Belial, the demon of betrayal, the best demon for a businessman








Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Belial, the demon of betrayal, is the best demon for a businessman. Some people say that demon Belial is the demon of betrayal. I always laugh in response, because I know that Belial is the best demon for business people.

Lucifer is the spirit of the astral light. Lucifer, the spirit of the astral light, is also one of the best demons for a businessman. The spirit of the astral light shows the way towards business success, because all else is darkness and we cannot see in darkness.

In this post I want to write about how a businessman can begin forming relationships with Lucifer and Belial. These two demons are the two most powerful demons.





Belial: the solar demon



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Belial distributes high titles and prestigious work positions, and he also gives good familiar spirits. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner of witchcraft. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia

Demon Belial will give you the correct business strategy and show you what you should do. This is the way Belial has helped me.



This is the Tree of Life.
Belial comes from the shell of Tiphareth, that is, from Tagararim. This demon is of a solar nature.


Belial comes from the shell of Tiphareth. The shell is called Thagirion (or sometimes even Tagararim). This means that Belial is connected to the sphere of Sun on the Tree of Life.

The spirits of solar nature are known for their arrogance and pride. This is the reason why many people say that Belial is a very difficult demon. If you are a tough person, and do not bow before difficulty, Belial is the right demon for you.

It is not suitable to approach Belial with mundane requests of this type: “Show me how you can help me or prove to me that you are a real demon!” Belial is very proud and arrogant, and he may dislike this kind of treatment.

Approach Belial with respect and by bringing him gold, food and drinks as ceremony gifts. Belial can help a businessman to win court cases, expand the business and help to deal with difficulties within the business.

Belial is also the right demon for corporate bosses and will help them to secure their professional positions. It is very useful to do magick together with Belial during times of reorganisation within a company.






the spirit of

the astral light



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Lucifer is the spirit of the astral light and this demon helps to see business opportunities. Lucifer is good at guiding a business out of difficulties and towards more money.

Demon Lucifer is also proud and appreciates good treatment during religious ceremonies. Many people have asked me this question: “How will I know if Lucifer is willing to help me?”.

You can always ask Lucifer to give you a sign or simply ask the demon to help your business. People also expect demon Lucifer to appear during the ritual.

Lucifer is an astral spirit and it is difficult to summon this demon to the physical plane. This is important to keep in mind. But as soon as you summon the demon, he will be present during your ritual.





Belial: how to form

a relationship with him


It takes a very long time to form close relationships with spirits. If your business is in a downward spiral of loss, Belial and Lucifer will start to guide your business out of trouble.

Belial is very precious to me and I include Belial in almost every ceremony for my business. This demon has been guiding my business since 2020 and I am very thankful to the demon for his help.

I suggest that you summon Lucifer and Belial during each full moon. You can write a short letter to both demons and describe the current bad situation within your business.

Arrange a small table and place food and drinks for both demons on the table. Arrange 2 candles on the table: 1 for Belial and 1 for Lucifer.

You can coat the candles with sunflower oil and cover them with cinnamon. Cinnamon is widely used in Witchcraft for the purpose of attracting profits to a business.

Cast a protective circle in the way you do it and look at the sigils of both demons for 2 or 3 minutes. Summon the demons and invite them to eat and drink.

You should read your letter to the demons and ask them to guide your business towards more profits. I also suggest to burn the petition in a metal pan and then collect the cool ashes. After you finish the ritual, the ashes can be buried under a tree in the woods.

The food can be eaten up by you after a couple of hours. You can also drink those drinks you had arranged for Lucifer and Belial. Demons are not poisonous.

Prior to ending your ritual, it is polite to thank Lucifer and Belial, and allow them to depart. So, I have described a simple ceremony with Lucifer and Belial for business people.





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