Tarot for businessmen: when to use and when not to use the Tarot?








This is the seal of demon Sagatana from Grimoirium Verum.
Demon Sagatana is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. I summon Sagatana during Tarot readings.


Tarot for businessmen is not a toy to play with. I have a client from the business world and that man told me that somebody did a Tarot reading for him and informed him that he should do magick with Belial.

Is it safe to do Tarot readings for people in business? The cards will show the coming events during the time period of 1 year or 5 years. There may be certain combinations of cards.

A very bad combination of cards is: the Tower, Death and The Judgement. This combination means physical death. Which spirits are best to do magick with in this case?

Tarot cards are not a toy. The cards usually reflect our thought patterns in a very precise way, because we create our lives with the power of our thoughts.

In this post I want to write about when it is suitable to consult the Tarot cards and when it is best to leave them on the table.





Tarot for businessmen:

formulate exact questions


I like to ask the cards very clear questions. Demon Sagatana is summoned and this demon helps to understand the messages from the cards.

I consult the cards only when there is some difficulty in my life. I also do Tarot readings for clients who want to know if their lover will come back to them again.

In order to see if the man will come back to the woman, I do one spread for the woman and the second for the man. I compare the events in both spreads and can see that these two people will go separate ways.

People ask me to do Tarot readings mostly for matters of love, but some guys asked me to read the cards for obtaining information about the property and if it will increase in value.

Love causes people so much emotional suffering and in most cases people pick up the wrong love partner for themselves. Yes, they pick up someone from the street or at the gym.

A Tarot reading can be done if a businessman is distressed because of some family issue. The answers from the Tarot cards can bring more clarity and a knowledge about what to do next.

Possible next steps could be:

a separation ritual to separate his beloved from a rival in love

a love spell to bring back love

a spell to forget a lover

a spell to find new love





Tarot for businessmen:

when life is good


I do not do frequent Tarot readings for myself, because I want to be in control of my life. There is no reason to consult the Tarot if you are very happy with your life and everything is good. When you are happy:

your inner guidance is telling you that you are choosing the right thoughts for you

your inner guidance is telling you that your future will be good

your inner guidance is telling you that you will be prosperous in the future

What is inner guidance? It is the You on the astral plane. This You is a spirit and it will never ever cease to exist. Your inner You is more advanced than the Tarot oracle.

In short, there is no need to consult the cards when life is good. But what if you want to know about the best demons for you? In this case you should examine your character.

Generally, the best demons for people in business are:









dead soldiers and dead generals

dead businessmen


Lucifuge Rofocale



Do you want to become very brave? If yes, Barzabel is right demon for you. Belial is a very good demon for a businessman. You can hold rituals with the above mentioned demons to solve different business related issues.

I have picked out the most useful spirits for business people.  Here are two posts for businessmen:

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Goetia for the businessman

Witchcraft for businessmen: The Grimorium Verum for the businessman





Tarot for businessmen:

when life is difficult


The cards can bring clarity when we have problems. The cards are almost like a therapeutic tool that helps us to look inside our soul. Usually the cards show us a picture that matches our dominant feelings.

Consult the cards when you have a difficulty in life. The cards can give us some answers and we can make up our mind more easily when we know the answers.

What type of difficulties do people have in their lives? People have a lot of problems:

they divorce, because they no longer love each other

they feel lost and experience a lot of emotional pain

they don’t have the power to forget their lover very fast

their family relationships don’t work

their children are ill

their pets died and they cannot stop grieving

they suspect that someone cursed them

There might be a need to consult the cards when life is very difficult. All difficulty is caused by our own thought patterns. We can control our experiences by choosing better feelings thoughts.





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