Business today: how powerful could group witchcraft rituals for the survival of a company be in theory?







Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Bune makes people rich and wise.


Business today is a group of publications for people in business. My blog followers are businessmen and they are very interested in the Occult and its potential to boost business profits.

We are living in times of the financial crisis. Now we are in a recession and by 2030 we will be in a depression. Today I want to write about the power of group rituals that have a clear purpose: to save a company from bankruptcy.

Group rituals are done by a group of employees and the power of magick rises with each participant of the ritual. A group can be as large as desired: from 2 people to 1000 people or more.

But modern companies do not yet use witchcraft with Lucifer and his demons for commercial purposes. I had discussed the reasons in my previous post.

Today, I will discuss a theoretical group witchcraft ritual for a company. A theoretical group witchcraft ritual can be transformed into a real life group ritual if there is a need to try to save a company from ruin.




Business today:

the demons

for the group ritual


If you are the CEO you should do regular money spells for your company for the purpose of increasing sales and profits. You can also organize group witchcraft rituals for your company.

There should be one main person who plans and coordinates group witchcraft rituals for your company. This person should be a Witch.

The Witch will pick the best astrological time for the group witchcraft ritual, communicate with your staff and teach your staff the basics of casting money spells for commercial purposes.

Group money rituals for the company should be done 2 or 3 times each month. A group money ritual is done by the staff members at a specific time, usually at midnight.

This means that each employee holds a religious ceremony for the purpose of benefiting the companies financial interests in the privacy of their home.

Here is how you can plan financial sorcery for your company. You can include several demons into money spells for your company:

Bune: brings in the money and he acts like a magnet for money

Belial: gives the correct business strategy and supports a business

Lucifer: the ruler of Hell, a general money god and helps to propel the business forward

Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifer’s minister of wealth

Mephistophilis: gives good luck with regard to money (this demon is mentioned in the Black Raven)

Purson: helps to spot clients and helps to open new sources of income

Clauneck: brings in the money




Business today:

what if the employees

are atheists?


In order for the group money rituals to produce good results, employees need to be open to spiritual practices and also be aware of the fact that many modern people practice witchcraft.

If the employees are atheists and have this kind of attitude: “There is no God and no Devil! All religions are inventions for the purpose of controlling humans”, the group rituals will fail.

The group rituals will fail, because employees will not put any effort into the rituals. Employees may assure the company boss that they will do the ritual at home, but in reality they will not do the ritual.

In addition, employees may put the boss into danger, by filing complaints that the boss is forcing them to execute witchcraft rituals for the company.

For this reason, the company boss must be wise and pick mature and spiritually awakened individuals for the group witchcraft ritual.

All the details concerning the group ritual should be kept secret from those who are not involved in the practice of benefiting the financial health of the company.

Why? You do not want this information to leek out into the world. You do not want other companies to know about your group rituals. You do not want your competitors to know about what you are doing.




Business today:

how powerful are group rituals?


Group rituals are more powerful than solo rituals or individual rituals. If a group ritual is done by 100 people, the ritual is powerful enough to slow the momentum of a companies financial loss.

If regular group rituals are done by 1000 or more people, I am sure that there are good chances of saving a company from bankruptcy or at least of changing the business strategy of a company.

But currently, it is difficult to organise group rituals for big companies for the purpose of pulling them out of financial trouble, because the employees do not practice witchcraft.

Group rituals can also reshape the surrounding environment, by triggering very beneficial political decisions that lead to better financial conditions for the company.

Very beneficial political decisions could be about:

the reduction of taxes and other fees

big discounts on electricity prices

Group rituals can also help a company to invade foreign markets and start making a name among foreigners. Group rituals can also promote good business partnerships.




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