A married man’s nightmare: is your wife unhappy and rude to you?








Romantic love within a marriage can fade away fast.


A married man’s nightmare can begin at any time. Romantic love within a marriage can suddenly begin to fade away. Women also experience this nightmare within a marriage.

Usually, when we have problems within our long term love relationships, there is a reason for these problems. The roots of our romantic problems can be traced to our childhoods.

If a person had a very traumatic childhood, the adult romantic life will be traumatic too. Modern people are not mature enough to handle each other, because they lack empathy.

Moreover, today it is very easy to get divorced. If you are a man and you are experiencing problems in your marriage, you should not accept a divorce without fighting for your love life.

Usually, men who are soft and kind to their wives’, become victims of love. In this post, I want to write about some good methods to avoid a divorce.




A married man’s nightmare:

is your wife dominant?


I had such men as clients. These men were kind and soft. They complained that their women were dominant. A man needs to play a smart chess game with such a woman.

This type of woman has a tendency to get bored in the marriage very fast. When she becomes bored, she seeks a new man. The new man must be soft and kind too.

You need to keep an eye on this type of woman and detect bad signals at once. The bad signals are these:

the woman will dye her hair all the time

the woman will fix her lips (so the lips become larger)

the woman will not have any desire to have sex

the woman will become rude

the woman will attend parties (you will not be invited to the party)

the woman will meet a new man at the party

the woman will initiate a relationship with a new man

the woman will lie to you all the time

It is time to act when the woman becomes rude to you for the very first time. You need to spy on her and her surroundings. There are several people who could spoil your marriage:

the woman’s mother (it is rare that a woman’s mother likes the woman’s husband)

your own child (your child is trying to be loved by your angry wife)

the woman’s siblings (a sister can become envious because of money)

the woman’s closest friends

One male client told me that his woman’s sister wanted him for herself. The woman’s sister cast regular love spells on the client. When the client resisted the love spells, that woman became very upset.

You can imagine what an angry woman is capable of. That man’s business was soon in ruins. The problematic issue with this witchcraft stuff is that you cannot prove it with any scientific methods.

It is possible that the wife’s mother is pitching the wife against the husband. Mothers are not wise at all. They have no mercy for their own grandchildren.

So, you need to know who is pitching your wife against you. As soon as you detect this person, you must try to get rid of this person.

If you cannot get rid of this person, because it is a close relative, you need to do witchcraft spells on your wife to tame her into correct behaviour (this is a very heavy curse).

I have cursed people I loved very much multiple times to make them behave in correct ways towards me, because there was a certain person in our surroundings who poisoned my life.

You also need to create honey pots for yourself and your wife to make your wife more loving towards you. After all these heavy curses and honey pots your relationship is expected to improve.

But you must always be alert in case you love a dominant woman, because this woman is admired by soft men and they need her to become their mother.




A married man’s nightmare:

the honey pot



Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal
Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


The 19th spirit is Sallos. He is a Duke and appears in the form of a Soldier. Sallos rides upon a crocodile and he wears a crown upon his head. He comes in a peaceful way.

Sallos causes love between a woman and a man. This spirit rules over 30 legions of lesser spirits.

Source: Goetia



The honey pot sweetens up the relationship between two people. If you want to sweeten up your love relationship, you can create a honey pot for yourself and your woman.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon night.

You will need:

a new pot of honey

2 candles (one candle represents you and the second candle represents your woman)

2 paper dolls (one paper doll represents you and the second paper doll represents your woman)

the seal of Sallos

the seal of Lucifer

gifts for Sallos and Lucifer

a short letter to Sallos (maximum 10 sentences long)

powdered cinnamon

Ground cinnamon is the spice of love. You can lubricate the candles with sunflower oil and roll in cinnamon. Cinnamon can be added to honey too.

You need to form a ritual circle. Summon Lucifer and Sallos, and give them their gifts. Next, you need to read your letter to both demons.

You need to explain to the demons that your love relationship is in trouble. Request help from Lucifer and Sallos. You also need to light both candles and baptise both paper dolls.

Place the paper dolls into the honey pot and read your witch spell over the honey pot 3 times. Your partner will become very nice towards you if you curse your partner very heavily a couple of times and do this honey pot spell once.




A married man’s nightmare:

that terrible curse


I cannot be held responsible if you curse your partner and your partner suffers something very bad after the curse. But I have been provoked and forced to curse a loved one.

Love can hurt us so badly. I am certain you understand what jealousy means. Jealousy is equal to hate in its late stages. Everyone in the surroundings will feel the effects of the curse.

If there is a person who is pitching your woman against you, this person will be afraid of you on a subconscious level and feel your hate. But the good thing is this:

there is no scientific method to prove that you have cursed your loved one.

Additionally, be smart, and throw away all evidence of your witchcraft at once. That person, who has been pitching your woman against you, will suffer the effects of the curse.

The suffering is seen in the disruption of normal behaviour. The person will sleep less and less, and change clothes 4 times per day and wash the clothes all the time. The electricity bills will be huge.

This curse is executed with the help of demon Murmur, dead war criminals, Belial, Andromalius and a dead lawyer.

Dead war criminals are very good spirits, because they think inside the mind of the target and brainwash the target of the curse into a certain mode of thinking.

In the end, it is expected that your loved one will love you very much, while the one who has been pitching your loved one against you, will continue to have huge electricity bills.

But you must spy on the one you love all the time. If you detect the very first signs of rudeness, you must do more spells to control the situation.




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