Necromancy for business: how to remove a curse and send it back to the sender








Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.


Necromancy for business is a very important skill each businessman should master. There is so much envy today and we live among envious and angry people.

Have you ever been cursed? I have been cursed and I will never forget the person who cursed me. That person has taught me something new: today I stay away from poor people, because I am very afraid of them.

That person, who cursed me during 2020, even reshaped my business. The curse changed me internally and also changed my business. The curse wiped out a business partner from Asia and attracted wealthy people into my business.

So today I have no poor clients. I have business people as clients. Of course some of them are almost broke due to the financial crisis, but they were rich before.

People in business often become victims of curses. Today I will describe a ritual to help you get rid of the nasty consequences of the curse.

The consequences of a curse that is flung at you in envy can be the following bad manifestations in your life:

loss of a job

loss of a business partner

low business profits




Necromancy for business:

summon the dead


The dead have great powers and they can carry away your curse back to the sender. I summon my late friend for this purpose. That guy was a very tough lawyer.

I do not think that it is correct to do the same harm to the sender of the curse as they did to you, because they are already so broke. Moreover, there is a risk that you will damage your own finances if you curse that person.

I advise to send the demons and the dead to the enemy and allow the spirits to unfold the events in that person’s life. If it is their karma to become homeless, the spirits will achieve just that.

I agree that we can become very angry and we want to punish the sender of the curse. But because, our finances have recovered despite the evil intentions of the enemy, it is not advisable to do evil magick with the intent of achieving revenge or justice.




Necromancy for business:

the magick ingredients


You will need:

1 or 2 large mugs of salt

1 table spoon of cemetery soil from the grave of your relative (or a very close friend)

the photo of your relative

1 white candle (paint the candle with necromancy oil and rub with cinnamon)

a photo of the enemy

a box (for containing the salt and the cemetery soil)

the seals of Lucifer, Murmur, Sabnock and Bune

your petition to the spirits




Necromancy for business:

your petition


The petition is a short letter to the spirits of the ritual. The petition should be maximum 10 sentences long and you can write about the following:

who cursed you and when

what happened to your income due to the curse

how much effort you had put into your business in order to save it

how you have changed internally due to the curse (I hate certain types of people now)

what type of clients you have now

Ask the spirits to restore your income to the fullest despite the current economic recession. Ask the spirits to remove the curse and attach it to the one who cursed you.




Necromancy for business:

the ritual


Here is my red magic box for removing curses. The box contains salt and cemetery soil.
Here is my red magic box for removing curses. The box contains salt and cemetery soil.


The candle should be divided into 3 sections prior to beginning the ritual. The ritual should be performed during 3 consecutive nights. Burn 1/3 of the candle during the first night.

You should summon all the spirits and give them some gifts. Next, read the petition to the spirits and also show the photo of the person who has cursed you.

Light the magic candle with the intention of melting away the malicious curse. Fill the box with salt and cemetery soil.

Place your right hand into the box and keep it there for a couple of minutes. Ask the spirits to lift up the curse and place it into the cemetery soil and the salt.

Then place your left hand into the box and keep it there for a couple of minutes. Read a special spell or a psalm from the Bible each time you put a hand into the box.

Ask the demons and the spirit of the dead person to lift up the curse from you and put it back on the sender. Don’t feel guilty for sending away the curse to your enemy.

The Bible contains good prayers of protection from the malice of the enemies. If you are a Christian, you can summon Yahweh, Jesus and Mary. You can use candles that you have bought in the church.

After you finish the ritual, place the box under your bed. This step allows the curse to be transferred to the salt and the cemetery soil. Repeat the procedure during 3 nights.

You should get rid of the salt and cemetery soil after you have held rituals during 3 nights. You can pack everything into a plastic bag and dispose the plastic bag into trash.

You can go for a walk and dump the salt and the cemetery soil into a lake. Or, if you are still very angry and want your enemy to suffer a lot, you can use the contents of the box to inflict serious harm to the enemy.




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