The man’s middle age crisis: how many love spells should you cast on your husband?








Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Sallos is the demon of love.


The man’s middle age crisis is something very unpleasant and this crisis can start around the age of 50. A man will feel bored in the marriage. The same can happen to a woman.

Modern people feel a little bit bored, because at the age of 50, the couple has already grown up children. Marriages are fragile and can easily dissolve away.

It is mostly women who suffer most when the relationship does not work as it is desired. Some men are very loyal and also suffer a lot when the woman gets bored.

People get bored, because they have unresolved inner issues and they need a new partner to help them heal those unresolved childhood issues.

In this post, I will write about love spells and how often you should do them. Diabolical love spells are good!

I do not like when a client tells me nasty things: “Aren’t you afraid of the judgement day? The Devil will fry your soul on his pan! I am afraid to step into the area of diabolical sorcery and I think I will simply use some affirmations for love.”

Love spells are the only solution to maintain the relationship. Do them on a regular basis and long before your significant other escapes your relationship.





The man’s middle age crisis:

alarming signs for females


There are alarming signs to watch out for. These signs are there to alarm you about the condition of your relationship. Here are these bad signs:

he does not want to have sex with you

he plays with his phone most of the time

he works all the time

he does not spend enough time with you

he does not want to explain what is wrong

he spends hours with his cars outdoors

he does not even notice your makeup, nice clothes and shoes

What do these signs mean? He is becoming bored. If you do not do anything now, because you don’t know what to do, you will become a victim of love.

The future scenario is this: sooner or later he will meet another woman. Then you will not know how to get rid of her. I doubt you will want your man back if he and the other woman initiate a relationship.





The woman’s middle age crisis:

alarming signs for males


I have had heartbroken male clients. These men are very loyal and the ideal love partner for anyone who is serious about love. Their marriages ended in a gradual way.

The man was witnessing these bad signs:

the woman dyed her hair all the time

the woman fixed her lips (so the lips became larger)

the woman did not have any desire to have sex

the woman was rude

the woman attended parties (the man was not invited to the party)

the woman met a new man at the party

the woman initiated a relationship with the new man

the woman lied to her husband all the time





The man’s middle age crisis:

how often should you do love spells?



I suggest doing strong love spells with the involvement of the Goetia demons and a dead soldier at least 3 times per year. This is the only way to hold your significant other together with you.

Will the man feel that you are doing love spells on him? No. Is it ethical to do love spells on your husband? I think it is ethical. You are saving your relationship.

Love spells are perhaps a form of enslavement, but my clients don’t care about the ethics. They want to save their marriages and agree that love spells should be done on their love partner.





The man’s middle age crisis:

can Witches steal a man or a woman?



Is it possible to steal a man from a woman or a woman from a man by using sorcery? Yes! Others can do it. In short:

cast at least 3 love spells every year to make sure that your partner is deeply in love with you.





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