Witchcraft for businessmen: a spell that helps to correctly complete important paperwork








On this picture you see the seal of demon Murmur and the photo of the dead lawyer spirit.


Witchcraft for businessmen seems to be in demand now. Some business people become my clients, because they need help. They need to correctly complete important paperwork.

I always turn to 3 spirits when I need to fix my yearly tax declarations. These spirits are:

demon Murmur from Goetia

the dead lawyer (my late friend)

and the dead soldier

I summon the dead soldier too, because this spirit has protected me during many years. I have become very attached to the spirit of the dead soldier and we are always together.

Today I want to describe a simple spell that can be of help to businessmen. If you need to complete important paperwork, but feel insecure and are afraid to make mistakes, this spell can help you.




Witchcraft for businessmen:

write a petition


Begin with writing a petition to the spirits of the spell. The petition is a short letter (maximum 10 sentences long). In this letter, you should name the application forms you need to complete.

Ask the spirits to help you complete all paperwork correctly and long before all deadlines. This short letter should be read to the summoned spirits during the spell.




Witchcraft for businessmen:

the spirits


If you need to complete your documents and then submit them to some institution, I advise to summon several spirits:


Murmur (a spirit of necromancy)




Bune (a spirit of necromancy)

the dead lawyer (this spirit knows all about paperwork)




Witchcraft for businessmen:

the spell ingredients


This is a spell for a businessman: you see two paper dolls and the seals of the demons.
This is a spell for a businessman: you see two paper dolls and the seals of the demons.



You will need:

1 white candle (paint the candle with sunflower oil and roll in cinnamon)

2 paper dolls (one doll represents you and the other doll represents the dead lawyer)

the seals of the above mentioned spirits

your petition


1 teaspoon of graveyard soil from the lawyers grave

money powder (cinnamon and nutmeg with ratio 2:1)

wrapping paper and scotch tape




The ritual


You need to summon all the spirits and explain the purpose of your spell. Light the spell candle to melt away all confusion, internal fears and obstacles.

You should read your petition to the spirits. Next, you need to baptize both paper dolls. Paint both paper dolls with honey.

One doll should be covered with 1 teaspoon of graveyard soil from the lawyers grave. The second paper doll should be dusted with the money powder (cinnamon and nutmeg with ratio 2:1).

A spell with precise instructions to the spirits should be spoken during the ritual. The spell should be spoken 3 times.

The paper dolls are carefully wrapped in the seals of the spirits. All this is wrapped into wrapping paper and secured with scotch tape.

The spirits will take charge of your subconscious mind and help you to complete all important paperwork.

If the spirits think that someone else should help you with your paperwork, they will push you to take contact with a competent person.





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