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Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Business today is hell for many people. The high inflation and the rising bank rates make business difficult and sink the profits. But I have experienced a sudden increase of profits after a long period of financial stagnation.

This post is a payment to demon Lucifer for his help in business. Thanks to Lucifer and his demons, my business can survive and generate profits.

This post is for people in business and I will describe witchcraft and Feng Shui methods that resulted in a sudden increase of my income. I have battled down the scary financial stagnation and now I have other types of clients:

80% of my clients are males and they are rich people

my clients come from different countries

But before year 2020 I had clients only from USA. Today I have almost no clients from USA. Before year 2020 I had no rich clients.

So, it is possible to attract rich people to a business and start generating profits again. Friends, lets begin and I will tell you about my pacts with Lucifer and about Feng Shui changes I made to my home!





Business today:


the financial stagnation


It is very important to understand what is going on within your business and the cause of the financial stagnation. In my case I understood that my former clients could no longer afford my services.

I decided that I need other types of clients and my decision was right. I also understood that I will have predominantly male clients that will come to me from different countries.

Males are very tough and in most cases they want more profits for their business. In some cases, business people want to be protected. I understood that I could offer such services.

I also started to attract very rich men from Eastern Europe to my business. These people had very special issues. Due to the complexity of their issues, I decided to only provide them with my consultation services.

So, my former clients from USA are lost forever, because they cannot afford my services. My former clients have been replaced by business people who want to get richer.

If you are experiencing a bad financial stagnation, you need to understand your business situation and the cause of the financial stagnation. Then you have to change your business strategy.





Business today:

my clogged bathtub



I had a clogged bathtub drain during the period of the financial stagnation in my business. My bathroom is in the Feng Shui sector of career. But I did not know how to unclog the drain.

I did not understand that the financial stagnation in my business is a stagnation in my own thoughts. During the time while my bathtub drain was clogged, my profits were low and I was scared.

Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical system of teachings and it originated in ancient times. Below you can see the Feng Shui Bagua map and find the Career sector.



This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map. The black square is the Career sector.


The Career sector is responsible for a good work flow, movement forward in life, good business profits and satisfaction from work. As soon as I understood that I will be ruined if I do not do anything, an idea hit me.

I poured baking soda into the bathtub drain and left the wet baking soda powder in the drain during several nights. After two weeks the drain was unclogged and water could exit the bathtub unrestrictedly.

After a couple of months I noticed that my profits are increasing. People from the real estate branch started to approach me with the request to help them generate profits.

I was contacted by returning clients and they needed to boost their political careers. Some people in business needed special services. So, clients came in one after another.





Business today:

pacts with Lucifer



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Lucifer and Belial are my favourite demons for pacts. I made a financial pact with Lucifer, Belial and other demons when the Corona hit the world.

I asked the demons to guide my business towards maximum profits. The demons prompted me to make huge changes to my websites. I worked day and night on my website and my projects.

As a result of that pact during 2020, today I cover the whole planet and offer content and services in 10 languages. But I have no clients from USA. Well, I had a couple of clients from USA during 2022 and they are millionaires.

These rich American men turned to me for easy flight spells (to remove Covid quarantines and checks) and for pacts with Lucifer. These people were new to witchcraft with demons and very curious.

Here is a testimonial from one of those men who requested a flight spell.



Demon Bathin is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bathin is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Bathin can arrange a smooth flight for you.


My Travel Spell


I requested Lucifera’s services in the performance of a travel for my spouse. It was imperative that she travel back to her home country in Asia to tend to a property matter.

The situation was very time sensitive as parties awaited her required return. As such, we could not afford any ‘hiccups’ in her travel. I will not bore you with the difficulties sustained prior to travel, but there were many (Covid quarantines).

Lucifera was patient, and understanding of our difficulties as flights, and destination cities (information required for spell) had to be changed and re-changed to keep up with the many Covid protocols.

However, once travel began there were absolutely no delays. No customs and duties issues, no additional security checks, no flight delays, nothing.

This is uncommon for such a long trip even before Covid. My wife was met at her final destination and taken to her hotel without any issue. Everything proceeded as smoothly as we had hoped.

I would like to thank Lucifera and the demons for their assistance.






Anonymous client from USA



As a result of my pacts with Lucifer and his demons during year 2020, today I have rich clients from Russia, South Africa, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.

So, the demons have guided my business towards maximum profits. If not the pact with Lucifer during year 2020, today I would have no clients at all, because my former clients from USA cannot afford my services.

The popularity of some of my services has also changed since 2020. I don’t do many love spells for my current clients, because males are not very interested in love.

Today, my most popular services are financial pacts and protection services for people in business. But I have all rights to deny the client my protection services, as many of people in businesses have very malicious enemies.

I don’t want to become enemies with the client’s enemies by taking the side of my client. But how will the client’s enemy know about me? They spy, hack and use other methods (witchcraft methods and mundane methods).





Business today:

strategical Feng shui

for business


As soon as I understood the cause of the financial stagnation in my business, I implemented Feng Shui with a clear purpose to increase my profits.

I did not declutter and redesign all the Feng Shui sectors of my home. These are the sectors that are vital to your business:

the sector of travel, network and helpful people (I call this sector for the client sector)

the career sector

the fame and success sector

the money and wealth sector

If you are new to Feng Shui and you need help in determining the locations of these sectors, you can visit Youtube and search for explanatory videos on the topic of Feng Shui.



The client sector


This sector is very important, because once you design this area with appropriate images of rich people, rich people will come to your business.

I was unaware that rich people are very tough men in business. I thought rich people are women and I decorated the Client sector with pictures of Queens in beautiful dresses.

I also have a mannequin here. The mannequin is wrapped into furs, expensive scarfs and is decorated with necklaces and a good quality handbag.

Imagine my shock when I was approached by a very tough Russian man. He was very rich, but he was a man and not a woman. This was only the beginning to the inflow of rich clients from all corners of the world.

Keep this Client sector clean. I also use good quality perfumes as a finish on my carpets in my home. My home smells luxury.



The career sector


This sector is very important. The Career sector is responsible for a good work flow, movement forward in life, good business profits and satisfaction from work.

I have a bathtub in this sector. As you already know the drain was clogged and I did not know how to unclog the drain. I unclogged the drain with the help of baking soda.

Keep this sector clean and repair things that need to be repaired. Broken items or items that do not function properly will deprive your clarity and cloud your business strategy.



The fame and success sector


This is the red sector on the Bagua Map. Decorate this sector with your work awards, red roses, tall green plants and peacock feathers or a picture of a peacock.

I have a huge picture with many demonic seals in this sector. I also have my work desc here and it is filled with gifts of appreciation from past clients.



The money and wealth sector


This sector is the violet area on the Bagua map and it is a very important area of the home. If your business is experiencing a financial stagnation, here is what you can do:

hang 2 or 3 large mirrors here

allow many tall plants to grow here

Arrange a small bowl and fill it with money. I don’t mean coins like pennies or cents. If you want to use coins, use silver and gold coins! Allow the bowl to be reflected in the mirror.

Decorate this sector with statues of gods who protect your profits. Keep keys here as symbols of your ability to figure out the solutions to your business problems.

If you have sofas here, you can cover them with furs. This is what I have done. I like sitting on furs. Arrange lights in this sector, because the plants need light for growth.





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