Business today: how good does an average businessman master Witchcraft?








Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal. Murmur can teach you to change the thoughts of dead people.


Business today is a series of publications for people in business. Businessmen who do not master witchcraft are really helpless during the financial crisis and I feel sorry for them.

How good does an average businessman master Witchcraft? I have mainly male clients and all of them are business people. These men turn to me, because they feel helpless during the financial crisis.

I and the male client begin with a consultation, because I charge a fee for my time. During this time together with the client I get to know about the financial problems within the business.

I also start to understand that this man is totally new to witchcraft and he is helpless. I had only a few male clients who were Christians and they were experienced in witchcraft, but they only did witchcraft rituals with angels.

These males who were involved in the practice of witchcraft confessed to me:

“I never ever summoned Lucifer and I am totally new to necromancy. If I have to go through a complex legal issue in the future, I will be helpless.

I don’t know how to summon a dead lawyer and dead soldiers to protect myself from injustice. I don’t know how to change the thoughts of the dead lawyer and send him on his mission to protect me.”

Why are males so helpless in business? I will try to give you some good explanations.




Business today:

most people are atheists


Most business people are atheists. This is what I suspect. Some of these people don’t even know that many modern people practice witchcraft.

It is impossible to convince an atheist that the spirits of Goetia and Grimorium Verum are real. I don’t think atheists even know about the existence of these books.

My client had a problem with a certain company. The client paid me to fix this dispute and save his business equipment.

My spell with the demons of Goetia and a dead lawyer changed his business situation to the better. The dispute was successfully solved.

The man’s wife was an atheist. She told the man: “All business problems get resolved automatically as soon as we ignore the problem.”

Now this couple is divorced, because they are very different people. This is sad.




Business today:

my clients are helpless


Most of my male clients are believers in angels and demons, but they do not master witchcraft on a very good level. One of them told me:

” I am very thankful to you for helping me. I do not do regular rituals together with demons. I don’t know how to make pacts with Lucifer and his demons.

I only pray to Lucifer every morning and every evening. This is my way of asking Lucifer to help me overcome the hardships in connection to my business.”



I don’t have many female clients who run a business. But men in business are helpless during the financial crisis, because they lack practice in the realm of witchcraft.

Men are more inclined to hire a Witch for love spells and pacts with demons. They do not believe that they have innate supernatural powers of the Witch.

But the truth is that everybody can become good at casting spells. Learning witchcraft takes a very long time and a man can begin to experiment by casting simple spells.

I have many self-help posts for businessmen. These posts can guide a businessman in his practice of Witchcraft, because my posts have a goal of saving businesses from bankruptcy.




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