Witchcraft for businessmen: should you keep your Occult practices private?








These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.
These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum. People are afraid of the number 666.


Witchcraft for businessmen is really a very useful skill each person in business should master. But if you are into business or have a job, and want to maintain a good reputation, you must keep your Occult practices private.

The world is mainly Christian! This is important to keep in mind. Even if parts of the society are filled with atheists, your reputation could suffer if you reveal your Occult practices to the world.

People are afraid of the number 666, because they don’t know much about this number. 666 is the number of the solar demon Sorath. This demon is connected to the solar sphere on the tree of Qliphoth and to the left hand path.

People associate the number 666 to Satan, sexual orgies, chaos and bad things. They say that 666 is a bad number and fear this number. 666 is a good number and it resonates with:

personal power

great self-confidence

a lot of money

I include demon Sorath into my money spells. I also create money amulets with the seals of Sorath, Sun and Nakhiel. So, the number of Sorath is connected to success in business and money.

In this post I want to write about my painful experiences when I went open with my witchcraft practices. Even today, people call me by the name Satana. Behind my back, of course!

After reading this post most people in business will choose to keep their Occult practices private.






for businessmen:

the time came!


I kept my Occult practices hidden from everyone, because I cared about the reputation of the man I loved. We had a good life together for a very long time.

Suddenly, I lost my job. But the loss of a my job did not have any impact on our family economy. After some time the greatest love of my life suffered a heart attack.

When a man is involved into the exiting game of the professional race, competes with his bosses, and hunts high position and lots of money, the end can come. Stress at work can cause premature death.

I could not find a job fast, because of my narrow field of work. But that was no problem in the beginning. But eventually the time came and the reserves of money started to end.

I had no choice. I made a firm decision: I will go open with my Occult practices and start my own Witch business. So, I went open and everyone understood that I was Witch.






for businessmen:

it was painful!


Suddenly, people started to gossip and they avoided me. Our mutual friends did not block me on social media, because they wanted to remain polite.

They never again contacted me. But in the past they were our best friends! One of those people was very concerned and even called my child and said:

“I am very sorry for your loss and I know that you are still grieving. But do you know that your mother is a Witch? Do you know that your father lived together with a Witch during his whole life?

Will you be safe in the company of your mother? Is she kind to you?”

So, my point is this, that some people have no ethics and have really bad manners. I felt very hurt after I was informed about this conversation.

If you expose your Occult practices to the world, you may also lose your friends and people will surely gossip about you. People gossiped about me.

Even today, people block me on social media, because they expect me to be a Catholic. I am used to this. I simply do not fit into their world.





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