Christians in business: do they or will they worship Lucifer and his demons?









Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Christians in business are men. These men worship Lucifer and his demons. How do I know? I have had several male clients from different countries and these men bought financial pacts with Lucifer from me.

I had also several Christian male clients who wanted me to guide them regarding different types of sorcery with demons. These men were businessmen and needed the patronage of Lucifer’s demons.

I have also heard Christian clients complain about their relatives praying for their souls. I always say: “Ignore your relatives”. In this post I want to give some information for worried relatives and also for curious Christians in business.

How will the demons influence a Christian businessman after a financial pact with Lucifer is made?

How should a Christian businessman deal with the worried relatives?

Can a Christian businessman continue to pray to Jesus and worship Lucifer?

I hope that this post can bring some relief from worry to men who want a financial pact with Lucifer very badly, but are afraid of demons. I hope that this post will also bring relief to the worried relatives.





Christians in business:

who is Lucifer?


Lucifer is the Emperor of Hell. Lucifer is the main god of Hell and his demons are minor gods. The idea of Hell is a metaphor of course and does not point to a physical place called Hell.

Lucifer and Yahweh (Jehovah or Jesus Christ) are two different gods, but they belong to the same umbrella of religion. I also summon Jesus Christ from time to time, but I like Lucifer and his demons more.

Legends say that Lucifer was very close to God. This was the beginning. According to a theory derived from both Christian and Muslim texts, Lucifer was obedient to God when God created the first humans (probably Eve and Adam).

When God demanded that all Angels obey the first humans, Lucifer became angry and rebelled (he was too proud). This has become the foundation of the legend of Satan in the Christian world.

Some claim that the Devil should not be called Lucifer, because the Devil had fallen from heaven and down into hell, and thus lost his title of Lucifer (the Light bearer).

Lucifer and other demons are described in the Grimoirium Verum. Lucifer and his Archdemon Lucifuge Rofocale are mentioned in the Key of Solomon.

Lucifer is mentioned in the Goetia too and in connection to demon Belial and demon Paimon.





Christians in business:

what clients say


One Christian man was into a diamond business and he bought the financial pact with Lucifer from me. I explained to the man that he should not sell his soul to Lucifer.

I suggested that this man bring Lucifer and his demons regular gifts during each full moon. This is a safe way to repay the demons for their help in business.

This client told me that he no longer feels the need to pray to Jesus during each morning and each evening. Of course, the demons were influencing the man.

Is this okay? Yes, this is normal. If you are worried, you can summon Jesus Christ together with Lucifer and his demons. You can offer gifts to both gods: to Jesus Christ and to Lucifer.

I have also had strict Christian clients who requested different types of services from me:

love spells with the demons Sallos and Dantalion

money spells with the seals from Clavicula Salomonis

money spells with the planetary talismans

pacts with Lucifer (because business was going very bad due to Corona)

my advice on the topic of sorcery with demons

These Christian clients knew a lot about Christian sorcery and they were open to sorcery with Lucifer and his demons.

These clients did not have a childish reaction of fear towards me. They knew that I practice both white and dark sorcery: witchcraft with Archangels and witchcraft with demons.





Christians in business:

ignore worried relatives!



This is a money spell with Jesus, Mary and other spirits. I use the Bible to read psalms.
This is a money spell with Jesus, Mary and other spirits. I use the Bible to read psalms. I pray to Yahweh, Jesus and Mary.


I advise to ignore worried relatives, because there is nothing to be worried about. I mix spirits according to my mood. During some days I summon Yahweh, Jesus, Mary, the demon Sorath and archangels.

I also read some psalms from the Bible. Reading psalms from the Bible is a very powerful method to strengthen our magick. Its a matter of taste too.

Sometimes, I like to do witchcraft spells only with demons. There is nothing wrong with my mixed practices. So, you can assure your relatives that you will be safe in life.





Christians in business:

continue to be a



Yes, of course, you can continue to be a Christian. I am a Christian too. I belong to the Protestant and Orthodox churches, but I am a Witch (I practice sorcery).

Close minded people used to reject me. They feared me, because I did witchcraft spells with demons. I am open with my witchcraft practices.

But if you are doing business with other people, it is good to keep your religious magick private. People can get a little bit afraid if they know little about religions.





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