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This is the seal of Purson from Goetia. Magick of Goetia
This is the seal of Purson from Goetia. Demon Purson opens up new sources of income.


Business today is a series of publications for the businessman. I sincerely hope that I can help companies to restore their profits and stop the downward spiral of financial loss.

Todays subject is financial sorcery for companies. I will write about the importance of good profits for your business and about the importance of scheduling your financial sorcery for your company.

I will explain the term “financial loss” and how it looks on the astral plane and also on the physical plane. I will also explain why it is so important to do regular money spells for your company.

I will explain which money spells you can do and when you can do them. By doing regular money spells you are building an astral barrier and stopping the financial loss on the astral plane.

Once the financial loss is stopped on the astral plane, the financial loss will stop on the physical plane too. Your profits will start to improve in a gradual way.




Business today:

financial loss on two planes


All creation takes place on the astral plane first. We create our finances with the power of our thoughts on the astral plane. After a while manifestation takes place on the material plane.

When your company is in a downward spiral of financial loss, the loss was first created on the astral plane before it manifested itself on the material plane.

The financial loss in your company is also caused by the high inflation and by the rising bank rates. It is advisable to do B2B affairs or to change your business strategy.

You need to build massive barriers on the astral plane to stop the downward spiral of financial loss. Do regular financial sorcery. You also need to stop your thoughts of panic in due time and before you lose everything.

Actively distract yourself very often from the frightening financial situation by meditating, reading books and watching movies. As soon as you are in a good mood again and day after day, your finances will improve.

Besides doing regular money spells, I also advise to create honey pots on a regular basis. Create a paper doll of yourself and place it into the honey pot.

Honey pots help to heal our emotions of fear. You will turn the bad financial situation into a better financial situation by:

creating honey pots

doing regular financial sorcery

working on the expansion of your business




Business today:

the best demons

for financial sorcery


Financial sorcery needs to be taken very seriously. It must be done every month in order to maintain a smooth inflow of money into the business.

I have a post about financial sorcery for companies. The best demons for money spells are:

Bune: brings in the money and he acts like a magnet for money

Belial: gives the correct business strategy and supports a business

Lucifer: the ruler of Hell, a general money god and helps to propel the business forward

Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifer’s minister of wealth

Mephistophilis: gives good luck with regard to money (this demon is mentioned in the Black Raven)

Purson: helps to spot clients and helps to open new sources of income

Clauneck: brings in the money




Business today:

the best time

for financial sorcery



This is the seal of demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.
This is the seal of demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven. This demon gives luck in life.


The night of the full moon is the absolute best time for money spells. There is also a very good period for money spells and it starts 5 days before the full moon and ends during the full moon.

I advise to cast three money spells each month. These money spells have a clear purpose: to bring in profits to your company. Here are two spells for this period and for bringing in profits to your company:

Place a gold coin (or a silver coin, or a large value banknote) on the bottom of a small cup. Place a magnet on the surface of the gold coin.

Summon Lucifer and Bune. Read your petition to the demons and ask them to bring you profits. Attach 20 or 30 needles to the magnet.

As you attach a needle, say: “Profits increase, debts decrease!” Powder this arrangement of the coin, magnet and needles with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fold your petition and stuff it under the small cup. You can use the same petition in your next money spells. Leave the cup on your work desk.

The money will show up. This spell can be done during 3 days and you should use a new cup, a new coin, a new magnet and new needles each time you do this spell.



Use honey in your money spells, because honey is sticky and attracts profits. You need to draw a building. The building will represent your company.

You can use your blood and your hair as a personal signature. Smear a drop of your blood on the drawing. Apply honey to the paper drawing and attach one straw of your hair.

Powder the sweet building with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. You need to write a rhyming spell that describes the financial profits you want.

Read the rhyming spell 3 times over the paper drawing and ask demon Bune to bring profits to your company. Pack this sweet building into wrapping paper.

This spell will be active during approximately 1 year and you should store the “sweet building” during 1 year in your home. Arrange a large paper bag for storage of your money spells.



There is a good period for getting rid of various money related problems. This period starts after the full moon night and lasts five days. During this period it is suitable to do three spells of the following type:

spells to slow down the financial loss (use bleach to reverse problems)

spells to get rid of your worry (use bleach to reverse problems)

spells to save money and pay back debts (use bleach to reverse problems)

In short, you need to do six rituals every month. Three of these rituals have a goal: to attract money to your business. The other three rituals have a goal: to help you save money.




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