Witchcraft for businessmen: ritual gifts for Lucifer, his demons and the dead








Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur from Goetia is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.


Witchcraft for businessmen is in great demand in todays world. Business people are faced with a very scary financial stagnation and even with bankruptcy.

Thanks to Lucifer, his demons and my patrons among the dead, my business can survive. I have turned the scary full scale financial stagnation into a very mild financial stagnation.

People come to me for various types of services and also when they are faced with business problems. I always remind businessmen that we are now entering a recession on a global scale and almost every businessman has financial problems in connection to the business.

In this post I want to write about the appropriate offerings for Lucifer, his demons and the spirits of dead people. I hope you will find the coming information useful.





Witchcraft for businessmen:

Lucifer & Belial



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this his his seal. This demon gives you the right business strategy.


Belial distributes Presentations and Senatorships, and he also gives good familiars. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia



Belial is a very good demon for a businessman. Summon this demon very often and ask him to guide your business. Belial will protect you and your finances, and provide you with the correct business strategy.

This demon will help you to face court issues if you must face them and help you to pass them with success. Many people fear Belial, but this is a demon for very tough business people.

I like Belial very much. This demon has supported my business since 2020 and he guided my business through the times of the pandemic. Belial is still guiding my business.

When people see my websites in different languages and in different spots of the planet, they see the work of Belial. Thanks to Belial, my business can survive, even if I lost all my former clients from USA to the high inflation.

Thanks to Belial, today I have businessmen as my clients. These people come from all spots of the planet and they are interested in pacts with demons and court case spells.



Every demon is unique and it is appropriate to provide the demon with ritual gifts. I love demons! I like to give demons their gifts:

rings and beaded necklaces

food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, green tea, milk, fruits, cakes and sweets (avoid very salty foods)


a drop of my blood

But keep in mind that Belial is a very special demon with superior powers. A rule of thumb is this: if you give Lucifer a silver coin, give Belial a golden coin.

Belial is so powerful!


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Lucifer is very powerful too and he is the main god of hell. Lucifer can help internet companies to repair their internet very fast. Lucifer is strongly connected to our subconscious minds.

Sometimes, when I encounter a problem, I look at the sigil of Lucifer during 5 minutes and ask him: “What do you suggest?” The answer from the demon comes during the next day.





Witchcraft for businessmen:

the dead regent


The dead Medieval queen is my patroness and she is in charge of my business. It is mostly thanks to her that I broke through a very long period of financial stagnation.

A dead regent is the perfect spirit for a business, because these spirits are hungry and greedy for power and money. I and this female spirit have been together for several years now.

There are signs of necromantic spells in progress, that is, when the spirit of the dead is actively participating in your spells and helping you. Here are the signs I observed:

the spirit forced me to use her signature on my logotype

the spirit forced me to read books and watch documentaries about her

I used the regents signature in my spells

I designed art and included the signature of the regent into the art

I felt the urge to keep the framed picture of the regent on my desk

I looked at her picture and prayed to her before falling asleep

The spirit mentally told me certain things that I could not have thought about on my own. She told me: “Rich people are not on Facebook and you will understand this when you feel uncomfortable posting on Facebook.”

Today, I really feel uncomfortable posting my content in Occult groups. The spirit of the regent forced me to leave those groups long ago. So, the dead regent is my favourite spirit for my business.


The best ritual gifts for a regent are the following:

a fur coat

a fur cap

a hat

a fur boa

high fashion shoes and boots

cosmetics, perfumes and wigs


rings and beaded necklaces

food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, green tea, milk, fruits, cakes and sweets (avoid very salty foods)





Witchcraft for businessmen:

the army ghost


Do I interact with restless spirits of the dead? Yes! There is one spirit of a dead man from the times of WW2. This spirit was desperate for romantic love when I first met him. I and him are still together as Witch and spirit.

This spirit loves me in a real sense just as a man loves a woman. You should also have a dead soldier as your protector. But such relationships are scary, because they are long term unions.

This spirit killed a lot of people during the war and his duty is to kill people. This means that most probably his duties are also to disable the enemy if there is a need to prevent serious harm like regular curses.

I seldom bother about what happens to the enemy, although the male spirit has shown me scary dreams of a plane crash and coffins, and also amputated fingers.

Well, this male spirit is very good at what he does. I trust him.



Army ghosts like the following things:

warm coffee served from a thermos

canned food


warm soups

alcohol and tobacco

male wedding rings (I give this spirit his wedding ring)





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