Bakeries and cafes: should they cast money spells and make pacts with the Devil to increase sales?








Bakeries and cafes will benefit from money spells and pacts with the Devil, because these types of witchcraft operations help to increase the sales and profits.

I am the only one who does B2B affairs. Before the Corona hit the world I was asked to cast money spells for some business owners. The money spells helped to increase sales.

Now I have only business people as my customers and doing B2B affairs is difficult. My clients are businessmen, they worship the Devil and they practice witchcraft, so they know spells work for sure.

Today I want to write about money spells and pacts with the Devil for bakeries and cafes. If the reader is curious and wants to try a money spell, here are links to:

Money spells for companies

The Goetia for the businessman




Bakeries and cafes:

how can money spells help?


Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Bune or sometimes also called for Bime, is the 26th spirit of Goetia. He is ranked as a Duke. Bune appears in the form of a dragon with three heads.

His first head is that of a dog, the second is like of a Gryphon, and the third head is that of a man. Bune speaks with a high and calm voice.

This spirit changes the place of the spirits of the dead people, and causes the spirits under his command to gather upon your grave.

Bune makes people rich and wise. He is trustworthy and gives true answers unto your demands. Bune commands 30 legions of spirits and he has two seals.

Source: Goetia



Bune is the best demon for money spells. A money spell will help a bakery to increase sales by increasing the number of customers and orders.

I have cast money spells for family businesses from China, Canada and USA. Because the family business was big, it took some 4 to 6 months for the money spell to produce results.

Customer orders and sales had increased a lot as a result of the money spell with Bune. Profits also increased and the customer was overjoyed.

After experiencing the positive results of the money spells, businessmen become fans of the Devil and start practicing witchcraft for commercial purposes.

In short, a money spell can boost sales and bakeries and cafes might want to use witchcraft for commercial purposes. Is it easy to learn witchcraft?

Well, if you want to cast money spells with Lucifer and Bune, then learning witchcraft will be easy for you. Even atheists can practice witchcraft and money spells will work for atheists.




Bakeries and cafes:

how can pacts with the Devil help?


Pacts with the Devil help a business to grow and expand. Pacts with the Devil also help to switch to the B2B model. If a bakery has too many competitors in the local area and sales suffer, perhaps a B2B model will help to increase profits.

A B2B model is good, because it allows a bakery to sell to:




cafes and restaurants, and other places

The volume of sales will be big too. The volume of work will be big too. Pacts with the Devil can also help a bakery to become unique and overrun competition.

At the moment few companies use witchcraft for commercial purposes. But I have a few business owners as clients and I make pacts with the Devil on their behalf.

Yes, bakeries and cafes can use witchcraft for commercial purposes. But this practice must be kept secret from the customers, because the reputation of the business can suffer.

Customers will get scared, because they associate the Devil Lucifer with Satan.




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