The real estate broker: how the pact with Lucifer and his demons changed this guy’s career








Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


The real estate broker from a finance company was my client. This man is from Europe. We all know that inflation in Europe is a very big problem for businesses.

The man used to make good money before the inflation became a problem for him. I and this guy had the same financial goals prior to the outbreak of Corona.

We were chatting a lot about business and I tried to cheer up the guy and distract him from his acute money problems. Today, guys in business really have acute money problems in connection to debts and the inflation.

The man requested a pact with Lucifer and several other demons. I explained to the man that a pact may not make him richer instantly. I have a post for real estate people and that post answers a lot of questions.

The pact started to unfold events in an unpredictable way. Lucifer and his demons helped the man to change his business with a promise of making good money.





The real estate broker:

his petition


This man is very clever. He wrote a letter to Lucifer and his demons. The letter was formulated in the following way:

“Dear demons,

my name is [Name and Surname]. I work for a finance company. I have approximately 100 000 USD debt from my former business. The inflation is too high and it prevents me from making profits.

I ask you to evaluate my financial situation carefully. My first priority is to be able to pay back my debts. If you estimate that I cannot make profits while I work as a real estate broker, then please help me to change my work.

If you estimate that I will be able to make good profits while I work as a real estate broker, then I will continue to work for our finance company. I will then give 10% of my profits to the needy.”






The real estate broker:

a gardening business


The pact started to unfold unpredictable events. The real estate guy was pulled into a gardening business. He was a little sad, because he thought he could not make a lot of money in this business.

The ability to make a lot of money depends upon the inner creativity. Gardens are a luxury. Gardens can include fountains, fish tanks with salmon, bridges, play grounds, pavilions for drinking tee, disco stages for kids and swimming pools.

It is possible to grow bamboo in Sweden. Bamboo might grow in Europe too. Other exotic trees might also grow well in Europe.

Gardens are for home owners. Some people are very rich and have the money to pay for luxury gardens. It is fully possible to make 8000 USD per month by designing luxury gardens.

But of course, a new business always demands 200% commitment and profits may be low in the beginning. But the man liked gardens very much and was not afraid of physical work.

So, with this post I want to thank Lucifer, Belial, Bune and other demons for helping my client to find his new work.





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