Business today: why don’t big companies use money spells with demons for commercial purposes?








Business today is a group of publications for people in business. Some of these people are clearly interested in the Occult and its potential to improve business profits.

My blog followers are business people and they are very interested in the Occult. We are clearly in a recession now and by 2030 we will be in a depression.

Many of my readers are certainly wondering: why don’t department bosses and CEO’s of big companies use money spells with Lucifer and his demons for commercial purposes?

I will try to explain why department bosses and CEO’s of big companies don’t yet use money spells with Lucifer and his demons to save their companies from bankruptcy or at least from financial loss.

I don’t think that these people realise the potential of witchcraft to help drive sales and increase business profits.

For if the company leaders suddenly realise the potential of witchcraft with Lucifer and his demons in driving sales and improving business profits, the whole business world would turn into Devil worshippers.




Business today:

atheists don’t believe

in God and Devil


Atheists don’t believe in God and Devil. Most people in business are atheists, because they have been raised as atheists. It is very difficult for an atheist to understand why some people believe in God.

It is even more difficult for people to understand why some people worship the Devil and hold rituals with demons.

People only see the physical world and deny the existence of other dimensions: the spiritual worlds. Modern scientists call these spiritual worlds for parallel Universes.

All witchcraft operations are done in the space between the physical and parallel worlds, that is, within the confines of a ritual circle.

Of course, since most people are atheists, I doubt that they practice any form of religious ceremonies for the purpose of benefiting their businesses.




Business today:

the witchcraft of Kabbalah

was kept secret


All branches of modern witchcraft are based on the Kabbalah. The Bible is also based on the Kabbalah. Since the Bible forbids to engage in any forms of sorcery, most people have been programmed to never engage in the practice of witchcraft.

People are afraid of being discriminated and fired from a workplace if the employer becomes aware of their witchcraft practices. Not every person involved in the Occult, will dare to expose personal religious practices.

Witchcraft as a religious practices was kept secret until 1950’s. Practitioners of witchcraft were still afraid of the re-occurrence of the burning times and persecutions.

Much of the Occult knowledge was kept in secret. Very few people knew about the existence of Occult literature and books like “The Goetia” and “The Grimorium Verum”.

The reader of this post is really lucky, because now this person knows the names of the two most important books with the sigils of Lucifer’s demons.

Now, hopefully, some department bosses and some CEO’s of companies are reading my publication. Hopefully some of these leaders are open-minded.

Hopefully some of these people allow the probability for the existence of supernatural forces like God, the archangels, the Devil and his demons.

So, now you know why big companies are not yet using witchcraft for commercial purposes: their CEO’s, department bosses and employees do not practice witchcraft.




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