Business today: the major problems of small and medium businesses and what to do








These dragons are a symbol of the sacrifices we make, because we want our businesses to survive.


Business today is difficult, because of the high inflation in the USA and Europe. My clients run businesses and I know their problems: they have no clients.

I have also lost 80% of my former clients, because they can no longer afford my services. The loss was felt in the form of a scary financial stagnation.

If you want your business to survive, you must change your business strategy and target businesses and their owners. Why? Because there is more probability that these people can afford your services and products.

In this post I want to describe how my pacts with Lucifer and his demons during year 2020 have changed my business and the types of clients I attract to me now.





Business today:

February of year



I made a pact with Lucifer and several other demons when the Corona hit the world. This pact changed my business radically. The demons started to move my fingers and reshaped my websites.

I went international during summer 2020. I also started to learn the basics of new languages: Japanese and German. Although Japanese and German are said to be useless languages, I do not agree with this.

I have customers from Germany and being able to communicate with my customers in German is very important to me. But learning German on the levels C1 and higher is very difficult and takes 5 to 7 years of regular practice.

Today I run my blogs in 10 languages. The Russian language is difficult and Google translate won’t fix the translations with a 100% accuracy. I use online keyboards for typing in corrections to the translations.

The stress began in February 2020 and the following years have been stressful like hell for me. I was expanding my websites day and night and also learning the basics of German (partly during sleep).





Business today:

do you still use




Today I don’t use Facebook to promote my business. This is because people have no money to pay for my services. I lost 80% of my former clients, because they have no money.

If you use Facebook ads, you are spending money on a service. Posting ads on Facebook today can be a waste of money, if you do not change your strategy.

One way to change your business strategy is to start targeting businesses and their owners. In this case you should also develop special services and products for businesses.

I have a Facebook business page and I used to post to my Facebook page from time to time. During the last months I had initiated several conversations with potential clients.

I was disappointed when I found out that those people need to save up some money before they could afford to pay 50 USD for my time together with them.

I understood that my business strategy is wrong, because I need to target businesses and offer them services like financial pacts with Lucifer.

Targeting businesses via Facebook is not comfortable for me. Those clients who are real estate brokers or have other types of businesses usually find me via my websites. Then I know that they are interested in my Occult services.

So, depending on the type of business you run, you need to change your business strategy:

you can write a book instead of working with clients

you can go international

you can target businesses

you can offer unique but expensive services (for businesses)





Business today:

a network

of new clients


Because using Facebook for marketing is useless in my case, I don’t use Facebook. I noticed that my clients find me via my websites, because they come from different countries.

My prices are acceptable to my new clients and they never bargain (as was the case with my old clients). My old clients complained that my prices were too high.

So, the high inflation has also reshaped my business, because today I have less clients, but my clients can afford my services. I also have more and more clients who run small and medium businesses.

So, I fully understand their problems: the lack of clients. There is no point in running the old business strategy and continuing attracting clients with empty wallets.

A businesses owner needs to make changes to the offered services and products by changing and upgrading them. The finances will start to recover after changes are made.

70% of my new clients are males and they make good money. These males worship Lucifer and they come from different countries: Greece, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Austria.

Before the Corona hit the world I had a very popular service: love spells. Both men and women from USA bought this service from me. Today, love spells are not my best selling service, because I have no clients from USA.

Today, my financial pacts with Lucifer and his demons are the best selling service. It is mostly men from Germany and other European countries purchase pacts with Lucifer for their businesses.





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