A millionaire’s love problems: how to make a young woman love you madly even if you are much older








True love is never about big money. True love is about true love.


A millionaire’s love problems are many, among them this one: how and where to find the right woman. Today I want to devote this post to the tickling subject of love between an older man and a young woman.

This is my case and I will go into detail and coach older men who want to marry a much younger woman, because I have been in such a relationship during 30 years.

The love was real and true. I had great luck in life and I met the greatest love of my life at the age of 23. The man I loved was almost 30 years older than me and he was a millionaire of course.

I loved the man madly and it was love from first sight. Many of my female friends told me that my choice is absolutely wrong and that I should never ever be together with a much older man.

If you are a female and your man is 30 years older than you: go for him! If you are a male and your woman is 30 years younger than you: go for her!





A millionaire’s love problems:

it must be love

from the first sight


It must be love from the first sight. It must be! I remember when I entered the hotel and saw a man in a very expensive black leather jacket. I looked at his face and looked into his green eyes.

I fell in love at once. He liked me too a lot. Men don’t fall in love the way women do. Men think more about sex and intimate things first. So, I mean that you and your partner must click right away.

I believe that such meetings are arranged by a higher power, because we lived together for 30 years. How did I react to the age difference between us? It did not matter at all.

It did not matter at all, because the man was healthy, fit and in a very pleasant shape. I did not realise that the man was a millionaire until we had lived together for about 5 years.

I realised that the man was a millionaire gradually when I observed how easily houses, apartments, HD motorcycles and several cars were sold, purchased, sold and purchased again.

Now all this is the distant past and all assets have turned into rust and ash. I run my own business and navigate it away from USA in hopes of meeting my future customers from other countries.





A millionaire’s love problems:

where to meet love?


You have to visualise yourself living together with your love partner. I did this during some time when I was 21 years old or so. I always imagined that I lived in a big house surrounded by cypress trees.

I also imagined that we had a red sport car. After 7 years I and my partner lived in a house and the house was surrounded with cypress trees. These trees grow only in some countries and I was moved to such a country.

We also had a red sport car: a red Mustang. Everything came true! This man was searching for me and he even travelled to another country to meet me.





A millionaire’s love problems:

problem 1


A very dominant man


Men with lots of money are very dominant. If you are a female, it is good to know about this. You will discover many other bad things about such men, and among them: a very volatile and bad temper.

These men are very kind and very loving, but they are very dominant and expect the woman to obey them. So, you should behave properly and never ever dare to date anyone else.

I cannot even imagine what would have happened to me if I had dared to date someone else. I was warned by the man not to dare liking another man.

At one point, there was a young man in my life and he liked me a lot. The young man called me and my partner witnessed our conversation on the phone.

My partner told me: “You are talking to that man for the last time. Tell him now while I am standing beside you that he must stop bothering us. Do it now or you will regret your actions”.

I became very scared when I looked at the face of a very angry man. I had to obey and I told the young man that I wanted him to leave me alone at once. The young man tried to reach me more, but I was afraid to tease my man.





A millionaire’s love problems:

problem 2


Dad & daughter relationship


The age difference just vanished between us two and we never ever noticed it. The man had no children and I became his daughter. I did not realise this for a long time, but finally I understood. The man unconsciously met his child in me.

I was treated like a child. But the relationship was very good. If a woman is treated like a child, this means, that the man dominates the relationship and the woman obeys.

Not all women will accept this kind of relationship. I had to accept this. The relationship was good for me, because I did not have to bother about anything.

I was the child he never had in his life. The man cooked meals for me everyday and took care of all my needs. But because the man treated me as if I was his own child, we had fights.

We had fights, because he did not give me a chance to choose. His way was the correct way. His way was always the correct way. My way was never acceptable to him.

During a few occasions he made me very upset and angry. But then I realised the danger of showing him my anger. He never ever hit me physically, but I knew well that he had limits.




A millionaire’s love problems:

how to make her love you?



Be yourself! A dad and daughter relationship is perfect. But be a much more softer dad. I did not like that the man was very dominant. Anger can so easily turn into permanent hate.

Even if the honey moon is over, you should not stop courting your love partner. Court her all the time. Women love lots of attention. Women crave romantic attention from a man.

The more attention you give to a younger woman, the stronger she will love you. Your romantic bond will grow very strong and you both will love each other a lot and during many many years.

Never ever allow other women to hunt after you, because this will destroy the sweet dad daughter relationship you both have. Young women can get very jealous.

I was very jealous when I saw other women near my man. I was angry and furious. But then the man told me: “You don’t love me. Do you truly love me?” This triggered very angry fights.

It is so good that a man is much older than the woman. Other people may dislike this type of relationship, but I like this type of relationship very much.

But the bad thing is that when the woman is 50, the man is 80. So, a woman like me has then lost the greatest love of her life. Life goes on.





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