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Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Bune is the best money demon for your company.


Business today is troublesome. In this post I want to share some good methods to attract money to a business. These methods are good and they can be applied to small businesses and also to large companies.

Is it possible to cast money spells for banks? Yes, of course it is possible. But the problem is todays bad economic situation in the world. Banks lend money to people and to businessmen.

Many businesses are in a very bad financial shape today and are unable to pay back their debts to banks. Many home owners are facing the same problems.

There will be a need to do financial magic all the time in order to repair the financial damage. One money spell cannot fix all these financial problems.

This post is a summary of all possible money spells to bring profits to your company.





Business today:

use magnets and needles

in money spells


Use magnets in money spells. Magnets help to attract money. Place a gold coin on the bottom of a small cup. Place the magnet on the surface of the gold coin.

Summon Lucifer and Bune. Read your petition to the demons and ask them to bring you profits. Attach 20 or 30 needles to the magnet.

As you attach a needle, say: “Profits increase, debts decrease!” Powder this arrangement of the coin, magnet and needles with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fold your petition and stuff it under the small cup. You can use the same petition in your next money spells. Leave the cup on your work desk.

The money will show up.





Business today:

the cemetery spirits


This type of sorcery with the spirits of dead people is the most powerful one. By doing such magick you are allowing a dead person to live again by using your physical body.

You will not be you anymore. In the beginning, your relatives will not notice the drastic changes in you. But you will feel that you are no longer yourself.

With time, business associates will notice that you have turned into someone else, because you think in very strange ways. Ask yourself: “Who never worried about money?”

My answer was: “The spirit of a dead lady. She was very rich and she never worried about money.”

Summon Lucifer, Belial, Murmur, Bune and Lucifuge Rofocale. Use 2 dolls for this magick. One doll will represent you and the other doll will represent your the spirit of the dead person.

Note, that this is very advanced necromancy. If you are very experienced in Occult ritual work and you summon the cemetery spirits often, I can provide you with the method of witchcraft during a consultation.

Summon the dead person with the help of demon Murmur from Goetia. Explain to the dead person that you give your physical body to the dead and the dead will enjoy life once again by using your body.

Merge the dolls with each other and tie them with a ribbon. Wrap the demonic seals around the dolls. This magick is very powerful!

All worry about money shall stop after two months. You will feel rich again and not in touch with reality of your business situation. Business losses will not worry you anymore.

Where is my own soul or what did the demons do to my inner self? I don’t even know, but I started to change internally. I think that the demons threw away parts of my inner self, because I did not have resilience to pass through this turbulent time.

The strangest thing is this: my surroundings started to change rapidly. My old contacts just vanished and new types of people came into my business life.

Who are these people? Businessmen.




Business today: use honey


Use honey in your money spells, because honey is sticky and attracts profits. You need to draw a building. The building will represent your company.

You can use your blood and your hair as a personal signature. Smear a drop of your blood on the drawing. Apply honey to the paper drawing and attach one straw of your hair.

Powder the sweet building with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. You need to write a rhyming spell that describes the financial profits you want.

Read the rhyming spell 3 times over the paper drawing and ask demon Bune to bring profits to your company.





Business today: use bleach


Describe the current bad situation on a small piece of paper. For example, you can write this:

I cannot even make 4000 USD per month now

I am very worried

I cannot sleep at all

Explain to demon Bune that you want to reverse these statements, because you want a better financial reality (like before the Corona).

Read these statements to Bune. Ask the demon to help you to change your business strategy to a B2B strategy. Cut this piece of paper with scissors and put the small pieces of paper into a glass jar.

Pour in bleach and close the jar. It takes time to change the business strategy to a B2B strategy and the spell will help you. You can use the same jar during your next spell.

Just pour in more bleach whenever you add more paper into the jar. Thank Bune and allow the demon to depart. Sure there are other methods too, but sorcery with the dead is the most powerful one.





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