Necromancy for business: a court case spell with demons and a dead lawyer








Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Belial handles court issues very nicely.


Necromancy for business is in high demand in todays world of raw capitalism. Many businesses are currently struggling to make profits. Besides this burden, they are also facing issues in connection to their debts.

I have cast court case spells for businessmen to rescue their business working equipment. I have also cast court case spells for people who had problems in connection to the mortgage issue.

In most cases my dead lawyer spirit (a dead friend of mine) and the demons of both Goetia and Grimorium Verum are very helpful.

In very complex cases, there will be a need to cast different spells on different people to control them and to push them into specific modes of action.

For example, if there is a need to to do DNA tests, the demons can force the target of the spell to run DNA tests. In this case a spell must be done on the target to prompt the target to run DNA tests.

There might also be a need to summon demon Morail from Grimorium Verum and bury the whole legal issue in cemetery dirt. This type of magick with Morail and the spirits of the dead will result in a mild financial punishment.

Well, we are humans and business people, and we are busy people. Sometimes, we don’t even know that some action is forbidden. It was not our intention to cross the laws, but accidentally we managed to annoy specific people.

In such cases, a businessman will do everything possible to avoid the trouble and be happy to pay money as a mild financial punishment.

In this post, business people will find a court case spell that can fix mild problems. But this spell cannot fix a case when you need to prove your innocence.

If you need to prove that you are innocent, you need to cast spells on specific people to prompt them to run DNA tests. You also need to summon a dead lawyer and the demons Andromalius and Belial from Goetia.

In short, such a working will be a sequence of spells and very heavy magick on several people involved in your case. You also need to involve a dead soldier into the spell on the targets.

The dead soldier will control the targets of the spell and this spirit can even cause severe harm to the targets if they are not accurate with regard to their duty tasks.





Necromancy for business:

the business equipment


I have a regular client and this businessman had a problem in connection to a certain apparatus he used in his work. This man had purchased the apparatus on certain conditions, which he strictly followed.

He ran into a conflict with the seller of the equipment. The seller was a company and this company changed the rules without informing my client in advance.

In short, this man contacted me and wrote: “They want to take my equipment despite the fact that I pay them money on a regular basis. I follow my agreement with the company, but now they have changed their conditions without informing me in advance.”

I cast the spell for the man and here you can read about the outcome of my spell:



This is a court case spell for a business.
This is a court case spell for a business.


“I had a big problem with a company, which had not complied with a billing agreement, and was threatening me to remove a device. I asked Mrs. Bonnie to help me and she did this job, and we managed to get that company to respect the agreement.

I didn’t lose my device. To believe, and to have faith, in the potential of the entities, in the demons and the results will appear, remembering that entities are no joke, if you respect them they will be your friends and will help you, if you are playing they will not help you. Everything is achieved with respect and honesty.”

Anonymous from Switzerland





Necromancy for business:

the court case spell



You will need:

the seals of Belial, Lucifer, Murmur, Eligos and Surgat

a white candle (paint with necromancy oil and coat with crushed garlic)

a drawing of the company building (write the address of the building and the names of the staff)

soil from a lawyers grave, a law book, personal items, photo

commanding powder

your petition to the dead lawyer and to the demons

a small paper with statements of that which you want to reverse or eliminate (for example: they are rude and don’t respect their customers, they play unfair games with me, they want to take away my equipment, I feel cheated and very sad)



a glass jar with a screw lock





Necromancy for business:

the court case spell


Summon Lucifer, Belial, Murmur, Eligos, Surgat and the dead lawyer. Light the white candle. Give the spirits their offerings and start explaining the problem. Read the petition and burn it.

Pour out the warm ashes on the drawing of the company building. Add to the ashes some commanding powder and soil from the lawyers grave.

Ask the demons and the dead lawyer to go to the company building and to influence the situation in your favour.

Chop the list with statements of the trouble that needs to be set into reversal. Place the small pieces of paper into the glass jar, pour in bleach and cap.

Read your spell 3 times over the jar. Finish the ritual. Observe that if your case is very complicated, several spells will be needed to improve your situation.





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