Business today: how can a businessman combine money spells with Feng Shui?







Demon Clauneck is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Clauneck brings customers to you.
Demon Clauneck is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Clauneck brings customers to you.


Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. Is it possible to boost the business profits with the help of Witchcraft and Feng Shui?

The answer is: Yes. If your profits are equal to zero right now, because you have lost everything during the financial crisis, I advise to make a pact with Lucifer and his demons.

A pact will push you forward in life and can possibly help you in the following way:

you might meet your new business partner (this is the case of businessman from South Africa)

you might become a part of another person’s business (this is the case of the realtor)

you might begin doing B2B affairs and rescue your business from ruin (this is my case)

I have a lot of self-help posts for businessmen. In my previous post I have described the Feng Shui sector of business success and how to boost the business success.

Today I am going to write about how to combine witchcraft with Feng Shui for the purpose of increasing profits.




Business today:

a collection of money spells


Not all money spells will have sufficient attraction power, because most people are broke today. If you are doing B2B affairs, you know that you only have business people as customers and they are few.

In this case you need to use spells that bring you massive amounts of money via 1 or 2 people. Your business is surely different from mine, because you may need a crowd of rich customers.

Here I am going to provide links to all the money spells on my website and I will begin the list with the spells that bring in massive amounts of money:

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Business today:

the Feng Shui

money corner


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. The purple square is the money corner (upper left square).


Business can be difficult and slow from time to time. Business is usually slow in the first half of the year. I think this depends upon a couple of things:

business people are saving money for the May taxes while business sucks during the crisis

business people had spent a lot of money in December

You need to cast money spells at least 3 times per month. Your profits will improve a lot. I use Feng Shui for myself and today I want to focus on the money sector.

The purple square on the Bagua map is the money sector (upper left square). This area of your home is responsible for good business profits.

By decorating your Feng Shui money corner with appropriate symbols and items, you are building the astral blueprint of your future business profits.

I do not say that you will become super rich if you have a functional Feng Shui money corner in your home. This depends on the severity of the financial crisis.

But a combination of frequent money spells and Feng Shui efforts can save your business from ruin and keep your business in a good economic shape.




The money corner


The dominant element in the money corner is wood (a money tree). You also need water in this area, because the money tree needs water. You also need lots of light in this area of your home.

So, you need to get rid of clutter and dirt in this area of your home. You need to plant several plants that grow upwards or purchase tall and massive plants.

It is not suitable to have a cactus in the money area, because the cactus will not grow much and moreover it has sharp thorns. Choose a plant with round or oval leaves.

Feng Shui is the language of astral symbols inside the subconscious mind. For this reason you need to place a large mirror behind the plant pots.

The subconscious mind will think that there is a source of real water next to the plants, and that the soil is moisty, and that the money tree can continue to grow.

Because profits suffer during the financial crisis, you must be smart and hang several large mirrors on the wall beside your money tree. Mirrors are equal to water inside the subconscious mind.



When I close my eyes, I can see visions. I think this happens to me, because I do frequent magick together with my military ghost. This spirit shows me all sorts of visions.

The military ghost shows me the humidity level of the soil in my money corner. Thanks to the military ghost, I could understand that the soil under my money tree is too dry.



The best furniture


You can have sofas in this area or a table. But the main taboo in the money corner is a bathroom. If you have a bathroom in the money area, you should switch to another school of Feng Shui.

I use Compass school Feng Shui and Essential Feng Shui too. These two types of Feng Shui are similar. Feng Shui is very easy to apply to the home in efforts to boost the business profits.

The best furniture for the money sector is wooden furniture. You can place some luxury items on a wooden table or a wooden shelf in your money corner. The main point with the money corner is this:

you must feel luxurious when you look at the money corner

the money corner must reflect your inner self

the money corner must give you hope for the future

the money corner must trick your mind into believing that you are rich again

Ask yourself: how much money do I want? I am sure some of you have answered: 0,5 million as the least amount of money each year. Some may want a lot more money.

You need to express this unique desire for more business profits in the decorations of your money corner.


Avoid too much fire


Avoid large patches of red in the money area, because the money corner on the astral plane is very sensitive. Red is processed as heat on the astral plane.

Heat can dry out the reserves of water on the astral water. Your money tree will dry out and profits will suck. I saw a vision and the vision explained the concept of heat on the astral plane.

Avoid real fire in this area: candles and ovens. The fire can burn down your money tree and you will end up broke. If you have a source of fire in this area, you need to hang many mirrors to neutralize the fire.

You can do money spells in the money corner.



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