Business today: how difficult will it be for a businessman to master witchcraft?








The mastery of witchcraft is a very long path.


Business today is a series of articles for the businessman. These publications are about business today and about the practice of witchcraft. I am a woman in business and I practice witchcraft.

Many business people are facing hardships in connection to their business. The goal of all my publications is to help businesses survive.

My clients are mostly men in business. They are my regular clients by now. First these men came to me for love spells and other types of spells.

When their businesses were in trouble, these men requested pacts with Lucifer and his demons from me. Soon after the pact was made on their behalf, these men started to practice witchcraft.

Men in business become pulled into the practice of witchcraft because of money spells, that have a potential to bring profits to their companies.

I have many self-help posts for people in business. Is it easy or difficult to begin practicing witchcraft for the sake of saving the business from bankruptcy?

I will try to answer this question in this post.





Business today:

witchcraft is an extensive practice


There is a lot to learn. Almost all witchcraft is based on the Kabbalah. If a businessman starts the practice of witchcraft with the High magick of the Golden Dawn, he will quit fast.

If you are a person in business and have a clear goal of saving your business from bankruptcy by executing money spells for your company, you should not begin with the book called “The Golden Dawn”.

That book is very complex and it will scare you away very fast. Later, when you are genuinely interested in witchcraft, you can study the planetary talismans. These talismans are described in detail in the Golden Dawn book.

The rituals of the Golden Dawn are very complex too. Konstantinos has written a more or less easy book “Summoning spirits”. He has presented the rituals in a very good way.

If you want to cast money spells for your company, I think that even the book “Summoning spirits” by Konstantinos will scare you away. Its because of the complexity of the rituals.

I understand the needs of business people and know that they have no time to study witchcraft for the only purpose of casting money spells.

For this reason, I have omitted all the complex rituals in my self-help posts for businessmen. My simplified rituals for businessmen are really simple and they will help the businessman to cast money spells.

There is a lot to learn within witchcraft, because the possibilities are endless. You can even allow a dead person to live again by using your physical body. But this type of magick is very dangerous, because of the following:

your personality will change in a dramatic way

you will never again be yourself

you will never get rid of the dead person

But my simplified rituals will allow the businessman to cast money spells. I also have 2 posts for the businessman:

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Goetia for the businessman

The post about the Goetia for the businessman has been updated and filled with a short list of books for beginners in the realm of witchcraft.

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Grimorium Verum for the businessman




Business today:

what if you are an atheist?



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. This image is beautiful.


I think that money spells will work for atheists too. The demons are ancient gods. If you are an atheist, but you want to cast money spells to save your business from bankruptcy, then go ahead and cast money spells.

You can trick your mind into thinking that a demon is a PC program, a djinn from a virtual game or just a beautiful image. The sigils of demons are really beautiful.

Above you can see the sigil of demon Bune. Demon Bune is the best spirit for attracting profits to a company. Even atheists can practice witchcraft.





Business today:

learn to form the circle boundary


You need a protected space for your money spells and you can create this space by forming an imaginary boundary around you.

There are many dimensions: the physical plane, the astral plane, the mental plane and the highest planes.

All these parallel worlds are interconnected with each other. By forming a protective imaginary boundary around you on the physical plane, you are creating boundaries in other dimensions too.

The boundary will protect you from other life forms that inhabit parallel worlds. You can choose which demons you want to invite to your ritual.

The boundary will allow the demon of your choice to come to you, but it will not allow in unwanted guests. Who are the unwanted guests? They are very curious and restless spirits of dead people for example.

Do all your witchcraft inside the ritual circle! Here is how you can form your witch circle in a very simple way.



Arrange a small table in a room and place some food and drinks on the table. The food and drinks are for Lucifer and the demons of your choice.

Arrange also 1 candle on the table. This candle will symbolise the financial stagnation in your business. You can coat the candle with sunflower oil and cover it with cinnamon.

Cinnamon is widely used in Witchcraft for the purpose of attracting profits to a business.

Walk clockwise 3 times around the table and form an imaginary globe around yourself. Imagine that you are protected by a glass globe and no external force can reach you.





Business today:

read the petition to the demons


Look at the sigils of Lucifer and the demons of your choice for 2 or 3 minutes. Here is a good list of money demons:

Bune: brings in the money and he acts like a magnet for money

Belial: gives the correct business strategy and supports a business

Lucifer: the ruler of Hell, a general money god and helps to propel the business forward

Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifer’s minister of wealth

Mephistophilis: gives good luck with regard to money (this demon is mentioned in the Black Raven)

Purson: helps to spot clients and helps to open new sources of income

Clauneck: brings in the money

Summon the demons and invite them to eat and drink. Light the candle with the aim of melting away the financial stagnation within the business.

You can read your petition to Lucifer and the demons. Here is an example of a petition. It is advisable to describe the business problems in detail when you write your petition.

“Dear demons,

I am a businessman. I can hardly make any profits. Please help me to change my business strategy to B2B. I need rich clients who can afford my products and services or anyone who has money to purchase from me.

I want to become a main seller of a large calibre and sell to smaller shops (or I want to expand my company and turn it into an international enterprise).

I ask you to repair my business and give me as much money as possible. Please move me into the circle of rich clients and help me to establish useful business connections.

Help me to have a very profitable business by moving me closer and closer to rich customers. I also ask you to protect my profits. Thank you!”




You should read your letter to the demons and ask them to guide your business towards more profits. I also suggest to burn the petition in a metal pan and then collect the cool ashes.

After you finish the ritual, the ashes can be buried under a tree in the woods. The food can be eaten up by you after a couple of hours.

You can also drink those drinks you had arranged for Lucifer and the demons. Demons are not poisonous.





Business today:

do a money spell


Place a gold coin (or a silver coin, or a large value banknote) on the bottom of a small cup. Place a magnet on the surface of the gold coin.

Summon Lucifer and the demons of your choice. Attach 20 or 30 needles to the magnet. As you attach a needle, say: “Profits increase, debts decrease!”

Powder this arrangement of the coin, magnet and needles with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. You can use the same petition in your next money spells. Leave the cup on your work desk.




Business today: end the ritual


Prior to ending your ritual, it is polite to thank Lucifer and the demons, and allow them to depart. Walk counter clockwise only one time and imagine that the glass globe has vanished.

So, I have described a simple ceremony with Lucifer and his demons for business people.





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