A millionaire business in ruins: how to overcome financial stagnation and change your business strategy







Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Lucifer helped me to change my business strategy.


A millionaire business in ruins is a normal thing today. I have several clients from the millionaire class. Some of them are now facing a very bad and scary financial situation.

These people are my returning clients and I have cast different types of spells for them: love spells and also money spells. I am as helpful as I can be, because I fully understand their needs.

So, one of these clients contacted me yesterday and wrote:


now I think I need your help again with the money magic. I’m about to run out of money. The company is doing very badly. Bankruptcy is very close.

My fear of not having money goes beyond everything. I have become passive and I am very sad. I have no energy for my book that I have started writing.

So what do you think I should do? Please help me.”


Europe and USA have entered the period of economic recession. Economy worldwide will get worse and worse now. More and more people will become unemployed.

This is very important to understand: the masses will not be able to afford your services and your products. You have to change your business strategy by targeting people with good incomes (the 10 % or 17%).





A millionaire business in ruins:

my changed business strategy


I also faced these challenges and understood that the masses can no longer be my clients. I made frequent pacts with Lucifer, Belial and other demons.

The demons pushed me to expand my business by having a global coverage and by having clients from all corners of the world. I have battled down the scary financial stagnation and now I have other types of clients:

80% of my clients are males and they are rich people

my clients come from different countries

But before year 2020 I had clients only from USA. Today I have almost no clients from USA. Before year 2020 I had no rich clients, but today I have mostly rich clients.

My clients are business people and they need special services like court case spells, protection spells and pacts with Lucifer and his demons. The demand on love spells is very low these days.

Love spells were my bestseller prior to the outbreak of Corona. Today, pacts with Lucifer are my bestselling service. People in business want pacts with Lucifer and they can afford them.





A millionaire business in ruins:

B2B strategy


B2B strategy is for you. I also do B2B affairs by helping businesses survive. You need to change your services and offer your new services to businesses.

It is a sad fact: the masses can no longer be your clients. Those good times are in the past. We have to accept the fact that we are living in the period of the economic recession now.

The demons have moved me closer and closer to rich people by changing my way of thinking and my services. If I make a pact on your behalf, I doubt that you will see very fast improvements in your business.

My journey towards a better income has been a long one. First, I had to expand my websites and go global. There was huge chaos in my business and the turmoil was scary. The chaos lasted during 2 years.

But men like to take risks and they ask me to enter pacts with Lucifer on their behalf. Some of my clients want to become real estate moguls and some want to repair their businesses.

So, change your business strategy! I have a post for you about how to fight the financial stagnation, because I have been through those scary times.





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