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Demon Zepar is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Zepar is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Zepar can help you.


A shy man’s love problems are many. These men are good: serious, loyal, hardworking and even rich. But such men are often single and have problems on the romantic front.

Why is it so? It is because they fail to make an unforgettable impression on the women they like. Finding long lasting love is difficult in todays world, because:

many good and serious people prefer to be single

many people are not mature enough and fail to manage a relationship

our society has programmed people to be “physical and materialistic”

It is also true: many serious and hardworking people prefer to focus their energy on their careers instead of on building a family. So, they are not available for dating.

This post is for good and shy men. As a woman I feel sorry for these men and want to help them to make the right impression on women.





A shy man’s love problems:

I cannot impress

a woman


This is a very common problem. Oftentimes, shy men fall in love with outgoing and very beautiful women. Here is the solution for you: stop being shy!

You should also understand the psychology of a very beautiful woman. Oftentimes this woman takes care of her appearance and even counts every calorie in her meals.

She has a very high self esteem and she is busy with work and her social life. It seems that it is difficult to impress her. But you can impress her! You can have this woman for yourself!

You have to pull yourself together and transform your appearance. Yes, you have to polish your appearance before you go on a date with the woman you like.

To make the right impression during the first date is so important! A woman scans a man with her eyes during the first date:

she will visually “measure” his height

she will scan his body and look at his clothes

she will examine if he has shaved

she will smell him

she will look at his face

she will listen to his voice

she will look at his hands and feet

Now you know what a woman will do during the first date: she will try to get impressed by the man. If you like a beautiful woman and plan to take her on a date, but you are afraid, here is what you should do:

upgrade your appearance

choose your clothes with care (wear a white shirt and a very beautiful neck tie)

choose your shoes with care (polish your shoes)

choose your perfume with care

get a nice hair cut

shave yourself

use accessories (a beautiful belt, a beautiful neck tie, a good wrist watch, a beautiful wrist cuff, beautiful sun glasses)

Impress the woman by being attentive, generous, kind and funny. Women love to laugh and have fun on dates. But prior to dating a woman, it is smart to update all your Facebook photos.

A beautiful neck tie will make the right impression on the woman! You should know this: the woman will check your social media after the first date.





A shy man’s love problems:

polish yourself!


Value yourself! You are smart, good, kind, hardworking, funny, generous and you now have a polished appearance. But not all dates will satisfy you.

Some women will not respond and you will not respond to each woman. Love is a very fragile thing and it is difficult to find. But love can be found.

Once you impress a woman and she wants to go on a second date with you, you have almost won the woman. Keep on polishing your appearance, because women are very visual:

they like when a man smells good

they like silky fabrics in neck ties (they like choosing a tie for their men)

they like accessories (rings, watches, cuffs, sun glasses)

they like well polished shoes

they like beautiful belt buckles

they like a mans shirt, even if they don’t wear that man’s shirt

they like a mans socks, even if they don’t wear that mans socks





A shy man’s love problems:

the neck tie!


A neck tie is a very useful thing. The neck tie can trick the woman’s visual senses during the first date: by holding her eyes on the beauty of the neck tie. A very beautiful neck tie will give you a very polished look.

I do not think that neck ties are old fashioned accessories. On the contrary, they are very high fashioned accessories for men. I like neck ties so very much.

Neck ties are so beautiful on men! I think that men are very lucky people to wear neck ties. Purchase 2 or 3 very beautiful neck ties that have a clear purpose: to impress.

I wish you good luck and I hope that you will impress women. Demon Zepar from Goetia can help you to upgrade your appearance.





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