A millionaire’s love problems: what will people say if you are older and marry a young woman?








True love is never about big money. True love is about true love.


A millionaire’s love problems are so many. First, there often arises a need to find true love, but a mature man can accidentally fall in love with a very young woman.

All of us know that true love is blind. When love is blind, it is impossible to end the relationship with the one we love. Today I want to devote this post to the tickling subject of love between an older man and a young woman.

I want to support older men who like much younger women. If your woman is 30 years younger than you and you both love each other, you should propose to her and get married.

But there might be other issues in connection to this type of relationship. The surroundings may react to your choice of a love partner with a shock.

So, let us get started and I will describe the issues that may arise and I will provide you with immunity against those issues.





A millionaire’s love problems:

it is about money


I have been in a 30 year old relationship with a man who was almost 30 years older than me. We loved each other passionately. But when we were new to each other, relatives had opinions.

Relatives tried to poison our lives. They tried to persuade the man that I was a very bad choice for him, because I was a young girl. Now I understand their motifs: it was about envy, greed and money.

You have to stand strong and cut out your relatives from your life. Focus all your energy on your love life and ignore what other people say to you or about you.

If there is a need to temporarily terminate your relationship with your siblings, then do it. Do not allow them to destroy your chances of having a happy love life with the woman you love.





A millionaire’s love problems:

shock & gossip


People can gossip about you behind your back. It is mostly women, who like to gossip. Let them gossip, because these people are miserable. Cut out such people from your life.

Men will understand your needs and they will approve of your life choice. But there could be problems when you introduce your significant other to your family members and mutual friends.

You don’t have to live together or for the sake of your family members. Their opinion should not be important to you at all. Your happiness is the most important thing in life.

Stand strong and also support your young lover to stay with you. If you allow your relatives to poison your life with their toxic input, your relationship will fail and end.

You will miss your unique opportunity to live a very happy life together with a young woman. Moreover, such relationships are very long lasting and stable.

In short, stand strong and ignore the opinions of others about you and your lover. It is none of their business to have opinions about your private life.





A millionaire’s love problems:

be proud of yourself


Be proud of yourself that you are loved by a young lady. Not all young women are mature enough to understand how good a love relationship with an older man can be. If the young lady loves you, then she is serious.

Older men know exactly what they want in life. They are serious and devoted in matters of love, because they had so much sex just for pleasure, and now they want serious love.

It is so good that a man is much older than the woman. The difference in age should not be a big issue. The most important thing is love between you and your partner. Nothing else should matter.

So, if you are the lucky man who is loved by a young woman, go for her! If you miss your chance in life, you might not find true love for a long time.





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