dead.

You should also have the picture of the dead person on your altar, dirt from their grave and the candle you purchased at the cemetery chapel.


My altar.


After you have done your ritual you might want to be extra observant. Observe if the apparition hangs on in your place during the nearest days or even weeks.

If your pets get wild and scream all nights, this means you have a ghost in your place. In this case you will have to ask the dead (the ghost) to depart once more.

Be observant of your dreams. They will surely show you what you have created:” a walking dead”. You may see the dead person starting to breath, coming alive and walking slowly home, back to you.

The image you will see will show you how the dead body has progressed with the tissue degradation. This is the true state of the corpse inside the coffin.

This will happen after two weeks since the moment you called forth the dead person from the coffin bead. Don’t panick yet.

If strange things start to occur like your pets going wild, then you will know that it’s time to send the ghost back. Know, though, that the dead has heard you call them forth and eventually took on the task assigned.

A money spell with Archangel Tzadkiel


The seal of Archangel Tzadkiel.


This type of money magick opens the most realistic channels for the inflow of money. No, you won’t become filthy rich tomorrow, but somehow your rent will be covered and you will have food on your table.

The best time to do this type of money magick is of course the waxing moon and the full moon. Choose a Thursday eve as near to the full moon as possible (do magick during the astro hour of Jupiter).


The seal of Tzadkiel from the Armadel.


You will need:

one white candle

paper money (1 USD)

money oil

mint (dried and crushed)

cinnamon (powdered)

nutmeg (powdered)

First form your circle, open the four portals with the pentagram key, and call upon your chosen powers. Ask your protectors to realease the perfect ammount of money to cover your rent and food expences.

Pass the candle through smoke, asking the element of Air to help you. Then baptize the candle with Fire, wet the candle with Water and at last apply some Earth’s salt.

After this rub the candle with the money. At last, apply the money oil. Place the paper money under the candle and powder it with mint, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Say three times aloud:


I ask that the perfect amount of money comes to me,

From my money worries please set me free,

Give me enough cash to make it through,

And add a little extra for pleasures too.

Release my supply of money right away,

In an acceptable and most perfect way!”


Raise power by moving clockwise. You may dance and drum. When the circle feels “warm”, it’s time to release all the power. You can form an imaginary flaming ball between your hands and project the flames into the paper money.

Close your circle. Let the candle burn out. Carry the paper money in your wallet all the time. Don’t shop anything for this money. Your supply of money will be provided in time.



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