Business today: why do some wealthy men start practicing witchcraft and worship the Devil?








Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Business today is a series of articles about business and witchcraft. I cover all sorts of topics: business, profits, protection from enemies and also love.

Today I want to devote this post to the question: why do wealthy men start practicing witchcraft and worship the Devil? I will answer this question and explain why wealthy men practice witchcraft.

Wealthy women are not very interested in witchcraft as a practice. But some wealthy men are! I feel that men are more fragile than women and cannot handle a major life crisis on their own.

My clients are nice men. They are new to witchcraft with Lucifer and his demons. Men are also very curious and want to explore a brand new spiritual path we call for witchcraft.

Now, I want to write about the reasons why men become interested in witchcraft.





Business today:

the loss of love


The loss of love is the major reason why men become pulled into the practice of witchcraft. I have male clients who lived a happy life together with their women during a very long time.

But suddenly, the marriage collapsed. These men were searching for a solution to their problem. Perhaps they heard about demons, and especially about the following demons: Sallos, Zepar and Sitri from Goetia.

Their search for their solution led them to my websites. At this stage, these men were already performing simple love spells with demons. These men were already practicing witchcraft.

I am always honest with my clients: sometimes it is better to allow a love partner to go for good. Not all love spells will be able to return a woman back to her man.

If a woman absolutely does not want to return back to the man, no demon can force her to change her mind. It is wise to let such a woman leave for good.

So, the loss of love is a reason why wealthy men start to practice witchcraft. But the practice of witchcraft is so exciting and interesting, that these men forget about their sorrow and accomplish self healing relatively fast.

Once they have healed their broken hearts, they are ready to focus on their careers. And that is a very good thing!





Business today:

Wow! The Devil!


One of my male clients was searching for a new spiritual path. This man has a good job and he is pretty well off. He lacks nothing in life: he has plenty of love and plenty of money.

Often this type of men are interested in Buddhism and they have made several journeys to India, Nepal, Thailand and other Asian countries.

The man came to my websites out of curiosity and I cast a certain spell for him. He was satisfied with the spell and began wondering: “But how does magick work?”

Now, this man is my returning client and he has already began doing simple petition spells together with the demons of Goetia. The amazing thing is this: he is not afraid of demons!





Business today:

from Christ to the Devil


There are men who were raised in Christian families. As children they were taken to Church, because their parents went to Church. These men knew a little bit about spirituality and were searching for a deeper meaning with life.

Suddenly they discovered magick with Archangels and Angels. They also discovered magick with Lucifer and his demons. After practicing witchcraft for some years, they understood that witchcraft empowers people.

People seek a purpose in life and an explanation about why we are here. People also want to know the truth about what happens after we die and if we will be reborn again.

Curiosity leads some of these highly educated men into the practice of witchcraft. These men are like philosophers and they enjoy reading metaphysical literature and Occult books.

Now you know why wealthy men begin practicing witchcraft. They are very curious!





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