Business as a pleasure: how to attract high paying and good clients to you?








Now I like my clients, because they are kind clients.


Business as a pleasure is rare. I do business both for pleasure and money. I like my clients, because my clients are kind to me. My clients often return back to me, because they need more help.

To run an Occult business is very difficult. This is because most people are atheists. We are taught to see only the physical matter and ignore non physical life forms: God.

My clients are former Christians who discovered the Occult. Many of my clients are new to the Occult. Many of them are beginning to become free from the programming of the church that Lucifer and his demons are bad.

In this post I want to write about the types of clients I had from the beginning and the issues I stumbled upon. Life taught me to aim for good quality clients.

I will also explain what you need to do if you want to attract good clients to your business. I will also explain what you need to do if you want your clients to become your regular clients.





Business as a pleasure:

the wrong and right

type of client for me


I love myself a lot. I know exactly whom I expect to become my client. My client is:

a good and kind woman

a good and kind man

a businessman

a singer

a politician

a policeman

a bodyguard or a security guard

a real estate trader

a farmer

a doctor

But when I was new to being in business I attracted all kinds of people to me. I learned to define my policies and how I want to work with my client.

I learned to reject clients. I learned to spot stingy clients who demanded 100% guaranties for my Occult work. Those people knew nothing about witchcraft and had a stupid idea that every spell must result in gratification of their desires. I bravely rejected such clients.

Finally, I had a huge issue with a certain woman. She was very rude towards me! I understood: I don’t want this type of client and I don’t want such people to even be in a position to afford my services. My inner Witch rebelled.

As many of my blog readers know, my patroness is a dead medieval regent. The dead queen helped me to raise my prices by doubling them at once.

After I raised my prices, I started to attract good and kind clients to me. So, if you want to attract good clients to you, you need to raise your prices.

But still, many people could easily afford my services. I learned to identify bad clients and avoided them. You must know the inner qualities of nice clients.

A nice client is a nice person. It is so simple.





Business as a pleasure:

be clear about your policy


Be clear about your policy and what you expect from your client. Now I have mostly high paying clients and I always inform them about my Occult work: spells don’t come with a 100% guarantee.

The client knows that refunds should not be expected. But my clients return to me again and again. This is because of many different factors:

I have clients in the age range of 35 to 60 years old and most couples are married. A man and a woman in a marriage often experience a crisis when the man is around 60.

So, I cast love spells to keep the husband and wife together and help them to love each other and enjoy great sex. I also cast love spells for a returning male client. My love spells seem to help him to become loved by women.

I also have another client and I keep her together with her lover. From the beginning this couple had difficulties. But now thanks to my love spells these two people are together and love each other.

I also offer special types of protection for people in business. Only I provide such protection, because I am very experienced in witchcraft that involves dead military staff. But I have all rights to refuse my services to my clients who run a business.

So, my clients observed the first love spell and how it helped them. Then they became my regular clients. If a second love spell does not work as it should, I cast a much stronger love spell. Free of charge of course.

If a businessman has a very complicated issue that maybe cannot be solved with one single spell attempt, and he is facing bankruptcy, I try to be as helpful as I can be.

My clients know that I involve my military ghost in love spells and that is why my love spells work so well in most cases. So, they love the military ghost and want this spirit to help them.





Business as a pleasure:

charge a fee for your time


I advise to charge a fee for your time together with the client. During this time you will get to know your client very well. You will not feel bitter for spending so much time with your client without a pay.

Sometimes my clients have too many questions and I gladly answer all of them. I am paid for my time. It also happens that the client wants to learn simple witchcraft rituals.

I provide my client with the instructions about how to make offerings to Lucifer and his demons and how to execute simple spells like petition spells.





Business as a pleasure:

reject unhappy clients


I advise to reject angry clients. These clients are angry at their co workers and ask me to punish those people. During my time with the client I observe and read between the lines.

These angry clients can cause you big issues. So, after I spend some time with the client and get to know more about what is going on at work, I understand that this is not my type of client.





Business as a pleasure:

no mass production


There are drawbacks with high prices: you won’t have crowds of clients. But there are also good things about high prices: you will have good and returning clients.

Before the financial crisis, I had lots of clients from USA. Now I have zero clients from USA. My business has changed a lot. I am doing B2B affairs and my clients are mostly businessmen.

These people come from different countries and have different occupations. Some of these men practice witchcraft, but some are totally new to witchcraft.

Their business is not going well and some of these people are facing bankruptcy. I believe that every business, including mine, is in a stage of transition towards a B2B model.





Business as a pleasure:

serve 100%


I advise to serve your clients 100%. Give your clients 100% good service. The client should feel welcomed to contact you anytime. I also advise to be 100% honest with your clients.

If I estimate that a love spell may not produce those results the client wants, I always tell the client about this. Or if I estimate that I cannot return a man’s wife back to him, because she ran away to another man and plans marriage soon, I am honest about this.

Then it is another issue if the man is stubborn and wants me to cast spells. The client does not blame me if I fail to return back his wife to him.

Sometimes, its just not destiny to be with someone you love. Marriages do end. Sometimes love spells can fail and you cannot force someone to be with you all the time.

I don’t teach witchcraft, because there is no demand from my clients. These people are very busy with their business or work and they hire me to cast spells for them.





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