Love affairs at work: should you fall in love with your boss and sleep with him?








Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Andromalius is the best demon of protection.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Andromalius is the best demon of protection.


Love affairs at work are very dangerous. This is due to the well known fact that love relationships often wind up in trouble. Love affairs at work can ruin friendships with colleagues and bosses, trigger gossip and create lots of distress.

All people at work are competing with each other. Bosses compete with each other. As soon as one person gets promoted or gets a salary raise, envy can kick in.

Men do not suffer from envy the way women do. Men do not suffer from jealousy the way women do. But a man can suffer a lot if he gets displaced from his position of the leader.

A man can also turn into a monster if he is very dominant and wants to be like a king at the workplace. Greed for money can easily kick in and become the main purpose of life.

This post is a summary of all the complex client cases I have had. These women had love affairs at work and these love affairs created a lot of bad and sad issues.

Should you love your colleague or boss? No. Only in exceptional cases, and if you are smart and careful, can you risk to have a love affair at work.





Love affairs at work:

those men

wanted sex only


I had female clients who were in love with their colleagues and bosses. These females even had sex with their colleagues and bosses. But after 3 months, the relationship stopped functioning.

There was a very uncomfortable paus in the relationship. My clients were heartbroken and very sad. They told me: “The man is avoiding me and flirting with other women now, but I am deeply in love with the man!”

So I cast love spells for those women. As a result, in most cases, the men started to avoid my clients even more. This meant that there was no physical attraction from the beginning. Those men just wanted sex and that is all.

Those relationships turned into hateful and poisonous interactions at work. In short, it is not good to have love affairs with colleagues and bosses.



Demon Andromalius



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Andromalius is the best demon of protection.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Andromalius is the best demon of protection.


The 72nd spirit of Goetia is Andromalius. His office is to catch and bring back a thief along with the goods that were stolen.

Andromalius can discover all wickedness and dishonest intentions in people who enter your life. His duties are also to punish all evil people and thieves.

Source: the Goetia



You can summon demon Andromalius from Goetia and ask him to protect your heart. Ask him to repel a lover away from you, if the man wants only sex.

Andromalius will protect you. But most women are desperate for love and jump into bed with a man very fast. Why is this so? I just wonder.





Love affairs at work:

love at first sight


If you like someone very much and this person is your colleague or even your boss, you should never show your feelings. But love can happen even at work.

In such cases, I advise to proceed very slowly and carefully. If you are a woman, allow the man to chase you. In this way, you will know for sure that the man is genuinely in love with you.

Men become exited by the chase. They like to chase a woman, because they need this pleasure. Allow the man to court you. A woman should not court a man.

It is not advisable to become intimate with a colleague or a boss very fast. At first, it is advisable to keep a certain distance and just get to know each other a little bit better.

You want to be sure that there is physical attraction between you and that person at your work. If you become intimate with the colleague or with the boss very fast, the whole relationship can be about sex only.

During the courting months you can obtain more information:

is the person single or married?

does the person have children?

do you and that person match each other?

why did the previous relationship end?

how was his or her childhood?

is this a dominant or a submissive type of person?

how did this person treat his or her ex-lover?





Love affairs at work:

he cancelled

the engagement


I also had clients and they were very sad, because the man fell out of love after 1 year. Moreover, the man cancelled the planned engagement.

I cast love spells for these females. My love spells worked and they helped those relationships to unfold and progress. But men who fell out of love with a woman once, have a tendency to constantly want to exit the relationship.

So, I cast regular love spells to keep the man together with the woman. In short, you can never be sure if your relationship with that person will be long lasting, because men are more complex people than women.

These relationships would end if I had not cast my love spells. Therefore, I think it is very risky to fall in love with a colleague or a boss. What if the relationship ends and you must continue to interact with and obey your boss?

How will you feel when you see your boss together with a new woman? Certainly, not good at all. You will be very sad. So, avoid love affairs at work.





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