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Ghosts of restless humans can help us fight the ghosts of fears.


Business today is a group of articles about business and witchcraft. In my previous post I had discussed Napoleon Hill’s self-confidence formula and provided Occult remedies to enhance the formula.

Napoleon Hill is one of my favourite authors and I like to read and reread his book “Think and grow rich”.

I have been through a very turbulent business period and I have successfully battled down the financial stagnation in my business.

I have gained a lot of experience. Today I am going to write about the first ghost of fear that is described in the book “Think and grow rich.”

The first ghost of fear is the fear of poverty. I know this fear very well and I have sent it to hell. I am going to write about:

the symptoms of this fear

provide businessmen with Occult remedies to fight this fear

explain a little bit about how I felt when my business was in a downward spiral of financial loss

explain a little bit about the soul transfer I did and how it changed my personality




Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 1


The first symptom is indifference and it is expressed in the form of no action at all and a willingness to surrender to poverty.

Gradually, I reached this stage, but I felt different. I was very active businesswise, because the demons and a dead soldier were literally forcing me to expand my business day and night to have a global coverage.

I was very tired and became indifferent with regard to the final outcome. I used to think: “If I have a global coverage and still cannot make enough money for a living, this only means that everybody on our planet is broke.”



Include a dead soldier into your financial pact with Lucifer and Belial. Give a precise task to the dead soldier: “Make me work day and night. If I stop expanding my business, you can finish me”.

This type of pact is very dangerous, because the dead soldier is a very dangerous spirit and it can finish you if you become indifferent and stop expanding your business.

As I had mentioned before, I lost all my customers from USA to the high inflation. I was very tired and I slept only two hours each night. The demons were moving me away from USA by helping me to expand my websites.

As a result, my business could survive thanks to rich Russian men from Germany and Russia. I also began to have rich German customers. But still, I could not make enough profits and I was worried.

Several businessmen from Eastern Europe, Sweden, UK and Western Europe turned to me for help. Their businesses were in ruins.

I started to help businessmen, made financial pacts with demons on their behalf and posted a lot of self-help material for businessmen.

I started to coach businessmen and they were executing witchcraft rituals on their own for the first time in their lives. There was no time for sleep.

You cannot allow yourself to become passive. Do not give up! Keep moving forward and work on your business day and night. Switch to the B2B strategy.




Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 2


Indecision is the second symptom. You must be very decisive, because you are fighting a battle for your financial survival. No one else can think instead of you.

But the truth is that the dead can think instead of you in your own brain. I included the dead soldier into my pact with demons and this spirit was thinking inside my head and helped me to structure my website menus and all the work of translation.

I also included a dead medieval regent into my pact with demons. This spirit is my patroness since long ago. Something went wrong when I entered the financial pact with this spirit.

I was very tired and scared due to low profits. I expressed my desire to end my life and gave away my physical body to the female spirit. The pact took an unexpectable route.

I started to rapidly change internally and the female spirit was torturing me from inside. I was very scared. The spirit was thinking inside my brain and used my body to enjoy life among the living.

My surroundings started to change rapidly and I became surrounded by businessmen. All this happened rapidly and during a few months, and it was very scary to observe.

I do not include the spirits of dead people into pacts for clients, because the dead will start to change the subconscious mind of the client. The changes are irreversible.




Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 3


The fear of poverty has the third symptom: doubt. People say: “I will never make it through. I will never overcome all these hardships.” Then they feel anger or envy.

This is a mistake. You will make it through and you will overcome the hardships on your path. But you must calm down and stop fearing poverty.

I was very worried and I stopped sleeping. I could not sleep at all. Then an idea came to my mind. I entered a pact with the dead regent, Lucifer, Belial and other demons.

The dead regent was given a task to fight my worry and to restore my ability to sleep. The pact was a success, because of several things.

I saw an incredibly beautiful vision when I entered the astral plane. I and the dead regent were hugging each other and the Queen was comforting me as if I was a small child.

I even heard the Queen say a phrase to me: “I am a very good mother and I know how to comfort small children who are frightened!”

I calmed down after a couple of months and the money started to show up. My income started to improve in a gradual way. I could sleep during four or five hours each night.

So, you need to do such spells that will calm you down. Exposure to extreme stress is very dangerous, because stress can trigger genetic illnesses such as cancer or diabetes.




Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 4


Worry is the fourth symptom. This is a vicious cycle that can lead to ruin. Do not overspend your money! Be very stingy and use your money only for the following:

to cover your living costs

to repay the debts

to purchase food

Depression can cause us to overspend our money in an attempt to compensate for the lack of love in our life. Worry and a feeling of inferiority due to the financial hardships can also trigger overspending.

Do not give in to this bad habit, because you will end up broke. Then you will start to blame yourself and this will result in self-hate.

There is no Occult remedy for curbing overspending. Overspending is an addiction and must be cured with the help of specialists in the area of addictions.




Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 5


Over-caution is the 5th symptom. Don’t be afraid to fail. Even if you fail in the end, you will have accumulated a lot of experience by being in business.

Don’t wait for the right time to jump into business. Jump into business right away and put in 500% effort into your work. Continue to expand your business day and night.

You can do courage spells if you are very afraid of failure. The sign of the fear of failure is pain in your stomach. The right spirits for you are:







Business today

& the 1st ghost of fear:

symptom 6


The last symptom of the fear of poverty is procrastination: its when we postpone important work tasks. Time is money! Do not allow yourself to procrastinate.

The more and faster you work on your business, the faster you will see improvements in your income. The improvements in the income are gradual.

There is a sure sign indicating that money is on its way to you: your decreased worry for money. Do spells to stay optimistic and to sweeten up your mood.

The right spirits are:




Today I am always happy and I have successfully battled down the financial stagnation in my business. But my business has changed a lot and now I serve businessmen.




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