A woman’s middle age crisis: what will your husband say if you refuse to look old?








This is the seal of Hagith from the Arbatel. Hagith is the best spirit for a woman.
This is the seal of Hagith from the Arbatel. Hagith is the best spirit for a woman.


A woman’s middle age crisis brings sadness and confusion. Usually, if the couple is approximately of the same age, the marriage may start to turn into something boring.

This post is for women and men. I will focus on helping a woman to cement her marriage. I will also help the man to accept the woman as she is: extravagant, young and very beautiful.

It is normal for a woman to manipulate her age and her appearance with the help of witchcraft. Beauty spells have tremendous power and they can help a woman to hold the man in her claws forever.

It is very sad that I have to cast love spells for married couples to prevent the marriage from collapsing. A divorce at a mature age is very traumatic both for men and women.

So let us begin! I will give a married woman inspiration to look fabulous for her man.




A woman’s middle age crisis:

are you over 50 now?


Are you over 50 now? It is the right time to begin doing regular witchcraft rituals together with the Olympic spirit Hagith. Hagith will gradually transform you into a younger woman.

Below you will find the description of Hagith:

Hagith is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Venus. He makes the practitioner of witchcraft very attractive. Hagith can convert copper into gold and gold into copper.

Hagith rules over 4000 legions of spirits and he also gives Familiar spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum



Hagith can help you to pick the right diet for you and you will get rid of extra fat on your body. Hagith will inspire you to use cosmetics and perfumes lavishly every day.

Hagith will inspire you to look fabulous every day even if you work from home. Wearing extravagant stockings, hair extensions, wigs, accessories and high heal shoes every day at home will become a habit.

This spirit knows no limits and it likes to shower a woman with glitter in cosmetics. After several years of witchcraft together with Hagith you will refuse to wear eyeshadow that does not contain lots of glitter.

Hagith likes extra long fake eyelashes and he will force them onto you. The only bad thing with these lashes is the glue that irritates the tender eyelid skin after a while, but your confidence needs sacrifices.

Your transformation will begin in a gradual way. I advise you to stick to your diet and eat healthy food. Here you can read about my diet if you want to keep yourself in good shape.




A woman’s middle age crisis:

what will your man say?


Well, some men don’t like when a woman wears lots of cosmetics and perfumes, wigs, hair extensions, high fashion stockings, beautiful clothes and high heal shoes. Some men even claim that they are allergic to perfumes.

You must set psychological boundaries with this kind of man, because he is very dominant and wants to control you.

If you look like an average woman, this man will feel in control (he will not have any rivals in love). Moreover, a woman will become transparent and the man will stop noticing her.

At the same time, this man will gradually pick a mistress for a love relationship outside of the marriage, because the woman looks average and is a true grey mouse.

Men want to feel in control of their love life, because they may become intimidated by the woman’s appearance and her style. But the woman’s extravagant appearance and style will boost her confidence.

The man should not have any power to decide how his woman wants to look: young and beautiful or like a grey mouse. I think that a man will get used to a woman if she wants to look good.

The saddest thing that can happen to an older woman is this: the man leaves her after 40 years of marriage. I have witnessed this happen and that woman was a true grey mouse.

Her husband had a mistress and the mistress was a genuine peacock when it came to her appearance. The man broke the heart of his wife and the couple divorced.

In the end, the man became filled with great sadness and guilt. He made attempts to come back to his wife, but the wife shut her heart for him. Their story is very tragic and both are over 70 now.

So, a mature woman needs to set psychological boundaries with her husband and allow herself to be beautiful despite the man’s funny jokes. A woman’s polished appearance can save a marriage.

So, if you are a mature woman, look fabulous for your man everyday. If you are a mature man, allow your woman to look fabulous for yourself everyday.




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