Business today: is it worth having patrons among the dead for your business?








The spirits of dead people are very powerful and more intelligent than the living.


Business today is a series of articles for people in business and these articles are about business and witchcraft. Todays topic is necromancy for business.

Is it worth having patrons among the dead for your business? My answer is: “Yes, absolutely, yes!” In this post I want to explain the benefits of having a relationship with a patron for your business.

I would also like to explain more about the life of dead people and how to find the right patron for your business. I have a small business (during the financial crisis), but I have a patroness for my business.

Why shouldn’t you have a patron for your business if you have a big company? The dead are very powerful and the right sort of dead people can be in charge of your business and protect it.





Business today:

there is life after death


Due to my extensive experience in the area of necromancy, I have convinced myself that there is life after death. The spirits of dead people are capable of seeing and hearing us during rituals.

Spirits of dead people are far more intelligent than we are. For this reason, a businessman can ask the dead to help him or her find solutions to complex business problems.

Moreover, the spirits of dead people can be in charge of the business, guide the enterprise towards survival during tough economic times and also protect the business from further financial loss.

I have been in contact with several deceased businessmen. They were at peace in the afterlife and they had helped my business.

One of these men was a former oil magnate. I was a little bit afraid to approach this man, because I thought he would never help a woman with advise. I was very wrong.

During that time, I had a huge problem and I did not know what to do. After my ritual, the ghost of the former oil magnate started to appear in my dreams.

The dead man was restless and very eager to help me. The spirit told me: “Never ever accept any financial help from a man! A woman must always have money and I will guide your business!”

I also have a main patroness and she is in charge of me, my life and my business. I have been with this female spirit for a very long time and she is a mother spirit.





Business today:

how to find a patron

for your business?


Demon Bune and demon Murmur from Goetia are the spirits of necromancy. These two demons will help you to find the right spirits of dead people for your business.

I believe that spirits seek us out, because they are restless, want to live again and run a business. Not all spirits of dead people want to live again. This depends upon the type of life they lived.

The most powerful patrons are restless ones and with an unfinished business. You need to ask Bune and Murmur to help you get in touch with the right spirits of dead people.

Have a specific request to the dead. You will receive help. When you have been together with the dead person for a couple of years, you can ask the dead to run your business.

The spirit of the dead person will be expected to be in charge of your finances with a clear purpose: to maximize profits, minimize loss and protect the business.

You can also turn to your ancestors if they knew how to manage a business. But dead businessmen are the best spirits for a business.





Business today:

the symbiosis is a bond of love


Relationships with the spirits of dead people are bonds of love and they will last until death. It is fully possible that the deceased person will start to regard the businessman as the child.

The relationship with a dead person will turn into a parent – child bond when you have been involving the dead person into every ritual for your business.

The dead person will teach you a lot and guide your thoughts on a daily basis. Finally, the dead person will live through you by using your body.

At this stage, you have found the right patron for your business. The spirit will always keep you safe in life and protect you as if you were the biological child.





Business today:

the life of the dead


The dead are in the astral dimension and it is a parallel world that intersects with the world of materia. The dead can see, hear and even detect changes to physical objects.

Due to this unique ability of dead people, they can guard a physical object (a drawing of a property or a doll), a person, or a property.

The dead can detect curses too, because they see changes to objects in the astral dimension. The dead have a unique ability to find the sender of a curse.

So, the dead enjoy being active, because they can continue their life. Their life will have a meaning and a strong purpose too: to protect a business.





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