Business today: should you expand your business during the recession?








A recession will force companies to expand and reach out to more customers.


Business today is a group of publications for the business person. Today, I want to write about the importance of expansion during a recession.

A recession is a good time for starting a business, but the start up process will be difficult and slow. This is because most people are broke today.

Companies are reducing their costs and cutting down on the number of employees, but at the same time some companies are expanding. I am expanding too.

The demons have changed my business again, because they want me to have a Danish blog. The Russian blog was suspended by the demons, because I had only one client from Russia during last year.

In this post I will write about how and why you should expand your business. Times ahead are very uncertain in connection to the recession that will last longer than we expect.




Business today: year 2024


I always comb the internet for information about the current recession and I stumbled upon several internet pages with important information. The recession will last during the whole 2024.

This means that more and more people will loose their jobs and your business will be negatively affected. You need to compensate for the lack of customers by expanding your business.

I do not think that the economy will recover very fast after year 2024. So, if you have lost all your previous customers by now, you need to do B2B affairs and also expand your business.




Business today:

do B2B affairs


B2B affairs are difficult to do, but I do them. My customers are business people. If you are experiencing difficulties, because you have no high paying customers, you need to switch to the B2B model.

My branch is very specific and narrow and there are few businessmen, who practice witchcraft and who are interested in Occult services. For this reason I expand my business all the time.

But those people who are my customers are well off and they have lots of money. It is possible to thrive even during a recession, but only if you attract high paying customers to you.

By expanding your business, you will be able to reach out to more potential customers. You will have more customers and more profits.




Business today:

no financial stagnation


During 2021 I was faced with a full blown financial stagnation within my business. Today, there is no financial stagnation at all. Money comes in all the time.

I switched to the B2B model during 2022 and this saved my business from ruin. But because doing B2B affairs is more difficult, you will need to expand your business all the time.




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