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Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Lucifer and Belial are the most powerful demons for increasing profits.


Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. Even today I will be writing about the topic of business profits and how to finally increase them.

People are doing different types of businesses, but almost all of my clients complain about the financial stagnation within their businesses.

This post is for those business people who are wondering: “How can I become prosperous again?” The answer to this question is simple: a businessman needs to master witchcraft.

Suppose, I made a pact with Lucifer, Belial and other demons on your behalf. If the pact did not help you to change your business (a pact helped a real estate broker to change his occupation), then you are still stuck in your former business.

I will write about how to secure your new work position within a new business. I will also write about how to increase your profits if you are stuck in your former business.




Business today:

if you are in a new business


Real estate did not sell. So the demons helped the client to become a co-partner in another business. There are possibilities for making good money in the new business.

The client asked me: “How can I become a rich guy again?” I explained to the man that he must learn how to cast money spells. The problem is that men are lazy and don’t want to learn witchcraft.

The client wrote: “I worship our Lord Lucifer faithfully since long ago, but I am not skilled in witchcraft and I doubt that I will ever be able to cast a money spell on my own.”

Regular money spells help to attract customers with money into the business. I was faced with a full blown financial stagnation during 2021.

This was the worst time of my life. I stopped sleeping, I stopped curling my hair and I stopped grooming myself on a daily basis.

Now I have battled down the full blown financial stagnation within my business and I am a happy woman. I sleep well, I curl my hair and I groom myself very well every day.

The demons helped me to battle down the full blown financial stagnation, because I made frequent pacts and I did regular money spells. I did not give up.

So, if you are in a new business, you need to grow it and you need to work all the time. You need to stay optimistic, learn witchcraft and cast regular money spells for yourself.

Another businessman reported that Lucifer and Belial helped him to meet his new business partner. These two men are now working very hard on their new business.

This businessman came to me for a pact with Lucifer and Belial. I advise all businessmen to trust in the demons and to learn witchcraft for the purpose of casting money spells.

You need to do spells with the seventh pentacle of Jupiter when money is slow to come. This pentacle protects a person against poverty.

How can you secure your work position in a new business? You need to write a new petition to the demons. The petition is a short letter to the demons.

You should explain your business situation and ask the demons to secure your work position, to increase your profits and bring you more opportunities for growth and protect your income.

Here is a link to the emergency ritual with demon Bune. You will learn to cast a very simple Witch circle and execute a very simple money spell.

Here is the link to Money spells for companies. Here is a second money spell for your company.

In short, the only way towards a better income is this: you need to learn witchcraft and cast regular money spells.





Business today:

if you are in the old business


If the demons did not transfer to you to a new business, this means that they are moving you towards rich customers. The demons will continue to move you closer and closer to rich customers.

This process can take a year or a bit longer and you will notice that you are entering a phase of smooth financial stagnation. This is what will happen when you are in this phase:

you will have a mixture of old and new clients (the ratio is 1 old type client: 5 new type clients)

you will have an irregular supply of money

you will understand when rich clients are busy or on vacations (your income will be flat)

your worry for money will decrease a lot

you will become more and more optimistic

The only way towards a better and stable income is this: you need to learn witchcraft and you need to cast regular money spells for your company.

When you feel more and more optimistic, you can use money affirmations on a daily basis. Do not use money affirmations when profits suck, because money affirmations will provoke a sad feeling in you and they will backfire on you.

You need to write a new petition to the demons each time you cast a money spell. Money spells help to create massive barriers against the high inflation and the rising bank rates.

The high inflation makes everything so expensive for people and business owners have very few customers. So money spells help to bring in customers with money to a business.




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