Business today: how can a businessman combine Witchcraft with Feng Shui?








Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. Is it possible to boost the career success with the help of Witchcraft and Feng Shui?

The answer is: Yes. I have actors, politicians, fitness trainers and businessmen among my clients. These business people practice Witchcraft, but they are not experienced enough to make pacts with Lucifer.

Businessmen come to me for pacts with Lucifer and his demons. I always suggest to combine Witchcraft with Feng Shui to boost the career success and also profits.

Below you will read a client story. This man came to me for a pact with Lucifer and his demons. I also suggested that the man design the Feng Shui fame sector in his home office.

I will write about how you can design your Feng Shui fame sector in your home office to support your business reputation. Let us get started.




Business today:

a pact with Lucifer


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Testimonial 1


Hello, I am just giving small testimonials as payments to Lucifer. It has been a short timeframe since you made a pact with Lucifer and his demons on my behalf, but I think things are pulling me towards the right direction.

More opportunities have been sent my way for my fitness based business. I will be speaking to a large gathering of people in my community on Sunday about fitness.

This opportunity will probably help me build a ton of traction for my business. The demons are doing a great job.

Greyseraphim from USA


Testimonial 2


Things have been slow, but I am gathering slow leads and clients. I think the demons may be pushing me towards better marketing and who I am marketing specifically to.

I also feel that the demons are pushing me to update my programming and training. Give them my thanks.

Greyseraphim from USA




Business today:

boost your fame

with Feng Shui!


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. The red square is the fame sector.


Business can be difficult and slow in the beginning. You need to boost your fame. I use Feng Shui for myself and today I want to focus on the fame sector. The red square on the Bagua map is the fame sector.

There are different schools of Feng Shui: Flying Stars, Compass school, Essential Feng Shui and many others. You need to pick up the variant of Feng Shui that is easy for you to use in your home.

I use the Compass school Feng Shui and sometimes also Essential Feng Shui. So, the red area on the Bagua map is the Fame sector.

By decorating this area with appropriate symbols you are building astral images of your career success.

You also need to reinforce your Witchcraft practices and your Feng Shui efforts with daily affirmations. You need to convince yourself that you deserve to be successful.




Business today:

the fame sector


First, you need to locate the fame sector. Take a picture of this place just for the sake of fun. Next, you need to get rid of clutter and dirt.

The dominant element in the fame sector is Fire, which is supported by wood. So, you need to place wooden furniture in this area of your home.

The best furniture for the fame sector is a desk. You need to position the desk in the power position so you can see the whole room in front of you.

You will be sitting like a King and you will be in charge of your career success. Below I am going to list some items that you can place in your fame sector.



A source of fire


There must be a place for a candle on the desk, because you need a real source of fire here. I have a cemetery lamp here and I burn graveyard candles in my fame sector.

I also have photos of my favourite spirits here: the dead lawyer. I also keep a war helmet of a dead soldier here. This spirit protects me and participates in spells.



Books as fuel


If you are a businessman, you can support your fame by keeping books about the type of business you do in this sector. I keep books about Witchcraft in my fame sector.



A pyramid


I have a pyramid beside my computer. Below the pyramid is a small piece of paper with this text: “Check Paypal, you are getting rich!” This is my personal money cure.

Pyramids are very useful symbols in the fame sector, because they are burial places of Kings. A pyramid will constantly remind you of your intention to become rich.

I cast money spells 3 times per month. Result? I lift up the pyramid often and see the text: “Check Paypal, you are getting rich!”





Your fame area must be well lit, because you want the images of your fame to be seen by your subconscious mind. I have two lamps here.



Green plants


Place green plants in this area. The plants must be real, because you want your fame to grow. Allow the plants to grow upwards.



Use very specific symbols


You need to pick a very specific symbol that impresses your subconscious mind when you look at the symbol. For example, you can keep large size photos of yourself in this sector.

Or you can keep an item here that says something about your everyday clothing and makes you feel a certain way when you look at the item.

I like boas and a boa makes me feel very intense emotions: I get very excited and I think: “Yes, that is me!”. So, I keep a black boa here beside the cemetery lamp.



Use red coloured items


Use red coloured items in this sector. Red is the colour of success. Initially, I used a bright red scarf to spice up this sector. Now I use red coloured demon sigils and red paper talismans in this sector as a décor.



Use golden coloured items


Use golden coloured items in this sector. Gold is wealth and golden items can be used for the purpose of impressing the subconscious mind.



Use a very specific image


Ask yourself: “How do I want to be seen by others in my future?” Write down the answers on paper and then select a very specific image for the fame sector.

Your answers can look like this:

I want to have a prosperous business

I want to be rich

I want to be happy with what I do for a living

Select a picture or several pictures of people who are already successful and place these images in the fame sector. These pictures will inspire you and keep you motivated.




The Feng Shui rituals


Since some of my clients practice Witchcraft, a Feng Shui ritual will be easy to execute. You should do this ritual in your fame sector.

There is no need to cast a Witch circle. If you want, you can summon Archangel Michael. Here is the description of Michael from the Heptameron:

“The spirits of Sunday help to obtain gold and riches; they cause the practitioner to obtain favours and good things in life.

They help to dissolve the hatred of enemies and also help to become successful in life.”



You need to write a spell and read your spell in the fame sector. Keep in mind that you should light the candle in your fame sector when you do your Feng Shui ritual.

For example, you can hold the candle between your palms and focus on your intention to become a successful business person. Then say something like this:

“Let my business be prosperous. Now I ignite the flames of my success!” Light the candle in your fame sector. Then read your spell 3 times.

If you had summoned Archangel Michael or some other spirit, you should thank the spirit and allow it to depart.




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