Business today: why do so few men in business master witchcraft on a very good level?







Most business people are helpless when they are faced with business problems.


Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. I have noticed a rise of interest in witchcraft among businessmen. I have also noticed that very few businessmen master witchcraft on a very good level.

Why do so few businessmen master witchcraft on a really very good level? Today I am going to write about the most probable reasons. I will also write about the benefits of practicing witchcraft.




Business today:

times were good


Times were very good in terms of economic growth prior to 2020. Times were actually not so good, but still people in business could make good profits on a regular basis.

Now the situation has changed. Those men, who were my regular clients and came to me for love spells, come to me for pacts with Lucifer now.

These men were not interested in witchcraft as a personal practice. But life has forced them to learn the first basics of witchcraft and now they perform regular spells to boost their finances.

My male clients are spiritual people and they believe in god. During good times they saw no need to practice witchcraft. It was enough for them to visit the church once a month.

I think that men are lazy and they also doubt their ability to become successful magicians. But this type of witchcraft that I practice was actually practiced by men in the past centuries (by church priests).

Women practiced something that was called for folk magic. Folk magic is easier since there is no need to learn the structures of both trees (the tree of Sephiroth and the tree of Qliphoth).




Business today:

most businessmen

are highly educated


I have an academic background, but I am spiritual and I believe in god. I was a strange child. I practiced strange rituals, played with clay figurines (I made these clay dolls by hand) and danced in circles.

I performed these strange ceremonies at the age of six. But everybody laughed, because they were amused by my funny ceremonies. As I child I could not know that witches dance in circles.

A person who has studied maths, chemistry and physics at the university level knows that electrons, protons and other particles cannot be seen, but they exist.

People have a tendency to deny the existence of occult forces that are not limited by distance. I do spells for clients and during the spells I and the client are on different continents.

Highly educated people deny the existence of occult forces. They think that witchcraft is only about religion, while they are atheists.

One of my clients is highly educated and she told me: “Nobody at my work believes in angels and demons, and nobody practices witchcraft.”

I said: “Most probably they are atheists, or they are not aware of modern witchcraft and associate witchcraft with illusionary stage magic shows.”

They don’t believe that the practice of witchcraft can empower them as people. No wonder, that most people break down after a divorce and have a need to remarry really fast.

It is because they are broken from inside and lack inner strength. Most people cannot be without a love partner, because they are afraid of loneliness.

The practice of witchcraft can empower men and women very much and turn them into very brave people. But people don’t know about this.




Business today:

they don’t know about

modern witchcraft


Many people are spiritual, but they don’t even suspect that many modern people practice witchcraft. They don’t know that witchcraft is a religious practice.

They don’t know about the rise of witchcraft and about the growing numbers of people who start practicing witchcraft. They don’t know that men can also practice witchcraft.




Business today:

how can you

benefit from witchcraft?


The spirits we summon during witchcraft rituals empower us as people. There are different types of spirits. I will list some of them and explain how the spirit can help you:

Hagith: helps to get slim and upgrade the appearance

Belial: gives the correct business strategy and helps to climb the corporate ladder

Barzabel: makes people very brave and lovers of personal freedom (you won’t like to be confined by relationships and marriages)

Marax: helps you to structure university studies and pass exams

Andromalius: protects you from bad people

Agares: helps you to study foreign languages really fast (thanks to Agares, I understand German and Afrikaans)

Bune: helps you to  become prosperous

Marbas: heals minor illnesses in adults, kids and pets

Morail: this spirit can help you to hide stuff very fast (this spirit makes people “blind” and they don’t see that which you want to hide away)

Surgat: can open any kind of locked “door” (a door is a metaphor for a problematic business situation)

This list can go on forever. The practice of witchcraft will give a businessman tremendous power and possibilities to escape minor legal problems (you will be like a slippery snake).

Does this sound interesting?




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