Business today: are the money demons of Goetia and Grimorium Verum better than the undead?








Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Belial can support your business.


Business today is so problematic for most people. Many people are experiencing financial hardships in connection to their stagnated business.

I have been through a very scary period of financial stagnation, but thanks to many demons and my patrons among the dead, I broke through this scary period of no money coming in.

In this post I want to compare the money demons of both Goetia and Grimorium Verum with the spirits of dead people. A businessman may find this comparison useful.

I also want to give some general advice to those of you who so much want to break through this scary period of financial stagnation.

Now, after leaving behind me the long period of financial stagnation within my own business, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. So, let us begin!





Business today:

the money demons


There are several good money demons in the Goetia and Grimorium Verum. Money demons are money gods. I will list a few of them here:

Bune: brings in the money and he acts like a magnet for money

Belial: gives the correct business strategy and supports a business

Lucifer: the ruler of Hell, a general money god and helps to propel the business forward

Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifer’s minister of wealth

Mephistophilis: gives good luck with regard to money (this demon is mentioned in the Black Raven)

Purson: helps to spot clients and helps to open new sources of income

Clauneck: brings in the money



The above mentioned demons are very good and you can include them all into your financial pacts. But they will not be powerful enough to handle a financial stagnation in your business and help you to break through the stagnation.

If you are experiencing a total stagnation in your business, you should do several things:

understand the causes of the financial stagnation

The causes of the financial stagnation are the following:

Real estate people complain that house prises have dropped due to high inflation and rising bank rates. I have several guys from the real estate sector as my customers, so I know their broken financial situation.

In my case, I lost almost all my clients from USA to the high inflation. Now I have only male customers from all over the world and they are business people.

change your business strategy by doing B2B affairs

do money spells very often (minimum 3 times per month)

enter into several financial pacts with the demons and the dead

practice affirmations on a daily basis

dress well every day and keep yourself in a very good shape (despite the financial stress)

You have to trick your mind into believing that you are still well off. You can do this by looking your best everyday even if you work from home. This is a way to gain control over life.

Be very tough and know that it is possible to slowly but surely turn a bad financial stagnation into a very mild financial stagnation. Once you are in the mild financial stagnation, and you earn a lot during one month, and less during the next month, you have hope.





Business today:

the old dead Queen


The dead Medieval queen is my patroness and she rules my business. It is mostly thanks to her that I broke through a very long period of no money coming in.

At one point I was so stressed out due to the financial stagnation within my business, that I handed over my business to the dead Queen. I had a series of very remarkable dreams about the dead queen.

I saw the spirit of the dead Queen in my dreams. The dreams were about how she became a Queen and also about how I and the spirit were running away from some bad place and in an opposite direction.

I must tell you that not all spirits of dead people will be generous enough to offer their help and guide a business. This depends upon many factors like if the spirit has:

an unsatisfied greed for rulership and money

a personal undigested sorrow carried into the afterlife (if the dead person lost several children)

Unfinished business motivates the spirits of the dead to help the living. A dead regent is the perfect spirit for a business, because these spirits are hungry and greedy for power and money.

These spirits will gladly rule your business and guide it through very difficult financial times. But how do spirits guide a business?

Well, spirits of dead people think inside your head instead of you. The spirits of dead people also change your thought patterns a lot to help you break through the financial stagnation.

The changes in your thought patterns will result in:

new website content for a new type of client

a new and better business strategy

less worry for money






Business today:

who is better?


I feel that the spirits of the dead are much more powerful than the demons. But demons are also needed for financial pacts and money spells.

I would say that the spirits of dead people add extra power to all financial sorcery plus they can think instead of you inside your own head.

The strange thing is this: a dead regent will change your thought patterns to such an extent that you will feel discomfort posting your content on social media.

The dead regent will constantly chatter inside your mind about more money, and more business and also better business. The spirit will turn your brain into a brain that thinks only about profits.

Only a regent can rule a business and pull it out of financial trouble. This is what I feel, because the regent has a long experience of doing this kind of job.

A regent with an unfinished business and a greed for power is good for a business and can battle down the financial stagnation within the business.

The demons have no unfinished business and no greed for power, and therefore a regent is the right spirit for helping your business survive.





Business today:

how to click

with the undead?


I think that spirits with an unfinished business, or a desperate need for love, or an undigested sorrow seek us out. The old dead queen is my second spirit with whom I clicked at once.

The old queen is undergoing healing therapy and she is healing her grief in the afterlife. She lost many children. I did not know about this when I first approached the dead queen.

The spirit has screwed my mind to such an extent that it forces me to tell it: “I love you and I will always be together with you. I will never leave you”.

I also clicked with a dead soldier and the spirit has screwed my mind and I tell it several times per day: “I love you! I will always love you.”

Well, this is good! Most spirits want to be loved by the living.



When you have a need like repairing your stagnant business, you can begin with doing research about the spirits of the dead. You can read biographies of dead people.

But not all dead people will be kind enough to help a business through bad financial times. You can have several dead people on your magickal list and summon them one at a time:

regents for ruling a business (choose very dominant ones)

businessmen for ruling a business (choose the richest ones)

How did I understand that the dead queen was interested in helping me? Well, I did a ritual and summoned the dead queen together with the Goetia demon Murmur. This was several years ago.

I asked the spirit of the dead regent: “Are the prices on my services good? The taxes are so high in Sweden and don’t know if I can be profitable if I have my current prices! Please help me and adjust my prices.”

The queen is a very powerful spirit and she acts through possession of the mind. She changed all the prices on my services by almost doubling them. I was in a shock.

After the queen doubled my prices, I stopped posting my content in Occult groups due to the shame for my high prices. But now I understand that the queen was right, because the taxes are huge in Sweden.

Once a specific spirit of a dead person has helped you, consider yourself lucky. You can continue to develop your friendship with the spirit of the dead person.

It is normal to get confused when you catch yourself thinking unusual thoughts about more money for your business. The spirit of the dead person is doing the “brainwashing” and guiding your business.





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