Business today: can atheists practice witchcraft for the purpose of rescuing their businesses?








This symbol means: “I don’t believe in any god and I am an atheist.”


Business today is a group of publications for the businessman. Now we have entered a very long period of a global recession. Todays post is for those of you who are atheists.

Can an atheist engage in the practice of witchcraft with Lucifer and the demons of Goetia and Grimorium Verum? Yes, of course. But most atheists never ever read the Goetia and the Grimorium Verum.

If you are in business and want your business to survive, you can and should do witchcraft rituals together with Lucifer and his demons.

I had a certain client from a certain country who assumed that Lucifer and his demons make people very rich overnight. This is a childish approach to witchcraft with demons.

Pacts with demons move a businessman from position A in life to position B in life. Demons take charge of the subconscious mind and start redirecting the business from the condition of bankruptcy towards a better condition.

This journey can take a year or a little bit longer. As an atheist, if you want your business to survive, you will have to discard your disbelief in the existence of the Devil.

The Devil exists!




Business today:

Grimoires for businessmen


My clients are businessmen. I have three Grimoires for businessmen:

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Goetia for the businessman

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Grimorium Verum for the businessman

Infernal Grimoires for the atheist: The Goetia for the businessman on the guillotine of bankruptcy

I have picked the most useful demons for people in business. Everyone is capable of executing money spells with the help of Lucifer and his demons.

Even atheists can practice witchcraft together with the Devil if they have a need to repair their failing businesses.

A businessman, who does not master witchcraft, will perish during the recession.




Business today:

how to relate to the Devil?


You can relate to the Devil in a simple way by being brave. For example, my Christian clients fear the Devil. They have been completely brainwashed by the church into fearing demons.

Atheists don’t have those problems connected to fear, but they may experience unease during some rituals with the Devil. Especially, when and after a spell lands results.

If you experience unease during some of your rituals together with Lucifer and his demons, this only means that the Devil is influencing your subconscious mind.

Release your fears, because there is nothing to fear. Humans always want to feel safe. Your fears during some of your rituals will alert you that you are stepping into an unknown realm.

Business people can try out witchcraft rituals with the Devil to see if their rituals can help them boost their profits. It does not hurt to try.

Do atheists engage in the practice of witchcraft with the Devil? I guess, some do. They regard the Devil as the Devil.




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