Necromancy for business: should restless spirits of the dead run your business?








Necromancy for business is not yet well known, because not so many people involve restless spirits of dead people into their business affairs.

But actually, restless spirits of dead people, and especially of those people, who were murdered, are the perfect spirits for your company. Such spirits are hungry for action, power and money.

In this publication I am going to write about my experiences with the spirit of a dead man who was murdered. I have already devoted two posts to:

the spirit of the dead regent and

the spirit of the dead soldier and the spirit of the dead lawyer.

The above mentioned spirits are very helpful and they can help you to solve various business related problems and guide your business in times of the financial crisis.




Necromancy for business:

the restless Emperor


I read a lot of books about the restless Emperor before I invited the spirit to drink tea and eat some cake during my ritual. I did not expect that I and the spirit will click with each other during the ritual.

I asked the spirit to give me a sign that it wants to participate in my rituals. The sign came during the following nights. I started to dream a lot about the spirit.

The spirit possessed me and we held more rituals together. Restless spirits of people, who were murdered, will make you feel a lot of uncomfortable emotions:

hate towards those who murdered the person

a lot of compassion for the spirit

I told the spirit:

“You know, the dead regent is in charge of my business and thanks to her I broke through a long period of financial stagnation. I like to take risks and capture the spirit of the dead regent inside a cloth doll.

The spirit literally lives through me. I plan to capture your soul inside a cloth doll and you will guide my business. Do you want to have fun?”

The sign came very fast again. The spirit appeared during my dreams and told me something very interesting:

“The rich and the poor are like oil and water. They don’t mix well. There are generational curses, but they are not placed on people by witches.

Instead, these generational curses are almost like karma. Generational curses are nothing else than the childhood environment of the young individual.

There are also whole nations that are cursed by their own century long mass consciousness. If you continue to hold rituals together with me, you will notice a change in your character.

Your internal changes will benefit your business. I will also keep you safe.”

These dreams are a clear sign that the spirit is actively participating in spells and even responding to requests of help. I knew from my previous experiences that restless spirits are eager to participate in spells.




Necromancy for business:

should restless spirits

run the business?


Should you hand over your business to the restless spirits of dead people? Yes, absolutely. If you allow a restless regent to run your company, you will mostly have rich clients.

The spirit will change you internally a lot and the changes in your thought patterns will also change your business. But a spirit of a person, who was murdered, is very powerful, resentful and stubborn.

This spirit will benefit you by protecting you from that sort of people, who murdered the person. The spirit will keep your company safe and it will also keep you alive.

What kind of roles can you assign to restless spirits of dead people? If you have been holding rituals with your spirits for a very long time, you can assign the following titles:

a spiritual mother

a spiritual father

But the bad thing is that you cannot get rid of the spirit. The spirit will continue to crave you and it will become a part of your subconscious mind.

You will become like the spirit or correctly said like the person. For this reason, it is very important to read a lot of books about the dead person, before attempting rituals together.

Pick a person whom you admire for their character traits. The character traits can be about: courage, pride, good self-esteem, wisdom, decisiveness, stubbornness, the ability to accumulate wealth and keep wealth, etc.

You can also summon dead businessmen. Dead businessmen can help your business to survive during the financial crisis.

The truth is that you can summon a dead person by using the photo of that person. Demon Murmur helps to get in touch with the dead.

Some spirits respond, but some spirits do not respond. Restless spirits almost always respond, because they have unfinished business. Restless spirits are happy to help you.




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