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Who is your ideal client?


Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. In my previous post I described money spells and the Feng Shui money corner.

Today I will write about the client and about the Feng Shui client corner. The money corner is vital for the business, because it helps to increase the profits.

But people often neglect the client corner. The client corner is one of the most important parts of your home, because it is responsible for the inflow of customers to the business.

I do not say that all financial stagnation will be gone forever if you have a tidy client corner, but these unpleasant gaps of boredom and worry for money will start to shrink.

I combine Feng Shui and witchcraft. I cast 3 money spells each month to boost my income. Feng Shui helps you to project the image of your ideal client into the Universe.

The ideal client will come into your life. After this, more and more ideal clients will come into your life.

So, let us begin exploring the client corner in your office or home.




Business today:

the Feng Shui

client corner


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. The grey square is the client corner (lower right square).


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. I use Compass school Feng Shui and Essential Feng Shui too. These two types of Feng Shui are similar.

The client corner can be seen in the lower right corner of this Bagua map and it is also called for Network, travel and helpful people.

Helpful people are your clients, because they help your business to prosper. You need to display images of your ideal clients in the client sector to attract clients to you.

Feng Shui helps, but people make a mistake by expecting instant results right the next day. Instant results should not be expected.

When I decorated my Feng Shui client corner with 1 image of my ideal client I started having strange dreams.

In my first dream I saw a beautiful woman. She was wearing a very elegant orange scarf. I could see that she was hiding a pentagram under the scarf.

I added more pictures of my ideal clients to my client sector. Again I had a strange dream: I saw in the imagery of my ideal client a famous actress. Next to this picture of the ideal client was another picture: a late queen.

But the dream was strange, because I saw the medieval queen without makeup. I thought in my sleep: “She is beautiful even without makeup.”

I started putting effort into my Feng Shui client corner in the middle of 2019. I began having doctors, nurses, security guards, businessmen, politicians and actors as clients.

After 2020 everything changed. My business was in chaos, because the demons were changing it and moving it away from USA. I lost 80% of my clients.

Now I have perhaps 1 client from USA each month. But this client has a huge wallet and is truly the perfect client. The image of this type of client decorates my client corner since 2019.

So, it can take some time before you succeed to attract the perfect client to you. Feng Shui can help you to attract good clients to your business.




Business today:

the Feng Shui

money corner


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. The purple square is the money corner (upper left square).


The client corner is located opposite to the money corner (upper left square). This means that these two areas are very important for your business.

If you have no clients, your profits will be equal to zero. So, both the client area and the money area are equally important for your business.

Some people decorate the client area will pictures of beautiful places or travel destinations. But I think that this area of the home or office should be devoted to the client.




The client corner


The dominant element in this area of the home is metal. This means that you can place some large and very heavy item made of metal in this part of your home, room or office.

For example, you can place these items:

several large metal vases

a tall metal statue

a tall metal phone (old one)

Choose the images of your ideal clients very carefully, because Feng Shui works. Feng Shui can also create enormous chaos in business when your client network changes.

My past clientele vanished during the time while my business was in a downward spiral of financial loss. During the same time several businessmen appeared and they became my clients.

I was helping business people during the time when my business was in a downward spiral of financial loss. Suddenly I realized that my business had changed to the B2B model.

I also noticed other things: now I had website traffic from South Africa. This was in September 2022. I thought: “Who are these people?” My logic answered: “Most probably they are businessmen”.

Keep the client area neat and clean. Other suitable items for this area are:

the world atlas and world maps

any paperwork connected to your business and clients (use metal file cabinets)

clocks (to stir up the astral counterpart of this client area)

lamps (with metal parts)

a picture of a car (the favourite car of your ideal client)

silver coins

You need to express the feel of your ideal client in your client area. Your business profits depend on the type of clients you attract to your business.

This is especially true during these days.




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