Necromancy for business: how will the spirits of dead people communicate with the businessman?







Spirits of dead people can even show that they are angry.


Necromancy for business is a special area of witchcraft for the businessman. I had written about four most useful spirits of dead people for people in business.

Today I want to write about my observations of my relationships with two of these spirits: the Medieval regent and the dead soldier. I hold regular rituals with these two spirits.

Is the dead soldier compatible with the dead Queen? Yes, the dead soldier tolerates the dead regent, because the spirit of the dead regent is in charge of my business.

How do these two spirits communicate with me? What should a businessman expect from such spirits of dead people? I will disclose my experiences.




Necromancy for business:

limit the dead soldier!


If you do regular rituals together with the dead soldier, I suggest that you limit this spirit. The dead soldier is very fond of me as a woman and I was powerless against this spirit.

Because the dead soldier is very fond of me, the spirit captured me. Do not allow the spirit of the dead soldier to run your business, because this spirit is not suitable for this task.

The dead soldier has another duty: to protect you and keep you safe in life. The spirit of the dead soldier also participates in various types of spells for myself and for my clients.

If you allow the dead soldier to run your business, you may end up in trouble. Why? Soldiers do not know how to manage a business, how to make it prosper and how to serve clients.




Necromancy for business:

pick a businessman!


The spirit of a dead businessman is the best spirit for your business. I came into contact with a Medieval regent and this spirit is very helpful. This female spirit is in charge of my business.

I also hold rituals with a dead businessman and this male spirit is very helpful too. Dead businessmen can teach you to be persistent in your efforts and to have patience.




Necromancy for business:

dreams, visions and thoughts


All people are unique. The spirits of dead people are also unique and they choose their own way for communicating with me. I will write about how the dead regent and the dead soldier communicate with me.

Because I have been together with the dead soldier for many years, the spirit is within my subconscious mind all the time. I hear the spirit speak its native language (in dreams of course), I see visions and I know when the spirit is angry.

The spirit has forced me to learn its native language. I can understand speech at the level B1 and B2 and I also understand text at the level B1 and B2.

When the spirit is angry, it shows me visions and symbols start to appear on the screen of my mind. Then I know that the dead man is unhappy with something I am doing.

The dead man also shows me visions when he wants to assure me that I will be safe. Several times, the spirit of the dead man gave me a thought with a specific suggestion. For example:

“Why don’t you cast a love spell on my helmet? I love you and I will protect you!”. I thought that this was my own thought. But this was the thought given to me by the dead man. The spirit loves me and protects me faithfully all the time.

This is the way a spirit will communicate with you. You will not know which thoughts are yours and which thoughts belong to the spirit.

The dead man also communicates via my dreams. The spirit of the dead man has triggered a nightmare followed with another dream to convey that I will be safe.

The dead regent never shows me visions, but she appears in my dreams and gives me unique thoughts. This spirit has even shut down my Facebook business page. Why?

The spirit gave me these thoughts: “You should shut down that page! You will be so ashamed of yourself!” I have shut down my Facebook business page, because I have no use of it.

During one occasion and after a ritual, the dead regent was near me. The spirit conveyed its message: “That, which you seek is in another place.”

And what about the demons? I see demons in my dreams. Sometimes demons appear in the shape of women and they give me advise with the purpose of keeping me safe.

For example, beautiful hotel staff appeared in my dream at one occasion and told me to stay away from certain types of people. The women told me:

“We see through your eyes and we saw those people. Stay away from them.” During another dream I and the demons were travelling. We took a train and I saw the stations.

The stations were decorated with posts from my website. I and the demons were correcting the posts and building new tunnels and new stations in our tunnel system. We were moving forward and progressing in our work.

You may discover your own way of communicating with your favourite spirits. Business stress can limit your receptivity to spirit messages. You should be aware of this too.

The demons communicate with me only when something important must happen. For example, the demons showed me a dream about the beginning of the war some months in advance.

In one case and after a love spell for a certain client, the demons appeared in my dream and told me: “Several love spells will be needed to mend that relationship. The client is in horrible emotional pain and we feel so sorry for her!”

There was a period in my life when I experienced intensive out of body flights. I was terrified, because the prophetic visions were also followed with sleep paralysis.

I have a post about sleep paralysis and how to stop seeing prophetic visions. You must stop these prophetic visions, because you will start loosing contact with time.

I call this condition for “waking sleep”. I stopped it. I don’t want to know the future, because I became scared of myself and my ability to see into the future.

Waking sleep is very dangerous, because you see the future to come and at the same time you are half asleep. At one occasion, I was terrified of a vision and I started to panic.

There was nobody nearby to wake me up from my slumber. I was even walking around while I was half asleep. I fell down on the floor and woke up.

When I woke up I found myself wrapped in a blanket and my leg was hurting.




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