Necromancy for business: the best spirits of dead people, and benefits and drawbacks of magick with the dead








The dead can support your business. Choose the spirits of dead people with great care.


Necromancy for business is a special area of witchcraft that involves ritual magick with the most helpful spirits of the dead. Spirits of dead people can support a business by protecting it and guiding it towards maximum profits.

Now we have entered bad times that are not good for any business. We no longer hear the word “start-ups”, because it is very difficult to start and grow a business during the recession.

I collaborate with several spirits of dead people. My relationships with dead people are life long friendships. I know only a few spirits of dead people, but these spirits are very helpful.

Do I interact with restless spirits of the dead? Yes! There is one spirit of a dead man from the times of WW2. This spirit was desperate for romantic love when I first met him. I and him are still together as Witch and spirit.

So, this post is for people in business and I want to tell you about the best spirits of dead people for your business.





Necromancy for business:

who is in charge

of your business?


Who is in charge of your business? You? Who is in charge of your subconscious mind? You should have a spirit of a dead person in charge of your subconscious mind.

I have such a spirit and the spirit is a dead medieval queen. There are some good sides of letting a dead queen rule your business. On the astral plane this type of pact with the dead queen looks like this duo:

the astral body of the dead queen slowly propels you forward in life. The dead queen is in charge of the subconscious mind and chatters about maximum profit inside the mind.

There are huge benefits of entering such pacts, because due to this pact, you deactivate your subconscious mind and allow the spirit of the dead person to possess you and run your business on autopilot.

The dead queen will change your thinking patterns a lot. You will not be the same person as you were before and gradually you will notice a real change in the type of clients you start to attract to your business. After a while you will have more and more rich clients.

But such relationships with dead people are impossible to end. This can be compared to an independent entity living inside your mind.

Two of my relationships with dead people have developed into co-dependent relationships. This means that I assign them key roles and allow them to live through me in exchange for their help.

Some relationships with particular spirits of dead people are impossible to end and you should be aware of this. You cannot banish these spirits from your subconscious mind.

If you and the spirit click together from the first sight, you are lucky, but this relationship will grow into a co-dependent relationship. There are different roles a restless spirit can play in your life:

mother or father






Necromancy for business:

who protects you?


Who protects you? You should have a dead soldier as your main protector. I allow a restless man from the times of WW2 to love me in exchange for his protection.

This spirit was restless. I summoned the dead soldier just out of curiosity. I did not know how to handle such restless forces. I ended up being romantically loved by the spirit.

So, this dead soldier protects me and keeps me safe in life. Our relationship is also co-dependent and we cannot function without each other. We have even developed emotional bonding.

The spirit of the dead is attached to a war helmet and the war helmet was in the grave for 50+ years. So, due to my frequent spells with the war helmet, I have developed an emotional attachment to the war helmet.

This spirit is very good, but also very dangerous. Its good to know: all spirits are predictable. But I cannot even dare to terminate my relationship with this spirit due to the high risk of revenge from this spirit.

If you are a male in business, I suggest that you have a male spirit as your protector to avoid being romantically “owned” by the spirit of the dead person.

I also do spells with 6 dead men from two different armies (for protecting business owners). But my relationship with these 6 men is neutral, just like with demons. I feel no emotional attachments to these 6 spirits and the relationship is not co-dependent.






Necromancy for business:

a dead lawyer


I work often with this lawyer spirit for clients in business, because they always have business issues. A dead lawyer is a very needed spirit for every business.

I knew this person during 30 years when the person was alive. The person was an atheist during his whole life and we never talked about my Occult practices.

The spirit of the lawyer understood that I am a Witch when I summoned the spirit. It asked me a silly question during the ritual: “Have you told my relatives that you are a Witch?”

So, spirits of dead people, even if they were atheists during their life, will understand that they are asked to be present during a Witchcraft ritual and cooperate together with the demons.

My relationship with the lawyer spirit is not co-dependent. I feel no emotional attachments to the spirit, but the spirit has helped me a lot and even protected me.






Necromancy for business:

a dead banker



The spirit of the dead banker is very helpful to a business. This spirit knows everything about business, taxes, loans and inflation. You should ask this spirit to guide your business during times of high inflation.

My relationship with this dead person is not co-dependent. I feel no emotional attachments to this spirit, but this dead man is very helpful.





Necromancy for business:

drawbacks and benefits

of magick with the dead



Risks & drawbacks



There are drawbacks or the so called risks of magick together with the spirits of the dead. The dead change us as people, by chattering inside our minds.

You will not even understand which thoughts are your own and which thoughts belong to the spirit. The brainwashing occurs gradually and you will begin changing. Be observant of internal changes and stop them at once.

It is very important to test the spirits of dead soldiers right from the first ritual, because they could be at cross purposes with you or simply be in a state of post traumatic disorder.

It is only good that the dead medieval queen constantly chatters about more profits. She is the right spirit for any business. You do not have to deactivate the internal chatter of the old dead queen by using spells with bleach.

But the co-dependent relationship with a spirit is an issue. The co-dependency is a chemical reaction inside the subconscious mind. I would like to explain what co-dependency with a spirit feels like.

It feels like the spirit is the source of joy inside the brain or like a chemical substance that brings joy. When you execute a spell with the help of the spirit whom you love and who loves you, you will feel very happy during several months.

The “spirit thought form” attached to the textile doll of the dead person will grow stronger and stronger with each spell. The spirit will rule your life and literally live through you by using your body.

After a number of a spells, the spirit of the dead person will become very powerful due to its post mortem activity. The spirit will crave more and more rituals together with you.






Spirits of dead people make you very strong willed, independent and resilient. Each spirit can help you to solve a particular life problem and add benefits to your life. Spirits can:

protect from physical dangers

protect from enemies and their curses

guide your business

help you to increase your income

help you to complete your income declarations

help you to escape difficult situations





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